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Screen Mirroring Mac to Sony TV

JustStream guarantees a seamless way to mirror MacBook to Sony TV. Just with a couple of clicks, you will be able to enjoy your favorite content on a big screen without using any additional hardware or cables. Stream from Mac to TV and explore the functionality offered by the app. Add external subtitles, enable or disable the mouse pointer, adjust resolution, and way more.

Our demo lets you mirror Mac to Sony TV for free for an uninterrupted 20-minute period to fully evaluate the app and see whether it works for you.
Best option to mirror Mac to Sony TV

Adjust Screen Resolution and Size

Have a correct display of the mirrored content. With the help of JustStream, you can be sure that you get the best possible picture. Adapt your resolution by selecting Auto, Full HD (1080p), or HD (720p), and adjust the screen size to fit the content to your TV screen.

Trackable Mouse Pointer and Clicks

Watching movies without a visible mouse pointer is convenient and isn’t irritating. However, there are situations, when you need to use your mouse cursor as a pointer or even show your clicks when screen mirroring Mac to Sony TV. And JustStream can seamlessly cope with this.
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How to mirror Mac to Sony Bravia TV wirelessly

Follow this guide to know how to screen mirroring Mac to Sony TV. Forget about Apple TV or HDMI cables. Mac computer, Sony TV, and wireless network are required.
The first step is to download and install JustStream on your computer.
After that turn on your Sony TV and check whether both devices are using the same wireless network.
Launch JustStream and select the monitor from the list you’d like to mirror.

Then navigate to the "Wi-Fi" icon at the bottom of the JustStrem window and click it.


The list of available receiving devices will appear. Here you need to find your Sony TV and select it.

 screen mirroring Mac to Sony TV

Finally, click “Start Streaming” or double-click your receiving device to start streaming.

 Screen mirroring Mac to Sony Bravia
Note: JustStream Audio Driver is required when mirroring with sound. Comes with a JustStream installer.

Questions and Answers:

If you need more help with mirroring to Sony TV, look at our FAQ section below to find additional information.

With the help of JustStream, you can not screen mirror MacBook to Sony TV in a wireless way and stream your favorite media content to it but also mirror Mac to Apple TV as well as other popular Smart TVs.

If you don’t have Apple TV, you can easily connect Mac to Sony via JustStream. The app supports divverent streaming technologies allowing you to stream to a wide range of Smart TVs.

To perform screen mirroring Mac to Sony TV in a wireless way you can either use AirPlay or JustStream. When using AirPlay, make sure that your Siny Bravia TV is compatible with this technology.

You can mirror Mac to Sony TV for free using the built-in to your Mac streaming technology AirPlay. In case AirPlay not working, you can use the free version of JustStream for your streaming and mirroring needs.

Yes, you can mirror your iPhone to Sony TV with the help of AirPlay. Or by using the DoCast app, if your Sony TV has a Chromecast built-in.

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