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Uplet – Bulk Instagram uploader for Mac

Uplet makes uploading to Instagram from Mac real! And fun! First of all — you can do everything from your Mac and its convenient keyboard. Uplet helps you share multiple photos in one click, while keeping their resolution and quality. And you can type captions on your Mac keyboard!

Totally new Uplet for Mac is 100% written in Swift and lets you upload video to Instagram from Mac - one, few or a hundred - in one click.

Instagram from your Mac

Add Photos

Just choose the photos you want to share and drag&drop them to Uplet window. Any number of photos at once.

Edit Photos

Complete every picture with a caption before posting. And there is no reason to cut your image in a square, you can post original size if you wish.
Instagram video now added!
Now Uplet knows how to share videos on Instagram! You can upload multiple videos just as you did with photos.

Individual approach for unique appearance

Individual editing

Every photo and video can be edited individually. Share each of them with unique appearance and caption

Orientation/Crop and resize

Use crop to choose which part of photos you want to post, select original or square size, upload high-resolution pictures.


Uplet supports emojis and hashtags to tell your Instagram friends the whole story.

Bulk photos upload

With Uplet you can upload Instagram from Mac in one click. A whole bunch of photos or videos in just one click! Post all of them to share best moments of your life with your friends.

*Sharing multiple photos and videos as a single post will be available in the upcoming versions. Stay tuned for the future updates.

Your Instagram

You'll need to login to your instagram account to use the app. If you are not an Instagram user yet (really?) - start now to share and see the world's best moments.
Available in Uplet v1.3
Meet Multi-Account!
Post photos to all your personal and business Instagram accounts! No need to re-login each time, just switch between accounts in a single click.

You haven't done it if it's not on Instagram!

All the photos and videos you wanted to share with your friends and loved ones are in your Instagram stream in just a couple of clicks.

Get Uplet

4.5 rank based on 58+ users
Share multiple photos and videos thanks to our bulk Instagram uploader. Uplet lets you upload high-resolution photos with their original quality and add original captions from the convenience of a full-size keyboard. It is a perfect desktop solution to manage your multiple Instagram accounts.
Uplet for Mac
Fully compatible with macOS 10.9 and later. Requires 21.74MB of free space, Version 1.7.384 Released 17 May, 2020
Uplet for Windows
Upload multiple photos and videos on Instagram from Windows PC too!
Have a license for alternative software? Get special "migration" discount!