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Try Folx - top uTorrent alternative for Mac

Great uTorrent alternative for Mac
  • Fully compatible with the latest Apple Big Sur OS
  • In-built torrent search function takes you straight to your content
  • Combined functionality, offering both torrent searches and download management
  • Dedicated standalone app is designed to offer maximum usability.
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4.8 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(858)

uTorrent alternative Mac: working solutions for Big Sur

For years in the world of torrenting, uTorrent was the go-to choice for most users. Over time, competitors began to develop better BitTorrent clients with more features. However, when macOS Catalina came out, BitTorrent Inc., the developers of uTorrent, decided to discontinue the app and only offer a web browser version.

Now, Apple’s newest macOS 11, Big Sur, has shaken things up in the world of torrenting all over again.

1. Folx VS uTorrent

uTorrent alternative for Mac | Folx
Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 36.87MB free space. Version 5.25.13974. (12 May, 2021). 4.8 Reviews(858)
Category: UtilitiesApplication

Folx is a BitTorrent client for Mac and at the same time an all-in-one download manager. After the latest release of macOS Big Sur, Folx is probably the only torrent client for Mac that is fully compatible with the latest OS and works without lags and glitches on macOS 11.

You can try a free version of Folx, but PRO edition offers much more features.

Folx PRO is pretty versatile torrent client Mac, it supports magnet links, can search through multiple torrent trackers at once directly from the app.

PROS and CONS. Among the advantages Folx gives to its users are the following ones: the possibility to integrate app with Music (former iTunes), a convenient password manager, the possibility to search through torrents directly via app interface. Download speed control and possibility to schedule downloads give additional points to Folx.

However, as with any other alternatives for downloading uTorrents, in order to unlock additional features of the service, you will need to create a paid account.

Big Sur compatibility.

100% Big Sur compatible starting with version 5.11

Supported OS: macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) - macOS Big Sur

Conclusion: Folx is a fully-featured download solution that covers almost any use case. It is the only completely integrated, Mac-native torrent client for macOS in active development.

Top uTorrent Alternative Mac Apps

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Folx PRO
Folx PRO
uTorrent Desktop
uTorrent Web
BitTorrent Desktop
BitTorrent Web
Free Download Manager
Speed control
Speed control
Deep tuning
Deep tuning
Magnet links
Magnet links
Torrent search
Torrent search
Torrent files creation
Torrent files creation
Smart tagging
Smart tagging
Apple Music integration
Apple Music integration
Regular downloads
Regular downloads
Native interface
Native interface
macOS 10.15+
macOS 10.15+
Try Folx torrent client
Free uTorrent alternative for Mac

There are many great alternatives to uTorrent that have come out since BitTorrent Inc. decided they wouldn’t create a 64-bit software compatible with Catalina. The Big Sur upgrade means that the uTorrent alternatives that filled the gaps left by the popular torrenting app will have to adapt since uTorrent Big Sur won’t be coming.

The list of uTorrent alternatives continues growing, but it’s important to do some research to know the pros and cons of the app you download for torrenting. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work and checked the top 2021 BitTorrent clients out there to weigh the best features and possible problems of them.

2. Deluge VS uTorrent

Let’s look at Deluge BitTorrent Client as an alternative to uTorrent Mac.

Deluge is another uTorrent alternative on Mac with a simple interface. This app is completely free and doesn’t push through any kind of adware, malware neither does it show ads in its main window.

Unlike uTorrent, Deluge doesn’t offer a variety features, but has a plugin support to make up for the lack of options. You can download the offered plugins from the Deluge website to add extra options. The good thing is you can only add those features you really need making this torrent client really light.

PROS and CONS. One of the features all users look for when deciding on an uTorrent alternative for mac is the possibility to adjust the speed limit in such a way that it is convenient and practical. This is one of the advantages when using Deluge, together with the possibility to batch-rename the download tasks and being expandable via plugins, including RSS. Another great feature of this app is that this is open source.

On the other hand, the number of features you will find in this service is not comparable with the features provided by the other competitors.

Big Sur compatibility.

Big Sur compatibility is not officially announced by the developers of Deluge. We are performing tests now and soon will publish the results. Meanwhile, you can share your experience of using Deluge in Big Sur below this article.

Supported OS: macOS 10.7 (Lion) - 10.13 (High Sierra), Windows XP - Windows 10, Linux, Unix (BSD)

Conclusion: Deluge is open-source and new features can be added via plugin-ins, but it lacks built-in features found in other torrent clients. Deluge hasn’t been updated in over three years, which may result in instability or incompatibility with operating systems released after 2017.

3. qBittorrent VS uTorrent

Let’s look at qBittorrent as an alternative to uTorrent Mac.

qBittorrent is another alternative to uTorrent Mac that can be used without those frustrating ads. It is a great open-source app giving you the freedom of use without awful ads here and there. qBittorrent supports different operating systems. You don’t have to compromise features with this client.

PROS and CONS. As with any other utorrent alternative 2020, ads are always expected to interrupt any session the users might have. This is not the case with qBittorrent, as it doesn’t show ads when using the service, besides having an in-built video player and offering remove control. On top, you can subscribe to RSS feed and use the search function with many search engines looking for your selection.

However, when using qBittorrent, you will not be able to schedule a selection, as it doesn’t have this capability.

Big Sur compatibility.

At the moment developers' website states support for macOS Sierra / High Sierra / Mojave. Our technical team is testing Bittorrent compatibility with Big Sur and the results will appear here soon. Please, share in the comments your experience of using qBittorrent under Mac OS X 10.15 and further

Supported OS: macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) - Big Sur, Windows 7 - Windows 10, Linux, FreeBSD, OS/2

Conclusion: qBittorrent is free and has a robust set of features. It is ad-free, too! However, it lacks the ability to schedule downloads, requiring more hands-on management than some other Torrent solutions.

4. BitTorrent VS uTorrent

Let’s look at BitTorrent as an alternative to uTorrent Mac.

Yes, BitTorrent itself is available as an app to download the torrent files you want! It is also featured in our list as a great uTorrent alternative on Mac with more or less same appearance. It offers some unique perks like ultra speed delivery, built-in bandwidth booster, and great file download speed.

PROS and CONS. The possibility to map ports automatically when using an alternative to utorrent mac is a great advantage of BitTorrent, which is tied to the fact that the platform is in direct sync with the official BitTorrent website and can stream torrents in a matter of seconds. However, the fact that the interface is not extremely user-friendly, and the download statistics are usually limited come as a drawback when using this service. Moreover, unlocking PRO features for BitTorrent comes with a paid annual account, which is a bit daunting compared to the other services.

Big Sur compatibility.

Not compatible at the moment. It is not certain if the developers will release Big Sur compatible version in the future, so we decided not no remove BitTorrent from the list of uTorrent alternatives for Mac yet.

Supported OS: macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and below, Windows, Android

Conclusion: The Desktop version of Bittorrent is no longer being updated for the Mac, and won’t run on Big Sur. The web version requires an annual subscription to unlock most features, making it the most expensive proposition on this list.

5. Transmission VS uTorrent

Let’s look at Transmission as an alternative to uTorrent Mac.

Transmission is fast and easy. It is also free. Transmission is not available for Windows machines, but is a cool alternative to uTorrent Mac or Linux. If you have a Mac or a Linux system, you can get a minimalistic and simple torrent downloader for Mac.

Transmission is also available for some other platforms, such as in Terminal and as a web client, which can be useful for its professional users.

PROS and CONS. With Transmission you won’t have any issues using the interface, as it is made in order to provide the user with the best experience on the website. Besides having an intuitive interface, there are no extra toolbars or ads that can ruin your experience when using Transmission. Moreover, Transmission benefits from Webseed support, which has a huge impact on the user’s ability to stream endlessly.

A major disadvantage is the developer’s website look and almost any uTorrent alternative on mac, as it was not built to be up to speed with the platform itself and definitely needs some improvements.

Big Sur compatibility.

By now Transmission seems to support macOS Big Sur while the developers did not declared it clearly. Our technical team is now trying to clarify this issue and soon we'll update details about Transmission compatibility with macOS Big Sur. If you already tried to use the application in Catalina and further your help in the comments below will be highly appreciated.

Supported OS: macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) - 10.15 (Catalina), Linux, Windows (in development)

Conclusion: Transmission is a free torrent client that doesn’t have any ads. It is designed to use fewer resources than other torrent clients, so it’s a great choice for lower-end computers. However, it lacks features like searching and categorizing.

6. Vuze VS uTorrent

Let’s look at Vuze as an alternative to uTorrent Mac.

2 of the most valuable features of Vuze is the possibility to search for torrents directly from the app too and the possibility to access remotely your downloads. The remote-control on accessing and downloading torrents is a major advantage when using this type of services that makes the user’s life easier and enhances his options to use this uTorrent alternative for mac.

The personalization features available with Vuze are exceptional. For instance, your feed will be populated with the torrents that you previously subscribed to in order for you to see only the content that is relevant to you. Moreover, Vuze supports any formats, such as AVI, XVID, Quicktime, and also provides you with any subtitles you might need to watch your favorite movies.

PROS and CONS. When seeing an uTorrent service that provides plugins support and has an in-built torrent search in the app, then it is reckoned to be a great app. On top of that, Vuze is also providing its users with an in-built video player, which is meant to enhance the customer experience.

On the other side, one common characteristic that we can find with Vuze as well is the presence of ads when browsing for torrents and the great memory space you might need in order to perform any tasks on this platform.

Big Sur compatibility.

It is unclear if Vuze is compatible with macOS Big Sur at the moment as the developers of the application doesn't announce its support. We are now testing Vuze compatibility with macOS 10.15 and you opinions in the comments below will be of great help.

Supported OS: up to macOS 10.15 (Catalina), Windows, Linux

Conclusion: Vuze has a number of features that help it stand out from the competition, but it is one of the most resource-hungry applications in this list. The free version has ads; the paid version is ad-free and can also burn videos to DVD. However, it is $36 per year.

7. Xtorrent P2P VS uTorrent

Let’s look at Xtorrent P2P as an alternative to uTorrent Mac.

One of the best MAC OS X clients is probably Xtorrent P2P, due to its platform user-experience and the way it has built its functionalities around the need of the users to download fast and be able to enjoy what they have downloaded with a good quality. As with any other uTorrent alternative for mac, in order for you to unlock features and normal speed downloading times, you will need a paid account.

PROS and CONS. What makes Xtorrent P2P battle for the title of best uTorrent alternative is definitely the interface which is extremely stylish and intuitive, as well as the possibility to provide podcasts support and bandwidth control.

However, one limitation that comes with Xtorrent P2P is that your speed times depend on whether you go for a paid account or not.

Big Sur compatibility.

Xtorrent P2P application is a little stale by now and the support of latest macOS is doubtful. Though, our technical specialists are testing the application right now and soon we'll publish the results. If you are already using Xtorrent P2P in Catalina and further, please, share the experience in the comments below.

Supported OS: macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Conclusion: Although it is a 64-bit program, Xtorrent has not been updated in a very long time and does not work on macOS Catalina. The paid version allows for faster downloads but does not add anything beyond its basic feature set. Its support and blog pages are no longer online, suggesting there is no future for this application.

8. BitLord vs uTorrent

Let’s look at BitLord as an alternative to uTorrent Mac.

Yet another viable alternative for uTorrent Mac Catalina comes from BitLord. This torrent client does not only deliver a great experience and doubles as a media player, but also allows you to quickly get the files you need without wasting time searching for what you want. Thanks to its search function, you will be able to quickly identify the torrents you are lucking for and you will save a lot of time for this process. Furthermore, its simple interface makes it easy to use by all users and even advanced torrent enthusiasts agree that it’s a great app for those that are still getting acquainted with this type of software. Because it delivers a free torrent downloading experience, BitLord is one of the top choices for many users and even though it doesn’t come with a list of features like some others mentions on our list, it still does a great job.

There are plenty of things to love about BitLord. The first thing that comes to mind when listing the pros of this app is the excellent search engine that is perfectly integrated in the app so that you quickly locate the content you need. Also, the versatility it offers with being able to play the media you download is another big plus.

When talking about downsides for BitLord, we have to mention that during the setup, you may encounter a few steps that seem a bit tricky since it wants to optimize the software and macOS will most probably won’t be able to tell if it has malicious software.

Big Sur compatibility.
Unfortunately, BitLord does not have a version of their downloader to be compatible with macOS Catalina, Big Sur. However, if you just want an alternative for uTorrent for Mac, it can give you the functionality and options needed to get the job done.

Supported OS: macOS up to 10.15 (Catalina), Windows

Conclusion: BitLord will run on macOS Catalina, but the developer is not certified by Apple. This lack of certification can make installation a little more harrowing for inexperienced users. It is free, but is supported by ads.

9. Tribler vs uTorrent

Let’s look at Tribler as an alternative to uTorrent Mac.

Last but definitely not least, Tribler is the uTorrent Catalina replacement that can answer to all your questions about how to get a torrent file on macOS Catalina. Opposed to all of the suggestions presented above, this app doesn’t use trackers to deliver you the torrents for download. Instead, it has a peer-to-peer system that coordinates the downloads to and from your computer. Allowing other users to download the files you are seeding, Tribler is building a community around it and users are able to exchange files between them and recognize the importance of being in a strong group to easily access files.

Among the positive things that makes Tribler stand out, the ability to download adult content and use its built-in protection to do so in perfect safety takes the top position. Another plus comes from the ability to preview files while they’re downloading since you get early access to your favorite content.

On the negatives, the only thing to mention is the general issues that many of the other apps present. Just like many other apps on this list, you will have to go around the macOS security protocols in order to install the software on your computer. However, once you’re done with that, you are getting a great alternative to uTorrent for Mac Catalina.

Big Sur compatibility.
Tribler is 100% compatible with macOS Big Sur since it’s an open-source app that enjoys very good support from developers. You will be able to add it on your macOS without any consistent issues and use it to download all the torrents you need.

Supported OS: macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) - 10.15 (Catalina), Big Sur, Windows 7 - Windows 10, Linux

Conclusion: Like BitLord, Tribler will run on Big Sur but is not certified by Apple. It is built around anonymity, but is also more limited due to this focus. The search results offered by Tribler are often lacking torrents found in other applications, and may be less available than torrents from other trackers.

10. In search of uTorrent alternative for macOS 11

In October 2020, Apple released the next version of its Mac operating system, macOS 11, which it is calling Big Sur. MacOS Big Sur brings a major redesign, a better, more-robust Safari browser, enhanced privacy features, and improved apps like Maps, Messages, and more, including upgraded tools for developers. It is the biggest design update in more than 10 years according to the tech giant. But where will this latest version leave people who depend on torrenting clients for their downloads?

Well, if you are hoping that uTorrent will make a comeback, we have the unfortunate duty to tell you that there will be no uTorrent Big Sur revival happening. The popular torrenting client will remain a web-browser-only app without a dedicated software since its developers chose not to upgrade the original software from 32-bit to 64-bit to stay up-to-date with the macOS Catalina upgrade a few years ago.

For those who depend on reliable torrenting clients that are feature-rich and secure, a browser-only app may not cut it. A uTorrent alternative for macOS 11 will be necessary for you to keep your Mac software updated while staying safe and in control of torrenting. If you are looking for a solid contender to replace uTorrent still, this is the article you’ve been waiting for to find a better alternative torrenting client that will continue working on Mac with the Big Sur upgrade.

Must-have features of uTorrent alternative for Mac

A torrent manager should do a lot more than just download files. Although a 64-bit version of uTorrent for Mac does not exist, the features found in previous iterations are a good place to start. Being able to maintain high speeds without bogging down your computer or your internet connection is paramount, and you should expect the option to prioritize your downloads, as well. The ability to use Magnet Links should also be a requirement.

This is where torrent managers begin to differentiate themselves. Being able to create your own torrents is useful when you need to distribute something to a large number of people. A built-in search will save time and effort by helping you check multiple trackers at the same time. Smart tagging can help categorize the files you download and make searching and sorting them effortless.

You should not overlook quality-of-life features that can make your experience more pleasant, either. Free apps are often loaded with ads, which can inadvertently impact download speeds or responsiveness. An application with native support for macOS will integrate more easily with your other applications and feel like it “fits” in a way that multi-platform programs often do not.

Now that you have all the alternatives to uTorrent 64 bit app that are currently available on the market, you can easily make a decision. If you’re not yet determined that Folx is the best replacement for uTorrent when upgrading to macOS Catalina, Big Sur, you can just apply the criteria presented above and test everything on your Mac. After going through each suggestion on our list, you will determine that there’s no better app to get download torrent files on macOS Catalina than Folx since it delivers the perfect balance between power, efficiency, and lightweight functionality.

Final thoughts on finding working uTorrent alternative for Mac

The Big Sur upgrade for macOS X was the final blow to uTorrent, and the Big Sur version will not resurrect it. With this in mind, it’s time to find a suitable uTorrent macOS 11 replacement that can serve your torrenting needs with the features you want and the suspicious activity you don’t. After reviewing many torrent client software alternatives to uTorrent, we think it’s clear that Folx has the best mix of features, performance, and value for your torrenting needs, covering the basics offered by the free apps and rivaling the functionality of premium apps on the market. Not only does it deliver on the features and functionality, but Folx will also be compatible with macOS Big Sur when it is released, so you don’t have to worry about finding new software when your upgrade your Mac. You can download a free trial of Folx to test it out and see for yourself why we think it’s the ideal replacement for uTorrent available today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The reasons for looking after a valid uTorrent alternative for Mac can be several. However, the main one appears when you want to update to the latest version of macOS. Catalina, Big Sur do not support 32-bit apps and for some reason, uTorrent decided not to build a 64-bit of their application. So, if you want to keep downloading torrent files, you will need an app that is specialized in doing so and also has a 64-bit version that is guaranteed to work on all macOS versions. Of course, other reasons can start from not being happy with the download speed offered by uTorrent or simply not liking the way they organized their interface. It’s all a matter of subjectivity and each user has its own preferences when it comes to choosing their torrent client. In this article, we have presented plenty of alternatives for uTorrent that are also available on macOS Catalina, Big Sur so you can take an informed decision and get the best service in all circumstances.
Again, to answer this question we need to take a good look at the features each of these apps are delivering and trying to identify those that apply to a larger segment of users. Considering that both apps deliver similar services, the details are the ones making the difference. And, if we were to look at the number of downloads, then uTorrent will definitely win this battle on most operating systems. Actually, it looks like uTorrent is the preferred torrent client on Windows and macOS, however, as mentioned earlier, the big inconvenient comes from uTorrent deciding not to develop a 64-bit version of their app. However, BitTorrent also decided not to come with a 64-bit app for their software which makes the users that have to decide between the two services having to go back to basics. The final answer to this dilemma would normally be uTorrent for the simple fact they are more popular overall. However, that doesn’t mean that BitTorrent is necessarily a bad decision either.
While nothing makes uTorrent undependable for Mac, the macOS Catalina update made the application no longer feasible for Mac clients that did the overhaul. Not offering support for 32-piece applications, the new working framework can't run the applications that didn't change to 64-piece renditions. What's more, tragically, that is the situation for uTorrent too. The engineers chose to change to an online rendition of the application as opposed to concocting a 64-piece variant. What's more, that is the reason, all Mac clients that moved up to macOS Catalina should search for a practical option to uTorrent.
As we’ve pointed out, Folx is the ideal uTorrent alternative. The standalone app offers loads of features that let you get straight to the content you’re looking for. And unlike uTorrent, you don’t have to depend on an online tool - the app has everything you need.
it certainly is. Folx has been designed to provide Mac users with a useful tool tailored to their needs. Unlike uTorrent, Folx uTorrent alternative for Mac uses a downloadable app, offering complete usability as well as security. Regular updates mean that Folx is constantly being improved, guaranteeing completely security for you and your devices.
Yes and no. Effectively, uTorrent has now become an entirely online platform - they’re no longer using downloadable apps. That means that while you can use it, it’s probably not going to be a similar experience to what you’re used to. For a standalone app setup, you’re probably better off trying a uTorrent alternative Mac program like Folx.
This is the sort of inquiry that has an alternate answer starting with one client then onto the next. It's for the most part about the manner in which you are planning to utilize the download client, in any case, there are highlights that apply to all clients. Along these lines, rather than revealing to you which customer is the best for you, we are going to disclose to you the criteria we applied to make the rundown we exhibited previously. Download speed is constantly significant, that is the reason Folx PRO ended up being the best in our rundown of suggestions since it can convey speed and quality while additionally permitting you to design the way downloads occur. Another component is the capacity to plan downloads and limit the transfer speed when you just need it for something different. Having the option to tag the downloads so you can appropriately sort out them is another element you should need in the event that you are wanting to store the substance on another gadget.
Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 36.87MB size
Version 5.25.13974 (12 May, 2021) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication