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Torrent movie downloader for Mac

Folx makes the process of downloading as well as creating and sharing torrents extremely easy.

Torrent Movies Download for Mac

Folx is the most simple and convenient solution for downloading of torrent files: one can prioritize download tasks, quickly adjust the download and upload speeds, tag the downloads for quick search through the content.

Magnet links

Additionally to regular torrents, Folx supports magnet links for downloading movies from Internet. Such links are currently on the rise, because they are faster and easier to share and download content. Magnet links usage lets you not to announce explicitly that you are using P2P technology.

Torrent Search PRO

Folx torrent movie downloader offers the torrent search directly from its interface, which is super convenient as you get to enter one search parameter and search multiple trackers at a time, instead of opening lots of trackers and entering search criteria every time you are there.

Folx PRO can:

Download faster PRO

The app can split the downloads in up to twenty threads, which can help increase the downloading speed significantly.

Optimize download speed PRO

In PRO version of Folx the speed of current downloads and uploads can be adjusted automatically depending on your usage of Internet traffic in other apps. Isn't that thoughtful?

Schedule your downloads PRO

Set the start time for downloads up to your convenience. Additionally you can set the app's behavior on the tasks completion: shut the system down, switch to sleeping mode,
or quit Folx.

Add music & videos to Apple Music automatically PRO

Folx can automatically add the music & videos you downloaded to Music (former iTunes) playlists named after tags assigned to those downloads.

Save passwords PRO

If there are websites you often download from and they require authentication, you can save login and password with Folx so you don't have to enter them every time. Folx can also take care of passwords for FTP websites. You save up to two entries in free version of Folx.

Download videos from YouTube PRO

Download videos from YouTube in various formats. And for those videos you are only interested in soundtrack of, download only MP3! You can start downloads manually, on schedule or immediately upon discovering the video you like.
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  • Requirements: OS X 10.9+
  • Version: 5.17.13942 (30th Mar, 2020)
  • Reviews(858): 4.8
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  • Total downloads: 2,217,912

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