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The best Mac torrent search engine

Torrent Search Engine for Mac

For a more efficient search of the necessary content on torrent sites, Mac users prefer to use universal torrent client apps that provide a single search engine for torrents. In this article, we will talk about the main principles of torrent search engine services, as well as consider the best torrent client for Mac solutions, and much more. Enjoy reading.

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What Is A Torrent Search Engine?

Torrent search engines allow you to conveniently search among dozens of torrent trackers and easily find the files you need. When you search for something on the Internet, you use a search engine like Google or Yahoo. But if you are looking for a torrent file, then a specialized torrent search engine is much more suitable for you.

Unlike torrent trackers that only search inside their site, torrent search engines allow you to search the entire web, getting as many custom results as possible with a single request. So why limit yourself to one site when you can search all over the Internet at once.

Torrent search engine for Mac as well as for other operating systems allows you to conveniently find millions of torrent files at once and easily choose the best one. Also, you can sort the results by publication date, size, status, and other parameters.

Which uTorrent Torrent search Mac engine should you choose? Which one is better? We will try to answer this question, so we advise you to read this post to the end.

Best torrent search engine apps for Mac

Today we will introduce you to several torrent search engines and briefly tell you about each. After reading this article, you can easily download any content you wish such as movies, music, games, software, etc. via torrent. So, let’s go.


Requirements: OS X 10.9+
Version: v5.26.13983, Released 13 Nov, 2021 Release notes
Category: Downloaders

There are quite a few torrent search engine utilities Mac owners could make use of, but I personally would recommend the one called Folx. Not only it searches popular torrent sites but it also helps you download your search results, so the app is basically your two-in-one solution. In addition, when downloading torrents via magnet link Mac users won’t face any difficulties while using Folx.

Folx as a torrent search engine for Mac

Folx is a great torrent search engine for your Mac that searches the following websites:

  • ★ 1337x
  • ★ Limetorrents
  • ★ Nyaatorrents
  • ★ Seedpeer
  • ★ Thepiratebay
  • ★ Torlock
  • ★ Torrentdownloads
  • ★ Torrentfunk
  • ★Yourbittorrent
  • ★ Anidex
  • ★ EZTV
  • ★ RARBG
  • ★ Rutor.

Please note that this list keeps expanding, thanks to the developer’s effort to deliver the best results.

Apart from a powerful integral torrent finder, this torrent search engine app provides an abundance of other options necessary for day-to-day downloading like catching magnet links which most browsers fail to recognize. Also, Folx supports direct HTTP downloads via Proxy servers, guaranteeing privacy.

Folx can be set to automatically intercept links in browsers, being fully compatible with Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. With Folx one can easily save online videos hosted by media sites, including age-restricted videos. You can set video format and quality or extract only MP3 sound in case you don’t need the entire video.

Folx perfectly fits for convenient downloading making it the best torrent client Mac app. Unique tagging technology ensures comprehensive storage of downloads in folders according to the assigned tags. Additionally, Spotlight integration makes it super easy to jump directly to the downloaded files even without having to start Folx. One can turn on Apple Music (formerly iTunes) integration for a particular tag to automatically add the downloaded media to the Music library.

Don’t let low speeds drive you crazy! With this torrent downloader for Mac, you can boost downloads to a large extent by splitting them into multiple concurrent threads, up to 20 ones. To free up network resources for other Internet tasks, Folx provides smart speed control which automatically adjusts download/upload speeds.

One more awesome feature of this Mac torrent search solution you definitely should know about is task scheduler with which you can smartly set up the time to start the download (say, at night when the network is not jammed) and then decide whether to shut Folx down, switch to the sleeping mode or quit the app once finished. You don't have to worry about the interrupted connection as broken downloads are autoresumed, so you don't have to manually restart them.

Here is your step-by-step guide on how to use Folx:

Download the application, install and launch it.
To search for torrents, you need to activate Folx PRO version.

Activate PRO edition.

 Activate Folx search engine on Mac
Type in your search query and click Enter.

This torrent search for Mac solution will list the searching results that match your request. Choose the torrent you need and press the button.

 Folx torrent search feature
Check out your Downloads folder and find the downloaded file there. That’s it – Folx does a really good job, and it’s absolutely safe to use the application.

To sum up, its integrated Mac torrent search tool and exceptional management options combined with fast performance make Folx tailor-made for an advanced downloading experience.

Try Folx for Mac
Best torrent search engine


LimeTorrents has a simple yet beautiful interface of lime color. The developers claim that their service is aimed to download verified torrents with just a snap of a finger. The service is a popular torrent download website that can then be used to download content such as audio, video, and software files, and way more that can be downloaded via BitTorrent.

The service supports search by making requests on the home page, as well as searching by category. At first, you may think that you are doing a search for fruits and vegetables, but this is far from the case. Inside there is a powerful torrent search engine that will help you find everything you need and make LimeTorrents the top choice for uTorrent movies.

LimeTorrents search engine for Mac


Toorgle is another torrent search engine for Mac. It is one of the largest services as it provides search capabilities on over 450 different websites. The service has proven itself both in terms of speed and stability, as it uses Google APIs to receive data directly from Google. Also, it should be noted that it uses ads to generate income.

If necessary, you can add the toolbar to the Firefox or Facebook browser (highly undesirable for security reasons), and also do not forget to use a VPN to protect yourself and prevent data leaks.

Use Toorgle as a torrent search engine for Mac


When the user searches for a well-designed Mac torrent search, TorrentSeeker immediately comes to mind. The home page is very simple and modern - the user only sees the logo and the search bar. Just make a request and get the result. It searches popular torrent sites like Pirate Bay, 1337x, LimeTorrents, YTS, EZTV, Torrent Downloads, Zooqle, small torrent sites like Torlock, etc.

Besides that this torrent search engine also includes niche websites. This allows you to get more relevant results. It's a pity that search filters only include relevance and date of results, and since there are almost no ads, it's no surprise that TorrentSeekers' user interface is much better than its competitors.

Use Mac torrent search engine - TorrentSeeker

Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay occupies an important niche among torrent sites for Mac. Many users note its reliability since all the information one can find there is subject to checks and verification, as well as the presence of any necessary information since the number of users of this service is simply huge and the amount of information that can be found there is enormous (since any user shares absolutely any file). Besides that, there is a special section dedicated to the Mac apps theme.

Pirate Bay provides its users with several content search options. You can manually search the entire site or check the top 100 files from any category.

Pirate Bay torrent engine


Torrents.Me is one of the most popular and experienced torrent search engines Mac users love for its simple and intuitive interface. The service allows users to search for their favorite movies and shows through an arsenal of torrent sites, as well as select proxies when browsing a website. It is also worth noting that, it is the ability to hide IP addresses offered by Torrents.Me.

In addition, while using this service the users can customize search options to better fit their needs.

Torrents.Me search engine


RARBG site is known for its high-quality torrent files, all thanks to a team of moderators and an active community. The site effectively checks all downloaded torrent files in order not to miss low-quality content. The website's user interface is not as attractive as its Mac torrent sites competitors, yet it did not stop the service from becoming the most visited torrent site. If to talk about the site’s drawbacks, well - there are a lot of annoying advertisements.

Unfortunately, in many countries, access to this service is blocked, however, when using a VPN service, you can bypass all the bans and join the community so as not to be caught by ISP.

RARBG torrent tracker
Try Folx for Mac
Best torrent search app

Understanding The Difference Between Seeders, Peers, and Leechers

SEEDERS: are the users who have all the segments of the redistributable file or in other words, these are the complete sources. That is, some computers have already downloaded the file completely and they are already distributing. Thus, the more seeds, the faster you will download the file.

PEERS: are the users who are currently downloading files and distributing them to other people at the same time. The distribution partner uploads the materials that have already been downloaded to their computer and simultaneously downloads the missing files.

LEECHERS: are users who have just started downloading files. Not a single full-fledged file has yet been downloaded to their computer but they also participate in the download, like other users.

Choosing A Decent Torrent Search Engine: Tips and Tricks

Trust only those torrent search engines that have been on the market for quite a long time and have proven themselves in this business and that check and verify the content.

It goes without saying that on such torrent sites there may be a large number of files, and some of them are far from being perfect. Keep in mind that a healthy torrent file has a large number of seeders, peers, and leechers.

Your ISP knows all about your online activities. It can collect data about you and transfer it to third parties. Therefore, you need to protect yourself from such interference, especially if you are going to download and share torrent files. When performing torrent search Mac users should use a VPN client to encrypt data, mask IP addresses and restrict access to virus sources.

You should also take into account the factor of downloading speed and the presence of an extensive library. The absence of annoying ads is also a great plus.

Also, do not forget about checking the downloaded torrent for the presence of malware or any other threat. To do this, you should use a good antivirus to check the torrent file.


There are many torrent client for Mac solutions available from which to choose. Some things to look for when selecting the right one for you include the ability to effectively search torrent sites for content, a simple user interface, and fast downloading capabilities. You might also want a tool that integrates with your browser for more efficient searching and downloading.

We believe that Folx is the best torrent search engine for Mac or MacBook computers. It’s an easy-to-use software tool that enables users to locate and download torrents from many popular sites while smart tagging them for easy retrieval. It makes finding and downloading torrents easy for users with any level of torrenting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A torrent tracker is a server which helps to transfer files between peers using the BitTorrent protocol. First, a peer informs the tracker about its interest in a torrent. The tracker keeps record of the number of seeds, peers, etc. So it responds in its turn with a list of other peers available. Once you’ve downloaded a .torrent file from any Mac torrent tracker and added it into your torrent client, the latter will send requests to other peers to get portions of that file.

Trackers can be public, or open, and private ones, which require authorization.

BitTorrent file sharing protocol allows partitioned files to be downloaded from multiple peers. Torrenting is simply finding file fragments to finally form a whole one. Using a torrent client itself isn’t illegal, but surely there are certain nuances. You can freely download any files which are not subjected to copyright or distribution laws, like open-source software. On the contrary, torrenting copyrighted content breaches legislation and you can end up entering muddy waters.

The general recommendation would be to seed until you reach at least the 1:1 ratio to give back what you have taken. The BitTorrent network uses a kind of fairness system. In fact, you don't download from the Mac torrent server, but from other users, so we should seed to be fair with them.

Moreover, the users uploading more to other users are rewarded to a certain extent. The higher seeding ratio you have, the faster download speeds you'll get. Private torrent trackers can even ban you from downloading if your upload ratio is insufficient. All in all, unwillingness to seed degrades the quality of torrenting. Nobody likes seeing unseeded torrents on the site or experiencing slow downloads.

Yes, to perform torrent search Mac users(not only) need to use VPN, as it helps them to hide their activity and keep their data anonymous from hackers, ISP and app developers, etc.

There are plenty of torrent search engines Mac users can find on the Internet. The most popular ones are Folx, TorrentSeeker LimeTorrents, Toorgle, Pirate Bay, Torrents.Me, RARBG. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. However, if you are looking for both torrent search engine and torrent client in one service - we recommend taking a closer look at Folx.
Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 18.02MB size
Version 5.26.13983 (13 Nov, 2021) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication