Best methods to search for torrent files on Mac

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Torrents are a popular system for peer-to-peer file sharing. It was surrounded by controversy a while ago, when some torrents websites were closed down, so we just wanted to make it clear – torrent files are not illegal, downloading a copyrighted material is. Hence downloading torrent files that contain non-copyrighted material is fine, it does not violate any laws.

What does one need to download torrents? A torrent website and a torrent software search engine. How do you usually search for torrents? Most people go online and start googling for ‘free downloads no subscription’. Sorry to disappoint you but this way you are likely to end up at some dubious sites swarming with malware that will risk your computer’s safety. What you need is a good app torrent search engine for Mac.

There are quite a few torrent search engine utility Mac owners could make use of, but I personally would recommend the one called Folx. Not only it searches popular torrent sites, it also helps you download your search results, so the app is basically your two-in-one solution. Folx can download torrents via magnet links and save videos
from YouTube.

This torrent search engine tool for Mac searches the following websites:

  • ★ 1337x
  • ★ Bittorrentz
  • ★ Limetorrents
  • ★ Nyaatorrents
  • ★ Seedpeer
  • ★ Thepiratbay
  • ★ Torlock
  • ★ Torrentdownloads
  • ★ Torrentfunk
  • ★Yourbittorrent
  • ★ Anidex
  • ★ EZTV
  • ★ RARBG
  • ★ Rutor

Please note that this list keeps expanding, thanks to the developer’s effort to deliver the best results.

Try Folx as great solution to search for torrent files safely

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 33.16MB free space. Version 5.17.13942. (30th Mar, 2020). 4.8 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(858)
Category: UtilitiesApplication

Here is your step-by-step guide on how to use Folx:

  • 1. Download the application, install and launch it.
  • 2. To search for torrents you need to activate Folx PRO version. To purchase it, place an order, you can do it here.
  • 3. Activate PRO edition.
  • 4.Type in your search query and click Enter.
  • 5. Folx will list the searching results that match your request. Choose the torrent you need and press button.
  • 6. Check out your Downloads folder and find the downloaded file there.

That’s it – Folx does a really good job, and it’s absolutely safe to use the application.

Folx torrent search
Torrent search engine
Torrent search engine

In this section we will give you a list of best torrent client search engine Mac owners might be interested in:

    Torrentz has been around since 2003, and it is known for its powerful meta-search engine that scouts about 25 torrent resources.

  2. searches more than 126 sites for you so it is likely you will find what you are looking for. To make things easier you can either specify what torrent websites to search or select their category – Private Torrent Sites, Anime Torrent Sites and non-English Torrent sites. Enter a keyword, select torrent sites or a category and click < Search >.

    Torrents.Me employs Google custom search and displays the top torrent site among the search results.

    This service is rather simple, all you have to do is to enter a keyword for torrent search.

    This site uses Google mechanism to look up bittorent sites on more than 450 sites.

    Veoble is powered by Google Custom Search. The service has a cool interface with black background.

Please note that none of these services guarantee that it is safe to download their search results. They might contain malware detrimental for your computer’s health. Compared to them Folx, the Mac app torrent search engine we mentioned above, returns much safer results.

Most popular Torrent sites

And here is a special treat for you – a list of 5 most-visited torrent websites. We have prepared it based on various traffic reports, for each of them we have given Alexa rank.

  1. Torrentdownloads

    Torrent downloads
    Torrent downloads

    TorrentDownloads is one of the oldest torrent sites. Last time it was included in the top 10 torrent sites in 2011 to make a comeback only this year. Every month the site is visited by millions of users.

  2. ALEXA RANK: 2,969

  3. The pirate bay

    The pirate buy
    The pirate buy

    The Pirate Bay is inevitably associated with, well, piracy. The site is surrounded by a lot of controversies and it was closed down a couple of times. However it seems that the scandalous reputation only adds to the site’s popularity. The site offers plenty of resources from various web addresses.


  5. Extratorrent
    ExtraTorrent hosts popular ETTV and ETRG release groups. Ever since it appeared, the website has been generating traffic. It claims to be “the world’s largest torrents community”, and although it is doubtful, it is certainly one of the most happening places for torrent users.

  6. ALEXA RANK: 342

  7. RARBG
    RARBG started operating as a torrent tracker in Bulgaria. It first made appearance in Top 10 torrent websites last year and going strong since then. The site was blocked by UK ISPs last year, which seems to be a not-so-big-deal for most sites in this list.

  8. ALEXA RANK: 1,101

  9. 1337X
    1337x is one of those sites built around the torrents community. It has been pretty active till recently, but now a lot of community members, moderators and administrators are staying away from the site due to security issues. There are concerns about the future of the site, but as of now it is still striving and attracts a decent number of visitors.

  10. ALEXA RANK: 1,249

    If for any reason your favourite torrent site is not working, you can use torrent proxy or mirror sites instead

    Well, that should be enough for you to start. Hope this information about torrent client, search engine Mac owners will find useful. If you still have doubts or questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 33.16MB size
Version 5.17.13942 (30th Mar, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication