All you wanted to know about magnet link downloading in macOS Catalina

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Magnet links are so popular because they simplify and speed up the sharing and downloading of torrents. So if you haven't looked it up yet, here is a lowdown on what it means for you as a BitTorrent user.

Frequently asked questions about magnet links

  1. How to download torrents with magnet links on Mac?
  2. How to turn magnet link to direct download?
  3. What’s the benefit of download with magnet links on Mac?
  4. How to use magnet links on Mac and what are they?

1. How to download torrents with magnet links on Mac?

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 33.16MB free space. Version 5.18.13943. (7th Apr, 2020). 4.8 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(858)
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Folx is a very friendly and easy-to-use torrent client that works great with magnet links. Also, at the moment Folx seems to be the only magnet link Mac downloader fully compatible with the new macOS Catalina.

Download torrents with magnet links on Mac

In order to download with magnet links on Mac follow the steps:

  1. Download Folx and open the app on your computer.
  2. Copy the magnet link.
  3. Select menu File → New Task in Folx or click the + button at the top of its main window and paste your magnet link.
  4. In the "New Task" window you can customize your download.
  5. Click OK to finish adding the task.
  6. If Folx is set up to catch the download links in your browsers, you can just click the magnet link there and Folx will do the rest. To do so enable option ‘Use Folx to catch download links in browsers’ in Preferences ‘General’ tab.

Folx is also distributed in PRO version that allows to search for torrents on multiple trackers directly from Folx’s interface.

You can compare free Folx with Folx PRO here.

2. How to turn magnet link to direct download?

Sometimes it is more convenient to turn magnet link into direct download, instead of downloading torrents with magnet links on Mac. You can easily do this with the help of dedicated online services called torrent leechers or cloud torrents.

These days it is not easy to find the best torrent leeching site. We’ve researched multiple torrent leechers on the web and chose those that work great and are easy to use.


One of the best free torrent leeching websites - - lets you download torrent files with a download manager and at a higher speed. Free registration has some restrictions like a limited number of simultaneous downloads and only 1 GB size.



If we are talking about cloud torrent services that have a user-friendly and intuitive interface and also give the user the possibility to stream endlessly is definitely Irrespective if your device is mobile, desktop or even TV (including Apple TV or Chromecast), this service allows you to stream any files at any times. Your free account comes with 2 GB storage memory, which enables you to download torrents with magnet links on mac with no issues and in a relatively fast time; as an example, a heavy torrent of 1 GB will be able to download in 10 hours (due to bandwidth limitation of 100 Mb/hour for free accounts).



If you are looking for a service to download with magnet links mac, then is another good alternative. It offers high quality on your streaming files and it comes with a 2 GB memory space tied to your free account, exactly like in the case of also has the possibility to be upgraded to a paid account, which will allow you bigger memory storage and various options when it comes to download magnet links.


While using online torrent leechers to download magnet links you would still need an app to transfer downloaded content from the site to your Mac. Folx can provide you a great solution in this case, as it is not only a fast torrent client, but also an excellent download manager.

3. What’s the benefit of download with magnet links on Mac?

When using peer to peer feature, you will be sure to enhance your downloading process as you will be provided with more than one source to download from. For instance, if one source becomes unavailable or offline, then your download won’t stop, but it will start feeding from the information sent by the other sources. Magnet links help to define sources in DHT network.

At the same time, it can happen that you don’t have a stable internet connection or that your connection is suddenly interrupted, which might cause some damages to the downloading process. However, the good news is that once your connection is restarted again, you do not have to restart your magnet link download on Mac as well, but it will be resumed from where it was stopped the last time.

When not benefitting from a strong Internet connection, it is important to be able to rely on as many download sources as possible, in order to secure your streaming process and successful downloading.

4. How to use magnet links on Mac and what are they?

When you are downloading a .torrent file, it is basically downloading a tiny file with the information on larger files that you actually want to save to your computer. This .torrent file gives your torrent client app the names of files, the link to tracker, etc. Then your torrent app calculates a hash code for the torrent. With this unique torrent code the app will be able to find other users uploading those files, so you can download from them.

A magnet link is essentially a hyperlink that contains the hash code already. This way your torrent client can start looking up people sharing those files really fast, immediately upon adding the link. Magnet links don't require a tracker, and they don't require you to save a separate little file to your computer before starting the download, which is faster and more convenient.

And even though with magnet links you don't need to download a torrent file, they do offer somewhat similar functionality as torrents. To use magnet URIs check whether your torrent client is associated with them. Simply click the magnet link and let your torrent app finish the process.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 33.16MB size
Version 5.18.13943 (7th Apr, 2020) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication