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Internet Download Manager (IDM) allows increasing download speed significantly, resuming and scheduling downloads. Interrupted downloads are not a problem with IDM Mac application. Simple and understandable user interface makes IDM a must-have for everyone. When you switch from Windows to Mac OS you can discover that ToneC haven't released their application for Mac, so you'll need to find a quality IDM for Mac OS X alternative.

A great alternative for IDM Mac OS X would be Folx - a free Internet download manager for Mac that is fully compatible with the latest macOS Catalina.

Folx - your Internet Download Manager for Mac

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 76.1MB free space. Version 5.13.13908. (27th Nov, 2019). 4.8 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(858)
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Mac users deserve a free and convenient download tool like IDM. And, luckily, such an instrument exists - Folx, full-featured download manager for macOS.

Folx as IDM alternative for Mac

As an IDM alternative for Mac, Folx offers essentials as multithreading, speed control, downloads resume, schedule and organize functions; and advanced features as Music (former iTunes) and browser integration, YouTube video and audio downloading, password management and more. Besides, Folx is fully integrated with macOS interface and looks stylish yet simple.

You can choose among 2 Folx editions - free and PRO. Let’s look closer at them.

With free version of Folx you can:

Manage downloads
Folx has simple downloads control. You can start, pause, resume broken downloads, etc. Broken and interrupted downloads are resumed automatically by Folx. So, you just have to add the download and wait until it is finished.

Increase download speed
Folx allows to split the downloads in 2 threads which can increase download speed on Mac greatly.

Sort and tag downloaded content
With Folx you also get smart tagging technology for managing your downloaded content. The downloads are saved to folders according to the tags you have assigned to them. Assign as many tags to one file as you wish!

Moreover, Folx offers you special sorting and storing system for downloaded content with the downloaded files preview.

Additional features Folx offers:
  • • Folx catches the downloads automatically and also it can catch only selected types of files to download;
  • • If you need to download something that is unavailable from your region, you can configure a proxy server in the Folx settings menu;
  • • Last but not the least - Folx also supports torrents and magnet links along with regular downloads.

Even though you can use the free edition of IDM for Mac OS X - Folx - as long as you wish, there are plenty of good reasons to upgrade to PRO version.

What you are getting with Folx PRO:

Advanced multithreading
One of the best features of Folx, IDM for Mac, is multithreading. It splits every download into up to 20 different threads. And thanks to these simultaneous connections that are downloading different parts of the same file, the entire download process takes considerably less time than it it would normally take.

Smart speed control
If you choose to use this IDM alternative for Mac, you get complete control on your downloads. You get optimal traffic allocation either manually or let Folx decide how to allocate the available bandwidth. The automatic speed allocation ensures that all your apps get enough bandwidth to function online.

Download scheduling
With Folx you can easily settle periods of time for your downloads to be active - usually network is much less busy at night, so you can schedule heavy downloads to be done at that time. You can also ask IDM for macOS to shut your system down, make it sleep or just quit the app after finishing all scheduled downloads.

YouTube downloading
Using Folx as your IDM for Mac OS X alternative, also enables you to download videos from YouTube. You can choose to save the entire video or just the soundtrack and Folx works even on age-restricted or private videos. You can use Folx to instantly download YouTube videos or set up a schedule for automatic downloading.

Password management
Whenever you need to use this free download IDM for Mac alternative to download files from websites that require a login and password, you can ask Folx to remember your credentials so that the entire process goes smoothly. The next time you download through Folx from one of the websites you set Folx as password manager, the download starts immediately without the extra step of typing your username and password.

Apple Music integration
To make your life easier when downloading songs and videos from websites or YouTube using Folx IDM for Mac free download, you can set it to send everything you download to Music (former iTunes). Everything will be organised nicely in distinct categories according to the names and tags you assigned for each download.

Torrent search
The PRO version of Folx, this IDM Mac alternative, comes equipped with an awesome torrent finder. This means that you won’t have to go search through all sort of torrent trackers or go online to find the torrent you need. Everything is done through the search option inside Folx and the results generated will be of the best quality. Just select the file you wish to download and you’re good to go.

You can compare the free and PRO versions of Folx in detail here.

Folx - a perfect IDM alternative for Mac

Obviously, new Mac users who have already got used to Internet Download Manager would not have a rough passage with Folx, as it covers all their favourite features of IDM on Mac. Folx offers even more - password management, YouTube downloading, Music (former iTunes) integration, torrent downloading and search. Amazing, isn’t it? With Folx you don’t need to look for better free download IDM for Mac, it has everything you will ever need (download free version from here).

Why should anyone use download manager?

Browsers are not enough
Most modern browsers have a built-in download manager that offers you some basic control over what you download and the options you have. For some users, that might be enough as they don’t download so many files and don’t feel the need for a full-power IDM for Mac. However, if you want full control when downloading multiple files at once, easy management and the resume of any download plus other functions like downloading YouTube videos and many more, you need to go with Folx. A good download manager will cut hours from the time you spend downloading the content you need and even if you’re not a massive downloader, with the proper software you can make the entire process a lot more efficient.

Bandwidth usage is optimized
If you download multiple files at once, you know how annoying it can get because the bandwidth is automatically allocated in equal shares throughout the files you download. With Folx, the best IDM alternative for Mac, you can manually set the bandwidth allocation for each file or even let the software decide based on levels of urgency each download has.

Downloads are organized
Like the name suggest, the main task of a download manager is to allow you to easily manage your downloads. However, Folx is much more than that because with it you can schedule and prioritize the files you download. You can download big files overnight so that the bandwidth doesn’t get split affecting your day-to-day work on the computer. Also, you can choose to schedule downloads for files that you know are updated the first thing in the morning. No need to wake up in the middle of the night when you can have this IDM alternative for Mac do it for you. After the work is done, you can command Folx to shut down the computer to avoid using up energy when you don’t need to. Also, with a download manager you can save files in multiple different destinations for a better organization of what you keep on your hard disk.

Speed is accelerated
Perhaps the biggest advantage you get when using a download manager is the extra speed you get for your downloads. Unfortunately, the concept of download acceleration is used by all download managers out there, without any solid proof. Folx IDM for Mac free download can actually accelerate your download by removing the limitation some browsers and Internet servers place on the download speed. Another way of boosting the download speed is by finding the file you wish to download and getting it from several sources, similar to the torrent file sharing.

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