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Ivan Korol
Sabina Georgieva
Writer with wide experience
I’m passionate about writing, and I’ve always been involved with language and words in one way or another.

First, I worked in the dynamic field of translation and localization. Over the course of 7+ years, I completed tasks in various fields from medical and technical to travel and commercial. Then, I spent several years in higher education and language education, an exciting and rewarding time. After that, I dove into the world of online display advertising, communicating with publishers and media buyers from around the globe.
Over the past few years, I’ve dedicated myself to copywriting. Most of my work revolves around tech and software, but I enjoy all sorts of challenges. Completing a project brings immense satisfaction. From researching unknown topics and finding the most valuable bits of information, to creating an article that’s engaging yet concise - it’s a fun journey.

In my free time, well… I write. I’ve recently published my first children’s book and I’m eager to see what the future brings.
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