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Xvid Codec Mac Substitute - Elmedia Player
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Elmedia Player
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Xvid Codec Mac

Xvid Video Codec for Mac - Is Playback Truly Possible on Mac?

Unfortunately, many Mac users run into issues when trying to play Xvid codec files. And since its massive popularity among PC users, many Mac users are sad to realize that you can’t experience the same, natively on Mac. And QuickTime isn’t a reliable player when it comes to Xvid for Mac.

But before you lose hope, we’re here to tell you there is a better way. And it doesn’t require any heavy lifting on your end or any special decoding software you need to download in order to enjoy Xvid for Mac files. It’s much easier than that.

Understanding the Xvid Video Codec

Xvid codec is a program that compresses large video files, especially used for streaming and sharing online. The file that uses the Xvid codec is known as XVID files and they generally carry the .mp4 extension name. What’s great about the Xvid codec is that it compresses videos at high ratios (200:1), which maintaining relatively high-quality video. So for example, an uncompressed 100GB HD file can shrink to just 500MB after being compressed using the Xvid codec! You can see just how useful this could be for a wide range of applications.

As mentioned previously, the Xvid codec was and is designed to be used for PC, so a similar equivalent on Mac isn’t really available. But that doesn’t mean Xvid can’t be played on Mac. There are simple workarounds, one of which we’re going to share with you here.

Introducing the Solution to Play Xvid Codec for Mac - Elmedia Player

We mentioned earlier that you wouldn’t need to do any heavy lifting in order to play Xvid Mac files. Elmedia Player is the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s a solidly built Xvid player Mac app and is truly so much more than that. It’s easy to use, reliable and gets you going right out of the box. It can support tons of common and even uncommon file formats with relative ease - without the need to download additional codec packs.

You can enjoy a wide range of useful features, like playlist creation and customization, advanced video and audio playback controls, subtitle integration, and more. And what’s better than this is that for just $19.99, you can unlock PRO which delivers an even better experience. You can make the most out of Elmedia Player’s dedicated converting features, online streaming from YouTube, Facebook, and more, and unlock access to wireless AirPlay connectivity to your TV for the full experience at home.

Xvid player Mac

Step-by-Step to Play Xvid on Mac

1. Download Elmedia Player from their website or from the App Store.

Get the App by downloading

2. Open the app and import your files in one of three ways:

  • Find the Xvid file you want to play, and drag it straight into the Elmedia Player window or icon in the dock.
  • Right-click on the video file, select “Open with” and choose Elmedia Player as your option.
  • From within the Elmedia Player window, click on “File” in the top menu bar, click “Open” and choose your Xvid file.

Open files you want to view

3. Enjoy!


Top 3 Alternatives to Play Xvid Video Codec for Mac

As with everything else in life, not everything was created equal. And the same can be said about Xvid player Mac apps. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great alternative options out there. After a lot of rigorous testing, we found three apps that are worthy of your consideration when it comes to playing Xvid Mac files.

  1. Elmedia Player. This is a no-brainer. We’ve tried many apps but nothing compares to the level of usability and power this app delivers. And it’s not only an Xvid player Mac app, it’s an all-around “swiss-army knife” media player that can completely replace any others you may have been using on Mac. It’s a complete video player, playlist management software, home-theater system all in one! It’s also backed by a strong team of developers who continue to update the app quite frequently, which is a huge plus as well. There’s simply so much to love about Elmedia Player Xvid for Mac app.
  2. VLC Media Player is another hands-down top contender for this category. It’s super lightweight and comes with a long list of desirable features for Mac users. The same is true for this app when it comes to playback controls, playlist features, subtitles support, and the rest of it. Although it feels a little outdated in design, users still love this app for ease of use and consistent performance.
  3. And last but not least, 5KPlayer. This Xvid for Mac app takes the last spot in our rankings. Also having been around for some time, this app has really developed into a full-fledged media player, especially when it comes to running Xvid files on Mac. 5KPlayer supports a range of file formats, supports HD video playback, video to audio conversion, more. Without a doubt, this app is a must-try if you haven’t had experience with it already.

Although Mac doesn’t natively support Xvid through QuickTime, that doesn’t mean you have to settle. What’s great about apps like Elmedia Player and VLC, for example, is that it allows you to enjoy the benefits and perks of Xvid codec for Mac, without having to compromise. With Elmedia Player, you never have to worry about running into any more playback issues, or compatibility issues. That’s why it’s our number one choice for Mac users and we can’t recommend it enough.


Xvid is a very popular codec and is highly supported. So there’s nothing you need to worry about when playing Xvid files on Mac.
It seems like nowadays the best video codec for the highest quality is H.265/HEVC. It has tremendous support for hardware decoding and that means it’ll be much smoother when playing videos at high big-rates.
Elmedia Player
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