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Stream Mac to Samsung Smart TV in a Flash

Keep your Mac cable-free. JustStream can cast from Mac to Samsung smart TV and fulfill a dual function - TV screen-sharing and video/audio streaming over a WiFi network. If you use the app, you can cast from Mac to Samsung Smart TV without effort - a few clicks and you’re ready to bring the popcorn and enjoy. And you aren’t restricted to one brand either - you can use JustStream with a variety of manufacturers without extra hardware. Stream from Mac to TV regardless of the brand and connect to any DLNA or AirPlay device. It works with Chromecast as well thanks to its versitality.

Free Demo Version

We’ve chosen an optimal amount of allowed streaming time for our demo. It will allow you to experience JustStream to its fullest, and see if it corresponds to your demands. Within 20 minutes, you can test every aspect of JustStream.
Yoo-hoo! JustStream now supports Apple M1, AirPlay 2 and Roku TV!
Stream Mac to Samsung

Start a Samsung TV Cast from Mac with Any File

Formats are not a concern for JustStream users. They can cast MacBook to Samsung TV no matter the video or audio file. Even if the receiving device doesn’t support the file natively, it will be transcoded on the go.

Form a Streaming Playlist

Lay back and enjoy a good playlist with JustStream. When you cast to Samsung TV from Mac, any files you add will be played in sequence. Group them into folders and use them as playlists, which is arguably better than the way media players do it.

External Subtitles and Audio

Audio and subtitle tracks are fully supported when streaming Mac to Samsung Smart TV via JustStream, whether embedded or external. Open external tracks manually, or use automated functions (i.e., opening audio/sub files with the same name from the video file’s directory).

Forget Remotes, Use Your Mac

When you stream to Samsung Smart TV from Mac (or any TV, for that matter), a comfortable experience is desired. Why fiddle with a remote? Use JustStream’s interface to control the playback completely.

How to Cast to Samsung TV from Mac

Launch JustStream. Expand it from the toolbar icon.

Click "+" to start browsing for files. Add files or folders to stream.

 how to cast Macbook to Samsung TV

Click the "signal" icon and choose the target device.

 Cast Mac to Samsung Smart TV

Press "Play" to start.

  • By default, the first available device will be selected.
  • Your device should be turned on and connected to the network.
  • You can refresh the list of available devices.
  • The Streaming FAQ addresses many problems in detail.


After giving you the details on how to cast Macbook to Samsung TV using JustStream, we are confident you can now master the process with ease. However, if anything remains unclear or there are more questions about anything, we prepared a set of frequently asked questions.
The beauty of using JustStream is that the process is identical no matter the manufacturers of the TVs you’re streaming to. Whenever you use it the best resolution for your movies and other video content is guaranteed. Therefore, just like you would proceed to stream to LG TV from Mac, when streaming to a Samsung device you just need to open the file you want to play and choose the desired display from the list. It’s all done in a few clicks!
Of course, JustStream knows no limitations when it comes to the brand of TVs it can work with. You can use it with a Samsung Smart TV, to stream from Mac to Roku, Sony, or any other hardware without needing USB or HDMI cables. You just need the app and a WIFI network to watch any video on the big screen.
Macs don’t come with built-in presentation software. However, you can solve this with a third-party application. Other than the obvious suggestion - JustStream - there are other solutions on the market, like "Mirror for Samsung TV" by AirBeamTV and "AirStream for Samsung TV" by Best App Limited.
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