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Streaming to Samsung TV on Mac

If you have a Samsung TV, you can watch any movies you have stored on your Mac by using DLNA or AirPlay streaming. There are many solutions to stream from Mac to Samsung TV - we’ll present the best ones we could find. You can find out about this software below. Choose the right app for your streaming needs.

Top choice
Elmedia: universal video player
4.8 Rank based on 1531+ users, Reviews(793)
stream to Samsung Smart TV from Mac

1. Top Mac to Samsung TV Streaming App - Elmedia Player PRO

Elmedia Player offers advanced streaming capabilities with its PRO upgrade. Choose the local video and stream it to Samsung Smart TV from Mac. Elmedia supports AirPlay, AirPlay 2, DLNA, Chromecast, and many brands of smart TVs.

In Elmedia Player, you can add external audio and subtitle tracks to your videos, ensuring that you can stream from Mac to TV in the language that you want. And if you don’t have the right subtitles, you can search for them. Use the audio equalizer and the video tuner, and their effects will be transferred to the TV. Needless to say, you don’t have to worry about file formats.

Elmedia PRO costs $19.95. It’s definitely worth it - the player offers an easy-to-use, functional option to connect to your Smart TV.

streaming from Mac to Samsung Smart TV

How to Stream from Mac to Samsung Smart TV

Follow these steps to start streaming from your Mac to your TV:

1. Turn on your Smart TV and check if it’s connected to the same network.

2. Install Elmedia Player and activate the PRO upgrade or get Elmedia Player from the Mac App Store.

Install Elmedia Player to stream

3. Open the video you want to stream in Elmedia.

Open the local video to steam from Mac to Samsung

4. Look in the bottom right to locate the AirPlay icon.

How to stream Mac to Samsung Smart TV

5. Press it and select your TV to start streaming.

Note: You get 5 minutes of free streaming with the basic version of Elmedia. Try it out before you buy!

2. JustStream - Samsung App for Mac

JustStream streams your videos without having to play them on the main screen. It’s a compact app that fits on your Menu Bar, and you can easily collapse it whenever you want. At the same time, it supports some features that you’d only see in a media player, such as playlists, playback controls, and external tracks.

JustStream can cast videos over AirPlay, DLNA, Chromecast, and many other platforms. You get to try it out for 20 free minutes in the demo version. Also, the app allows you to change the cursor settings, and pause or play from the Mac.

how to stream from Mac to Samsung Smart TV

How to Stream to a Samsung Smart TV in JustStream

  1. Make sure that your Mac and your TV are on the same network.
  2. Install JustStream and launch it.
  3. Find the JustStream icon in the top right, on your Menu Bar.
  4. Click the icon. Click "+" and add single files or folders.
How to stream macOS to SamsungTV

5. Click the AirPlay icon at the bottom and select the TV.

6. Click "Start Streaming" and play the file.

3. MirrorMeister

MirrorMeister is an app that can mirror your whole desktop, or stream a single app. There aren’t many settings that you can change, but it works nonetheless. MirrorMeister fits on your toolbar, and it’s compatible with any player you’ll find, even though it doesn’t have configuring functions by itself. As a result, it can benefit from different functionalities.

how to stream to Smart TV

How to Use MirrorMeister

  1. Open the app after installing it.
  2. Use a different player app to open a video.
  3. In MirrorMeister, click "Select source". Choose your player app.
  4. Pick your Samsung TV as the receiver.

What is AirPlay and AirPlay 2?

AirPlay is a proprietary streaming protocol, used by Apple to unite their devices into a single ecosystem. AirPlay compatibility is common in Apple operating systems and apps. As a result, you can rely on the streaming capabilities to project your media anywhere.

AirPlay 2 is more advanced, since it brings other devices into the fold - Samsung, LG, Sony, and other formerly DLNA-exclusive hardware can now connect to the Apple network and be accessed in a matter of clicks. With AirPlay 2, streaming to Samsung TV is easier than ever.

Moreover, AirPlay 2 devices can be a part of a smart home system - for example, they can be integrated and remotely controlled with a Siri unit.

Which Samsung Models Support AirPlay?

You can expect the following device lines to support the protocol:

  • 2018 Smart Full HDTV N5300
  • 2018 4K UHD TV
  • 2018 QLED 4K
  • 2018 Frame TV
  • 2019 4K UHD TV
  • 2019 Frame and Serif TV
  • 2019 8K and 4K QLED TVs
  • 2020 Crystal UHD TVs
  • 2020 Frame and Serif TV
  • 2020 8K and 4K QLED TVs
  • 2021 Crystal UHD TVs
  • 2021 Frame and Serif TV
  • 2021 8K and 4K QLED TVs

For every newer device, it’s very likely that AirPlay will be supported.


Elmedia Player is free to use for standard playback. You will need Pro to access the advanced options. Depending on the package you choose, this will cost anywhere from $19.95 to $39.95 - a one-time payment in either case.

JustStream is a $12.99 yearly subscription service that can be tried for free for 20 minutes to help you decide.

Older models of Samsung TV may be incompatible with AirPlay. Also, you could be having some problems with your network, un-updated software, or something else.

  1. Go to Settings - General.
  2. Enter the "Apple AirPlay Settings" sub-menu.
  3. Turn AirPlay on.

If your Smart TV model is too old to support AirPlay, you can’t - you’ll have to use DLNA.

In the iPhone Control Center, you can start mirroring your screen through AirPlay at any time. As long as your Samsung TV is compatible with AirPlay, it should be able to mirror your iPhone.

Elmedia: universal video player
Requirements: macOS 10.12+ , 89.2MB of free space
Version 8.8(3188) (19 Sep, 2022) Release notes
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