How to take snapshot from video on Mac

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Your Mac OS doesn't offer any means to do this, but there is a great way to capture picture from video on Mac. And that is Elmedia Player PRO that can take picture from a video on Mac letting you create a new wallpaper or use the image in a project or a presentation. The great news is that with Elmedia Player PRO, Mac video image capture is a really easy thing to do.

Take a screenshot of a video on Mac
with Elmedia Player PRO

Screenshot YouTube videos on Mac following these steps:

  1. Download, install and open free Elmedia.
  2. Upgrade the app to PRO version. Obtain a license for the player and enter the activation code into free version.

  3. Elmedia Player

  4. Open the Capture tab in Preferences to specify the destination folder for the screenshots.
  5. Start a movie.
  6. Click PlaybackTake Screenshot to screenshot video on Mac. Each time you hit this button, a screenshot is made. Screenshots can be saved in .tiff, jpg, .png, .gif format.

  7. Elmedia Player
  8. In the Preferences, open the Capture tab and select the Frame by Frame option. Here you can also set the required interval between screenshots.

  9. Frame by Frame screenshots
  10. Elmedia Player PRO can make a series of screenshots on Mac, while your video is playing, this way letting you convert the movie to a set of images. To start making screenshots go to player's main menu and click Playback → Record a Series of Screenshots. When you are ready to stop click this option again. While the process is taking place, don't switch to another video and please note that if you pause the video, screenshots of a paused frame will be made continuously.

Elmedia Player

Note: To set the preferred image format, the destination folder and other options, use the Capture tab in Preferences.

How to make screenshots from YouTube videos on Mac with Elmedia PRO

Follow these detailed steps to screenshot YouTube video:

  1. Download, install and open free Elmedia Player.
  2. Upgrade the app to PRO version by obtaining a license for it and entering the activation code into free app.

  3. Upgrade the app to PRO version

  4. Go to File → Open Online Video in the main menu.

  5. Elmedia Player

  6. Paste a link into the app. Optionally you can choose the resolution for the video.

  7. Elmedia Player

  8. Click Open to start playing the video.
  9. In the right-click menu you can take a screenshot or create a series of screenshots.

  10. Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player PRO is the best way to take snapshot from video on Mac. Give Elmedia Player a try to see how it fits you. Enjoy watching your movies with lots of customization options! Feel free to share your thoughts and comments about this tutorial!

Elmedia Player
Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 55.34MB free space
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