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Cargo VPN
Best VPN for Mac

Cargo VPN encrypts your Internet connection to protect private websites you visit, your IP address, your location, and personal communications.
Available for Mac OS 10.10+

Internet privacy & security on your Mac

You are probably aware of the fact that Internet service providers can see your entire Internet traffic and have your browsing history logs. Find out how to browse and stay undetected.

Public WI-FI security

Protect your personal data while using public Wi-Fi in airports, coffee shops, etc. Cargo VPN can automatically detect when you are connected to an unsecure public network and encrypt your traffic.

Protect your sensitive information

Cargo VPN will take care of your privacy while you pay your bills online, check your account balance, log in to social networks, enter your billing address while shopping online, etc.
Secure WiFi
Bypass restricted networks and Internet censorship

Bypass restricted networks and Internet censorship

In different countries different Internet censorship rules are applied, restricting certain websites from being accessed. An entire website can be blocked, or a certain service, or video. You can bypass geo restrictions and access any website and online service in the world with Cargo VPN.
Stop Government Surveillance and Monitoring

Stop Government Surveillance and Monitoring

When you are not using a VPN service, all your online activities are monitored, collected, and analyzed by the government surveillance services. If you don't want governmental organizations to collect your data, use Cargo VPN to prevent them from getting your online activities, communications, geographical location, IP address, etc.

Save money while browsing from certain locations

Based on your location you are paying different prices for airfares, car rentals, software subscriptions and even for online streaming services. Try shopping for these things with different country settings using our VPN service and you'll be surprised how dramatically different prices can be depending on your geo location.

VPN Server Locations

Our reliable VPN solution offers over 1000 high-speed servers in more than 70 locations across the world, which ensures instant and constant access through Cargo VPN to any website or service from any continent.
VPN Server Locations

Get a Personal Static IP

The widely available and well-known IP addresses keep getting blocked. We are happy to offer you a Personal Static IP that will be only yours! It provides additional protection and helps bypass Internet censorship the best way possible.

Personal VPN Server

Grab the best solution for the utmost level of your privacy protection, bypassing of Internet censorship, and geo location limitations. Personal VPN Server is a reliable and strong protection solution and assures no one will even be able to detect that your are using a VPN service. This is an extended solution if you want something even stronger than Personal Static IP.

Enable URL filtering and anti-malware settings

Forget about annoying pop-up's, malware, and websites trying to steal your personal information with DNS Firewall. With four different levels of protection you can go as high as blocking malicious websites and web tracking systems.

Torrenting and P2P file sharing

Cargo VPN is a great way to hide BitTorrent users' identities from the world. Our VPN service will hide your IP address from the public and let you enjoy P2P file sharing all the way.

Why cargo VPN app

DNS Firewall allows avoiding annoying ads, malwares and malicious websites which are stealing your personal data.

1000+ Servers in 70+ Locations

We cover your VPN needs in more than 70 locations with over 1000 servers. Enjoy your privacy wherever you travel to.

24 hours of free testing up to 5 devices

You are getting the fully functional testing period of 24 hours to see how our solution works for you with 5 of your devices.

256-bit Data Encryption

Secure your private data from hackers, snoopers, and governmental structures with the top level of data protection.

DNS Firewall

Block malicious websites, stop annoying ads popping all over your screen, avoid tracking systems, and keep your identity protected.

Cargo VPN technology

A higher level of encryption for an outstanding privacy and unlimited Internet access.

Impressive Connection Speed

The fact that you are accessing web over VPN will not slow you down even a bit. Our fast servers offer an amazing experience anywhere in the world.

Non-stop support for our customers

The Cargo VPN support team is knowing and friendly. We'll do our best to advise, recommend and answer all your questions.

Get VPN for iPad and iPhone

Did you know Cargo VPN app for iOS is available for download? Get the best iOS VPN app and stay safe and secure while surfing the web on your iPhone or iPad.
VPN for iOS

VPN Cargo
Best VPN for Mac

VPN client for Mac is fully compatible with MacOS 10.10 and later. Requires 8.8MB free space, latest version 1.2. Released 18 Aug, 2017.

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