The list of best Mac synchronization software in 2018

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Synchronization of Mac with several portable devices and online accounts can be a pain without the right tool. Keeping your Mac in sync with vital apps like iCal, iTunes, Address Book, photos, and other data is the desire of most Mac users.

The removal of Sync Service from OS X created a vacuum that so many third party developers tried to fill. In the process of filling the vacuum, the market was flooded with lots of solutions. However, only a few of them can sync data directly between Mac apps and other devices online and offline without hiccups.

Here is the list of the 7 most popular Mac synchronization software.

Best Mac synchronization software

1. SyncMate

This Mac synchronization software is renowned for its ability to sync data on Mac with several devices and online accounts.

Devices/Accounts supported include iOS, Android devices, Mac computers, MTP and other mounted devices. iCloud, Dropbox, Google, Outlook, Office 365 Home and Business accounts even One Drive are all supported by SyncMate.

Sync options: SyncMate has an extensive sync option when compared to other tools on the list. It syncs media files and folders with personal data. At the same offering non-sync options that include mounting devices, SMS management, and so many other options.

Note: This is arguably the most sophisticated synchronization software in the market at the moment. This is because it can keep accounts and devices in sync with Mac apps directly without the need to use cloud sync.

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2. ChronoSync

ChronoSync is an interesting synchronization software because apart from the regular sync function, it also backs up and restores data.

Devices/Accounts supported include Apple devices only. Surprising yes! The only synchronization supported is between Mac and iOS devices. If you have Android devices then you might want to consider SyncMate or GoodSync.

Sync options: It can sync any file type between Apple devices. This synchronization software also handles backup like local, remote , bootable and even remote bootable backup.

Note: Not a good choice if you have other non-Apple devices that you need to keep in sync with your Mac. The Apple to Apple sync option of ChronoSync can be done without a third party application. So this tool is basically a restoration and backup app. If they can extend the support list and sync options, then it might be able to compete with SyncMate or GoodSync.

3. Synchronize! PRO

The name of this tool implies it is a synchronization tool but in reality, it is a backup and restoration tool.

Supported devices: You can backup Mac data to a file server, FireWire disk, and PowerBook with the intention of keeping files on both ends up to date. With Synchronize! PRO bootable backups to a disk image over a Network is possible. One interesting feature worth mentioning is that you can set backups to happen automatically or at a scheduled time.

Note: This is a good tool for data backup and restoration. It won't help you in any way if you are looking at keeping your Mac in Sync with other devices.

4. GoodSync

This Mac synchronization software can sync, backup and restore data.

Accounts/Devices supported: Computers, mobile devices, FTP, S3, GDocs, SkyDrive, DAV, etc It has the option to automatically sync any file on your Mac with any computer, drive, or portable mobile devices. It can also backup data on drives, devices to FTP, S3, SkyDrive and others

Sync options: It is important to accentuate that GoodSync only syncs folder to folder, not folder and Mac apps like iCal, iTunes or even photos. GoodSync can sync folders containing files among supported devices and accounts.

Note: Without the poor sync options, this would have been an impressive synchronization software to use. The software's inability to sync contacts, calendars or even interact with inbuilt Mac apps is something of concern.

Online cloud services for synchronization
of Mac

The 3 online cloud sync services discussed here are considered the best among numerous cloud sync services. They basically store data in the cloud.

The upside of these services is that you can access data stored in them from any device provided there is an internet connection. The downside of these services is that there is no direct interaction with Mac apps like iTunes or even synchronization of data like contacts or calendars. We selected iCloud, Dropbox, and SugarSync.

iCloud belongs to Apple and is the cloud storage platform for all Apple devices. iCloud allows you to store and manage personal data in iCal, Address Book, etc directly in iCloud. It is only available for Apple devices.

Dropbox is a widely used cloud storage service. Most people choose this service because it offers free cloud space for data storage. Dropbox also allow sharing of stored data with others even if they don't have a Dropbox account. It supports Mac, iOS, PC and Android.

SugarSync shares some similarity with Dropbox. Providing cloud storage space for data and folders transfer. The stored contents can be shared or removed from all PC's or Mac in the event of loss or theft. It is available for PC's, Androids and Mac.

This was the list of the best Mac synchronization software. Thanks for reading!

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