The list of best apps for syncing Mac with iPhone in 2018

Olga Weis

Syncing iPhone with Mac - what can be easier? At first glance - yes, there are built-in tools for data synchronization between your iPhone and Mac. You can easily sync media files or personal data like contacts and calendars between your iPhone and Mac using iTunes or iCloud. But when it comes to syncing data on iPhone with several Macs or mounting iPhone as Mac disk, turns out that these custom requirements can not be satisfied.

We’ve tested the most popular sync tools for Mac and iPhone and listed them below for your convenience. Check them all and choose the one for you.

Sync iPhone with Mac

SyncMate software

The first in our list is SyncMate. One of the most multi-optional apps for iPhone and Mac synchronization.

Not only SyncMate offers the wide range of sync options (you can sync personal data, media files, folders, reminders, bookmarks and so on), but also allows mounting iPhone as Mac disk, texting directly from your Mac, checking call history on computer and backing up iPhone’s data on Mac.

Sync is performed directly between Mac and iPhone applications, no cloud storages required. BTW, with SyncMate you can sync your iPhone with any number of Macs, you won't be asked to reset your iPhone and rewrite this exact Mac’s data on it. Rather handy, don’t you think?

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Syncios software

The second app in our list is Syncios. Not as powerful as SyncMate, but also offers a wide list of useful options.

You can transfer music, videos, photos, apps, ebooks, contacts, messages and more between Mac and iPhone. You can extract data from iTunes backup, use your iPhone as an external USB Key for extra convenient storage and manage notes, bookmarks, contacts on your iPhone via Mac.

BusyMac tool

BusyMac team offers small and handy utilities for syncing contacts (BusyContacts) and iCal (BusyCal) between Mac and iPhone. In fact, there is a bunch of tiny apps that sync only contacts or only calendar entries between Mac and iPhone, but BusyMac turned out to be one of the most reliable (at least it synced everything correctly unlike other apps we’ve tested).

Both their apps offer wide range of settings and options even though they sync one type of data only.

Anyway, if you only need to sync iCal and Address Book on your devices, BusyMaс is right for you.

PhotoSync software

Another app that syncs one type of data only, but syncs it perfectly, is PhotoSync. PhotoSync transfers, backs up and shares your photos & videos between iPhone and Mac over Wi-Fi. PhotoSync keeps track of your actions and notes which photos / videos have already been transferred. No cloud needed.

Cloud storages

iCloud software

The first cloud storage that comes to mind when talking about data sync between Apple devices is iCloud. It is a native cloud storage from Apple that allows storing and syncing data between all of your Mac and iOS devices. It is absolutely free and you can access your data from any spot on globe. Of course, if you do not mind keeping your data in a cloud.

Dropbox software

Everyone knows about Dropbox, and we’re pretty sure many of you have a Dropbox account. It offers 2 GB of space for absolutely free. You can store any type of files there and share folders with other users. And of course, data can be accessed from any computer or portable device connected to Internet.

This was the list of the best (in our opinion) apps for syncing data between Mac and iPhone, choose yours!

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SyncMate Expert

Requirements: OS X 10.8.5+ , 53.1MB size
Version 7.2.407 (17th May, 2018) Release notes
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