MacDroid 2.0: Now Featuring Wi-Fi Connection Mode!


Electronic Team, Inc. is delighted to bring you a new update for MacDroid – our manager for Android. In this post, we’ll briefly cover what we’ve prepared for MacDroid 2.0. You’ll also learn how these new features will make your experience more productive.

MacDroid now supports Wi-Fi connectivity. After upgrading to version 2.0, you’ll no longer need to worry about cable hassles or whether you need a USB-A to USB-C adapter: seamlessly (and wirelessly) transfer files with top-notch convenience. 

Before, MacDroid had only a wired connection. But now, you only need an internet connection to transfer photos, videos, music, and folders, and it’s a convenient way to manage files around while at work, at home, or on the go. 

What’s more, our team has also worked hard to bring a native macOS mount type to MacDroid. After updating your software, you should enjoy a better app performance when opening, editing, and transferring files. 

Note: This feature is available for macOS 11.3 and later.

We’ve also made improvements to these features:

  • editing and saving files on devices
  • copying files to devices
  • detection of MTP devices
  • files upload when connected via ADB
  • and lots of other fixes and improvements

Enjoy more convenient file management between your Mac and Android devices. Upgrade to MacDroid 2.0 now and get these features instantly!

You can also download Macdroid from the Mac App Store.