Elmedia Torrent Player für Mac

  • Will open any downloaded movie
  • Customizable to the core
  • Can connect to streaming devices
  • Plays videos from YT with no ads

Torrent Player for Mac: Which One to Choose?

Presently, torrent downloaders have become a steady source of shared media. Opening torrent files on Mac isn’t as easy as you’d think; many strange and unusual video formats may be encountered in the potpourri.

It’s nothing that a good torrents video player won’t fix. We’ve picked out several high-end video players for your enjoyment. They will open any file type you might encounter, with the pleasant addition of advanced playback features.

A Torrent Player for Any Occasion - Elmedia Player

Both stylish and functional, this torrent media player combines every necessity in one convenient package. As long as you have Elmedia Player, there’s no need to worry about formats and codecs. However, by choosing Elmedia video player for Mac, you get way more than just codec support.

It can be personalized to a high extent, both visually and functionally. From subtitle colors to screen orientation – everything is modifiable to ensure your comfort. It will even help you if you have your audio and video out of sync.With Elmedia you can project your torrent movies to a bigger screen.

Before you start watching movies, you’ve got to download them. Folx torrent client can improve this process significantly – not only is it safe, it’s also free to use.

 Best torrents video player


  • Plays any format you may find
  • Can stream to remote devices
  • Visually pleasant
  • Easy to use, yet very advanced


  • May have issues on older devices
  • Limited to Mac

How to Open Torrent Files on Mac in Elmedia

1. Download

Download Elmedia Player to your Mac

Download Elmedia Player

2. Add the torrented video file from to Elmedia Player

You can do so in different ways:

  • Drop the video file on the player window or onto its icon in dock.
  • From the player’s Main menu, go to “File” -> “Open”.
  • Right-click the video file in Finder and choose the “Open With” option. Select Elmedia Player from the list.
How to open torrented files Mac

3. Enjoy!

The movie file will start playing.

Open Torrent Files on Mac with Omni Player

Omni is notably similar to Elmedia, and this similarity is what makes it great for torrented media. This player is a full kit of media tools for any type of track – be it sound, video or subtitles. Why get multiple apps, when a single one does the job just as well? That is the main selling point of Omni Player.

How to play f4v files with 5KPlayer


  • Stacked with features
  • Universally compatible
  • Saves space and effort


  • Premium paywalls
  • Steep pricing

5KPlayer - Made for Special Tasks

This player’s speciality is extreme high-res. Of course, any app will open an ultra-HD video, but 5KPlayer will make sure that it runs at full resolution, without compression or defects. Similarly, it offers support for 360° video – an instant buy for VR enthusiasts. Finally, 5KPlayer can record your screen with the same flawless quality.

How to play f4v files with Cisdem


  • Support for unusual video formats
  • Optimized HD playback


  • Ads everywhere
  • Some desirable options are missing