SWF & FLV Player for Mac
Advanced free Flash player Mac

Since July 2010 SWF & FLV Player for Mac changes its name to Elmedia Player and expands its features!

SWF & FLV Player is a free, swift and smart Flash player for Mac OS X. Eltima enriched it with numerous handy options and controls, which ensure top grade usability for viewing and managing Flash movies.

With SWF & FLV Player you can:

  • Watch SWF, FLV and other videos

    Apart from Flash videos Elmedia Flash player supports almost all video formats: FLV, SWF, XAP (Silverlight), RM and RV (Real), AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, DIVX. Use Float on Top option to keep the player window in front of other running app windows.
  • Customize additional settings

    Eltima Flash Player for Mac allows you to set up a default quality of the SWF file being played, manage Flash local security settings. You are also given an option to disable or allow sending and receiving external data, from web or locally, that some Flash movies might start loading.
  • Browse Web for Flash movies

    With SWF & FLV player for Mac you can browse a web site to find and save all SWF files it uses. If a SWF file requires external resources to open and play other SWF or FLV files, load images, etc., Eltima SWF player will inform you about it and suggest downloading the required external resources as well.
  • Built-in web-browser

    Mac FLV Player features built-in web browser that enables you to browse through a website and watch online media without leaving the application. Open URL is another option to play videos directly from the app.

Extra benefits of SWF & FLV Player PRO

SWF & FLV Player PRO version delivers even more functionality to the users: save currently playing Flash movie along with the external resources used for its flawless playback; capture a still frame from a movie or turn your favorite FLV or SWF movie into a series of screenshots.

  • Download YouTube videos PRO

    To download YouTube videos enter a video’s URL, select the desired video format, press Download. You can also choose to extract only audio files.
  • Download Flash files PRO

    PRO version of Eltima media player allows you to download online movies and videos. You can preview external resources used by SWF animation and download the content selectively.
  • Capture a frame & make series of them PRO

    PRO version of Mac Flash Player allows you to capture a current frame of the video being played. Thus entire videos can be turned into a series of screenshots, with Mac FLV Player you can specify the interval between each screenshot for your convenience.
  • Convert projector files to SWF PRO

    Elmedia Flash Player allows you to convert the Projector executable program to SWF files in just a few clicks, the app also allows you to rename the original files.

Free vs PRO

# Options Free PRO
1 Save Flash animations and videos - regular and those streamed over RTMP channels – to your hard disk
2 Preview and download external resources used by SWF animations for correct playback
3 Download YouTube videos
4 Extract soundtrack from YouTube videos
5 Take a snapshot from a video
6 Turn a video or a movie into a set of still frames
7 Convert Projector EXE files into SWF
8 Watch animation or video of any format on your Mac (incl. FLV, SWF, XAP, AVI, MOV, etc.)
9 Browse web and watch online videos from the app using a built-in web-browser
10 Enjoy watching videos full-screen
  • Elmedia Player PRO is not free but has a bunch of handy features you might like. I have used it a few years and it’s updated frequently to handle OS X updates. Overall, no complaints.

Let’s get started

  • Get it Free

    • Requirements: OS X 10.7+
    • Version: 5.1.496 (24th Feb, 2015)
    • Reviews(87):
    • Total downloads: 200 128+
  • Purchase PRO

    You can get Elmedia Player PRO directly from us $19.95
  • Upgrade

    If you own a license for previous version, you can upgrade with 50% off.