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Multi-functional WMV Player for Mac

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Supports Mac OS X 10.5+
What's WMV
What's AVI
WMV is abbreviation for Windows Media Video. This is a format developed by Microsoft for Internet streaming and watching videos on a personal computer. Windows Media Video files are basically ASF (Advanced Systems Format) files that include audio, video or both, compressed with WMA (Windows Media Audio) and WMV (Windows Media Video) codecs.

This type of video can be played on a computer or on portable media players. The most beneficial feature of WMV is that this format allows large video files to be compressed, while the rich quality of the video is kept. Thanks to video compression inside this format, movies and other video programs can be easily viewed on a PC.
How to play WMV on Mac
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    Download and install
    Download free Elmedia Player from this page and install this WMV player for Mac by dragging the APP file to your Applications folder. Then launch the application.
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    Easy setup
    Follow the simple steps offered by Media Player OS X setup (e.g. updating the plugins needed for playback of some files on your Mac). In order to play WMV on Mac updating Flip4Mac™ plugin is enough, but we would recommend you updating all offered plugins in case you decide to play other file types too.
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    Play files
    Now you can add the WMV files you'd like to play to Elmedia Player's library the following ways: * - Drag the selected WMV files to the app window or onto its icon in the dock. * - Right-click a WMV file in Finder and select "Open With" option. Then choose Elmedia Player as an app which will play this file. * - Choose "File" from Elmedia Player's Main menu -> "Add to Library".
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    Let's watch movies!
    Now you can play WMV files on Mac with no hassle and simply enjoy your time! You can watch not only WMV movies, but other various file types too: FLV, SWF, XAP (Silverlight), RM and RV (Real), MOV, MP4, AVI, etc.
Play WMV on Mac for free with a versatile and easy-to-use Elmedia Player, which can play various media formats and features a great variety of easily customizable settings for your utter convenience.
Let's take a look at all the great features offered by Elmedia Player:
  • Various video formats support
  • Customizable view options
  • Creation of playlists and smart playlists
  • Handy built-in web-browser
  • PRO "Always on top" option
  • PRO Download various online videos
  • PRO Convert movies to the series of images
  • PRO Convert Flash Projectors to SWF
Elmedia Player
  • Requires .................................. OS X 10.5
  • Version .................. 4.3 (28th Aug, 2013)
  • Reviews(213) ...................
  • Total downloads ....................... 45 000+
  • Developer ..................... Eltima Software
  • 2013.10.16 Ben Markton
    Elmedia Player for Mac is a comprehensive solution for playing all kinds of videos and other media files on your Mac without having to convert them.
  • 2014.05.12 Mike Breed
    Elmedia Player is easy to use and takes much of the guesswork out of playing back videos of just about any format you can imagine.
  • 2014.06.01 Nick Mead
    Great for watching both downloaded and hard drive videos.