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Client:Rimon Shaul

"I couldn’t find any download manager for Mac that gets even close to Folx"

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Evaluated by: Lifehacker

“Folx is a feature–rich download and torrent manager for Mac”

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Free, fast and convenient Mac torrent downloader

Folx is aimed to provide the most convenient way of downloading torrent files and creating torrents for various trackers. It is not overloaded with unnecessary features and has a handy and comprehensive interface.

Folx was developed for Mac only and as a result its interface is an absolute Mac-style one.

torrent client for OS X

When using Folx as a torrent downloader for Mac you get:

The easiest downloading from torrent trackers:

The common torrent downloading scenario is: searching for needed torrent on the website, then downloading it to hard drive, then opening it in torrent client and then starting downloading. Folx scenario is: double-click the needed torrent file, Folx will download it and offer you downloading the torrent's content automatically, that's it!

mac torrent downloader

Easily customizable download options:

Folx lets you schedule your torrent downloads. You can prioritize them and choose which of torrent content to download, so no need to download all the files - download just those you need most.

Mac torrent client

Smart arrangement of downloaded files

Folx features outstanding tagging system. You can assign as many tags as you want to a downloaded file and Folx will organize the files according to their tags. Now when you decide to find the file you downloaded one day, you won't have to remember its name or where you could have put it, just choose the tag that matches the file contents and Folx will show you the file.

torrent Mac

Built-in torrents search (available in Folx PRO):

In Folx you will find an extended list of torrent trackers. You can search all of them for the needed torrent with a couple of clicks without leaving Folx. It takes minimum of time and effort.

torrent client

Download torrents from RSS feeds

Folx gives you the possibility to add RSS feeds to it and download their attachments. With free Folx you can download any file attached to a feed, and Folx PRO will download the attachments from feeds automatically. E.g. if you added an RSS channel of a torrent tracker and specified the name of your favorite TV show, as soon as the new episode is uploaded there, Folx PRO will download it automatically.

 torrent client OS X

Downloaded music and videos go to iTunes

Folx integration with iTunes allows automatic sending of all downloaded music and videos to iTunes playlists with the same name as the tag assigned to those downloads.

torrent client

Control over the download speed

Folx gives you an essential opportunity to control the download speed thus gaining the Internet speed for other things to do while you are downloading.

Moreover, in Folx PRO this option becomes automatic: "Smart speed adjustment" will automatically control the download speed if you start using Internet for other tasks and will effectively allocate the traffic.

Full features list:

  • Powerful download engine for maximum performance
  • High download speed
  • Auto-resuming file transfer
  • Set the priorities for downloads
  • Control time and speed of your downloads
  • iTunes integration (PRO Version)
  • Smart Speed Adjustment (PRO Version)
  • Split the downloads in several threads
  • Scheduling of downloads (PRO Version)
  • Automatic capture of download links
  • Torrent client
  • Search for torrents directly from the application (PRO Version)
  • Possibility to limit maximum upload rate for specific torrents or globally
  • Automatic download of files from RSS feeds (PRO version)
  • RSS subscription directly from Folx interface
  • Smart tag and folder technology to manage all your downloads
  • Smart groups creation
  • Automatic tags assignment to download tasks
  • Detailed log info to check the download process
  • Growl integration
  • Spotlight integration
  • Almost all Mac OS X browsers integration
  • A wise Floating Window – quick access to your downloads
  • Folx can be running in the background after launch
  • User-friendly interface

Interface languages:

English Russian

Compatible with:

  • Mac OS X 10.4
  • Mac OS X 10.5
  • Mac OS X 10.6
  • Mac OS X 10.7
  • Mac OS X 10.8

Comparison option
Folx PRO
1 Search for torrents directly from the application No Yes
2 Smart Speed Adjustment No Yes
3 Scheduling of downloads No Yes
4 Split the downloads in up to ten threads No Yes
5 Split the downloads in two threads Yes Yes
6 Easy to use Torrent client Yes Yes
7 Control time and speed of your downloads Yes Yes
8 High download speed Yes Yes
9 Detailed log info to check the download process Yes Yes
10 Auto-resuming file transfer Yes Yes
11 Set the priorities for downloads Yes Yes
12 Automatic capture of download links Yes Yes
13 Smart tag and folder technology to manage downloads Yes Yes
14 Growl integration Yes Yes
15 Spotlight integration Yes Yes
16 All popular Mac OS browsers integration Yes Yes
17 Handy Status window – quick access to downloads Yes Yes
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