Requires OS X 10.8.5 or later
How to sync Mac

So, how to sync Mac with Android devices?

With SyncMate you can easily sync Android phones and tablets with your Mac! While Contacts and Calendar entries can be synced with SyncMate Free Edition, SyncMate Expert allows you syncing folders, images, music, videos and even more!

SyncMate offers you convenient way of managing Android messages - you can read, create, send or delete them right on your Mac!
Follow these steps
  • Download SyncMate
    Download SyncMate
    Free edition.
    Firstly, download and install SyncMate Free edition on your Mac. You will also need to install Client app on your Android device (you can download APK file on Mac and install on your Android or download on your device directly from Android Market).
  • Connect your Android and Mac
    Connect your
    Android and Mac.
    After launching SyncMate, you can choose the most preferable way of Mac and Android device connection. SyncMate offers you three options - connecting via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Depending on type of connection you have chosen, follow the simple procedure to establish connection between Mac and Android phone or tablet.
  • Choose what to sync
    Choose what to sync
    SyncMate Free edition allows you syncing contacts and calendar entries between your Mac and Android device. Just choose one of these plugins and go on!
  • Choose sync direction
    4 Choose sync direction
    With SyncMate you can sync Android with Mac in three directions - Mac to device (Mac data will be added to the existing entries on your Android device), device to Mac (device's data will be added to the existing Mac entries) and bidirectional - data will be mutually updated on both sides.

    Contacts, calendars, folders and Safari bookmarks can be synced in three directions; iTunes and iPhoto - in two - from Mac to Android and from Android to Mac.
  • Let it sync!
    5 Let it sync!
    We're almost there! :) Now just click "Sync now" button
    and your data will be updated on both devices.
6Consider upgrading
to SyncMate Expert
With SyncMate Expert you can sync Safari bookmarks, iTunes and iPhoto and Folders. You can also create, delete, send and search through SMS messages right from your computer and sync Mac with Android phone automatically. Moreover, you can mount your Android devices as additional Mac disks and browse their content.
SyncMate 5
SyncMate 5 Expert available
for $39.95 (US)
  • What I like about SyncMate is that it provides possibility to sync lots of devices with my Mac. And the best in SyncMate is that data can be synced automatically - that's really awesome!
    Rick Ross, NY
  • Having come across Syncmate for my Mac I can now say that synching all my devices doesn't cause me the slightest bit of dread or thought as it is all taken care of after an initial set-up. I'm not very technically inclined but the interface made sense and I picked things up pretty quickly. Brilliant.
    Dan Marius, WA
  • After switching to Syncmate to help me Sync my Android Phone with my MacBook Pro and iPad I never looked back. It did all that was needed and more. What really sets SyncMate apart is it's Customer Service. It his been consistently THE BEST. Thanks for being so helpful.
    Mel Cozzens, FL