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Recover PDF Password is the only Mac app that can recover the user password for opening a document for PDF files that were created in all versions of Adobe Acrobat up to version 9!
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Adobe Acrobat Password Recovery

Recover forgotten passwords for protected PDF documents

It often happens that security passwords for the documents are lost, forgotten, etc… And you cannot access your own data anymore. Creating PDF documents all over again can be a time consuming and exhausting task. Recover PDF Password for Mac recovers forgotten passwords for PDF documents with ease. If your PDF is password-protected, our PDF password recovery software will help you retrieve both "Owner" and "User" passwords, even if you cannot remember a single character from the key combination, using brute-force passwords recovery methods.

No matter if your password-protected PDF document is old or new one, Recover PDF Password for Mac fully supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat up to v.9 and supports recovery of Unicode passwords. It is not an issue to unlock PDF file whatever language or keyboard layout its password was created in. Recover PDF Password works perfectly on multi-core computers using their resources efficiently; this results into a higher password search speed.

adobe acrobat pdf password recovery mac

With Recover PDF Password for Mac you can:

Open, print, copy or edit password-protected PDF

PDF can be protected in two ways: using "User" password or "Owner" password. First one prevents opening a document without knowing the password. The second protects information in a document from being printed, copied or edited. Recover PDF Password helps you remember any of them in a very simple way.

remove pdf password

Recover PDF passwords using different methods

Recover PDF Password for Mac provides you with 3 comprehensive methods of searching for the lost password:

  • Search by password length: using this method you may set minimum and maximum password length. Shorter passwords are checked first, long passwords' recovery can take more time.
  • Search by template: if you remember a part of the password, but cannot call up the whole key combination, this method is the best for you. Simply specify the template and Recover PDF Password for Mac will quickly retrieve the forgotten password for you.
  • Use exhaustive search: you can use this search method if you can't remember the password at all. This method guarantees 100% success but requires maximum time. This method will recover long and complicated "owner" and "user" passwords.

 pdf recovery mac

Search for the password by dictionary

Most of the passwords are created manually and consist of simple words that can be found in a dictionary. If you know that your password is a word or word combination or variation choose dictionary search method to save your precious time and recover your password in no time. Recover PDF Password has a dictionary of more than 400 000 words.

Using Dictionary search you can choose one the following recovery methods:

  • Simple method (simple search of words through the dictionary);
  • Complex method (passwords are formed from pairs of words);
  • Hybrid method (allows modifying dictionary passwords according to various rules set).

pdf password recovery software

Decrypt PDF document and create an unprotected
copy of it

Recover PDF Password also features convenient "Decrypt" option. You can decrypt PDF to use it without any passwords limitations. If your PDF file is protected with "Owner" password only, just press "Decrypt" as soon as you open our PDF decrypter and all limitations will be gone at the drop of a hat.

recover pdf password

Get information of protected file

Use "File information" button in Recover PDF Password to get general (file name, PDF version, etc.) and more specific (revision, owner string, etc.) information about your protected PDF file.

recover pdf password

Get a lot of use out of password search history

With Recover PDF Password you get well-organized history of all previously recovered passwords. History contains the info about date and time of recovery. You can also copy recovered passwords to clipboard, clear the history or delete the selected items.

Full features list:

  • Supports Unicode passwords recovery
  • Adobe Acrobat software is not required
  • Supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat up to v.9 with its 256-bit encryption
  • Recovers "User" password required to open the file
  • Recovers "Owner" passwords, which prevent PDF files from being printed, copied or edited
  • Creates decrypted copy of a file if "User" password is known
  • Optimized for multi-core computers, resulting in a faster and even more efficient password recovery.
  • Brute-Force search is used to recover the "owner" and "user" passwords
  • Offers several recovery methods: by password length, by template, by dictionary or exhaustive search.
  • You have a possibility to minimize the search time by specifying your own template - include or exclude lowercase and uppercase letters, digits, etc.
  • Decrypted file passwords can be viewed any time
  • View protected PDF file info: general (like file name, PDF version, enciphering, etc.), and more specific (revision, owner string, etc.).
  • Features digital signature removal
  • Drag and drop PDF files support
  • Flexible and user-friendly program interface

Demo version limitations:

  • The recovered password will only have 3 first symbols visible, the rest will be masked with "*"
  • File decryption is available if owner or user password was restored or user password is absent. However only first page will be decrypted and watermark will be applied to it.

Interface languages:


Compatible with:

  • Mac OS X 10.5
  • Mac OS X 10.6
  • Mac OS X 10.7
  • Mac OS X 10.8
  • Mac OS X 10.9
  • Mac OS X 10.10


for Recover PDF Password (Mac version)

Why OEM?
OEM License permits you to embed Recover PDF Password into your own software or hardware products.

OEM license grants you the right for the unlimited redistribution of Recover PDF Password as an integral part of your software. OEM license is royalty-free one-time purchase.

Purchasing the OEM license you get:
  • the dynamic library (or framework) which provides API for PDF password recovery and PDF decryption;
  • the OEM documentation on how to call the dynamic library (or framework) functions of Recover PDF Password.
How to evaluate the OEM license
To let you evaluate the OEM license before purchasing, we are ready to send you the OEM Evaluation Kit, so you can try integrating Recover PDF Password into your project. Upon your request, we can provide the DLL or LIB file with the same demo limitations, as in free version of Recover PDF Password.

Supported IDEs
You will be able to use Recover PDF Password OEM license in the X-code IDE.


for Recover PDF Password (Mac version)

Ordering Source Code license for Recover PDF Password you receive all extensively commented programming source code (GUI sources are not included). In addition, we provide technical and information lifetime support by email, IMs and phone, and high-end consulting services. Our leading developers will help you to implement Source codes and understand the advanced part of the product.


for Recover PDF Password (Mac version)

Company License grants you the right to install and utilize Recover PDF Password with GUI on an unlimited number of computers by all employees of your company worldwide. It is the ideal solution if your company has representation offices in different parts of the world.