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Please be aware that the software you are buying requires Mac OS X. It is not Windows-compatible. In case you are merely ordering on Windows, while needing software for Mac, the order process will proceed as normal, and you can simply discard this message.

for 6 Macs
$ 59.95
for 2 Macs
$ 39.95
for 10 Macs
$ 99.95
for ∞ Macs
$ 199.95
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Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, JCB, Diner's Club, Maestro/Solo, IPS, wire transfers, PayPal, checks, money orders, cash, POs and more!


The more licenses you purchase at a time the less you pay for one copy! As well as purchasing two or more different products by Eltima, you save money with cross-selling discount (see #4 "Would you like more" section).

Support Plans

When purchasing a license you can also order one of support plans: Priority E-mail Support or Premium Support Package. The latter includes: callbacks, dedicated support hours, IM chat rooms with our developers, dedicated e-mail for urgent support.

  • Product Delivery
    On placing the order you get the license key and the download link to your email. To get fully functional version of the product enter the registration info into the trial version.
  • Backup CD
    The CD made specifically for you will contain all your license information and a setup file. It will be mailed to your physical address so that you can use this CD as a backup copy of your product. More info
  • Payment Support
    You can contact CleverBridge directly via email: or by phone:
    +1-312-922-8693 (MST/ USA)
    0800 8620377 (CET/ UK)
    +49 221-222 45-45 (CET/ Germany)
  • Reseller Info
    If you are placing the order for someone else, please enter your client's details in Shipping Info.
  • Purchase order
    Corporate users can place a PO for our products. Just proceed placing the order with this form and choose PO as a payment option at the second page. If you have any questions please email Eltima Sales Dpt.
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