• Add watermark, resize, optimise, rename and convert multiple images.

    Customize your photos with text, image, scrip and datestamp watermark.

    Place it anywhere, then switch to the angle mode and rotate it to that very angle you want!
  • Change proportionally the width and height of all the added images, simply resize your photo by percent, max size or use the desired dimensions by entering them in the box.
  • Optimize file size of your JPEG or PNG images while keeping their original resolution, quality, and format.

    Use it to save your disk space or to share them faster over Internet.
  • Save all your images in desired format without any troubles.

    Bulk image conversion works with the most popular formats - JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF.
  • Forget about those weird camera names, rename photos by giving a new filename and number sequences.

    You can also vary starting digit and number of zeros.
  • Save your favorite and most used settings to presets for even faster bulk editing.
PhotoBulk helps to apply a text/image watermark, resize, and optimize batch of images or photos in just one click!
You can also rename multiple pictures and convert to the most popular formats in no time.