Batch photo editor for Mac OS X

PhotoBulk is a simple Mac photo editor that lets you perform various types of batch editing: add watermark to photos, resize images and optimize pictures. This app makes a great image converter and renamer for Mac.

PhotoBulk is also available on Windows

Watermark for Mac

Secure your images
Customize your photos with text, image, script and date stamp watermark on Mac. Just drag your image onto the app, choose the watermark type, customize additional settings if needed, and you are good to go. You can place watermark anywhere, choose any size for it and rotate it. No effort is needed in this watermarking app for Mac.
Watermark for Mac
  • Text

    Choose font, size, typeface, color, opacity, and angle.

  • Image

    Add image watermark of choice and customize it.

  • Script

    Fill your photo with text tags.

  • Datestamp

    Stamp a date when your photo was taken.

Image Resizer for Mac

Find the right size for your images
Resizing images on Mac is very easy with PhotoBulk. Change the width and height of all the added images proportionally, resize photo by percentage, max size or enter your own desired dimensions. PhotoBulk maintains the aspect ratio for your images according to new dimensions you select.

Image Optimizer for Mac

Save the disk space
Every byte counts when you're short on space or sharing images with someone over the Internet. Photobulk allows you to compress JPEG or PNG images in bulk in one click. Reduce image size while keeping its original resolution, quality, and format.

Bulk photo renamer for Mac

Keep your library in order
Forget about those weird camera names - rename photos by giving them a new filename and number sequences. You can also vary starting digit and number of zeros. To rename your numerous photos drag-and-drop them onto the PhotoBulk application, click the Start button, and the app will generate new files in the specified location, keeping the original files.

And there's more

PhotoBulk has many more cool features to offer, apart from bulk resizing, renaming, optimization, and even watermarking. It saves you loads of time by executing common image editing tasks quickly and with a minimum effort.
  • Image Converter for Mac

    Convert hundreds of photos for your convenience and easy sharing. Save all your images in a desired format without any trouble. Bulk image conversion works with the most popular formats, which means you can easily convert PNG to JPG or TIFF to JPEG and vice versa, as well as create GIF files.
  • Real-Time Preview & Presets

    Check how your files will look like before they are processed. Experiment with watermarks and sizes to achieve the desired results. Save your favorite and most used settings to presets for even faster bulk photo editing on Mac.
Supported formats

What customers say

  • Great little app for watermarking images to upload to the web. Just purchased and within 5 minutes created presets. Can’t wait to explore more. Love it!
    Lauren Berry


Requirements: OS X 10.7+
16.39Mb free space
Version 1.7.0 (10th Sep, 2015) Release notes
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  • PhotoBulk for Windows

    Get our easy-to-use bulk image image editor with all its great features and tiny interface for Windows.