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Best YouTube to MP3 converter for Mac: Airy
  • Clean and smart interface
  • One click needed for videos and playlists alike
  • Plentiful quality and format choices
  • Parallel and queued download support
  • Music fans won’t be disappointed
Top choice
4.9 Rank based on 811+ users, Reviews(885)
Best YouTube to mp3 Converter app for macOS

Choosing the Best YouTube to MP3 Converter in 2021

As YouTube and similar streaming services grow in popularity, so does the need to download video and audio content from these sites. Our readers are often curious: what would be the best YouTube to MP3 converter? And, more importantly, which ones are safe?

So we’ve set out to find some reputable sources for your YouTube downloading needs. With our trusty MacBook Pro 2019 running Big Sur, many apps were tested for efficiency, comfort and safety. If you’re looking for the best YouTube converter, our conclusions may prove useful.

Top Desktop Solutions to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac

While there are many subtypes of conversion software, the best YouTube converter will last you a lifetime. Once installed, desktop apps will launch and work independently from your browser. We’ve chosen three programs which, in our opinion, represent the best YouTube to MP3 converter traits on desktop.

1. Airy, The Best YouTube Converter for Mac

Airy logo
1. Airy
Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 23.29MB free space. Version 3.23.333. (25 Mar, 2021). 4.9 Reviews(885)
Category: UtilitiesApplication
Airy is our first-choice YouTube to MP3 Mac converter. It offers a comprehensive conversion and downloading experience that stands out from the rest. Audio extraction is the main highlight of Airy. While this capability seems ordinary, the way it integrates with the other features is what makes the difference. And it’s what makes this the best YouTube to MP3 converter.
Best YouTube mp3 Converter for macOS devices.
A playlist of videos can be turned into a compact music album at the click of a button. It's like having a really quick YouTube audio recorder. Many playlists can be queued at once, and multiple files will download in sync to utilize your bandwidth completely. Finally, to completely cut down on the whole copy/paste process, just integrate Airy with your browser. All of this makes sure that you can expand your audio collection quickly and conveniently with the best YouTube to MP3 converter app.

What Makes This The Best YouTube Converter?


  • Easy to use
  • MP3-compatible
  • Advanced download features
  • Visually pleasant


  • Only converts downloaded videos
  • Demo version offers just 2 free downloads

Using The Best YouTube to MP3 Converter:

1. Download and install Airy. Open the app.

2. Copy the link from a YouTube video. Once you choose a video, the URL can be copied from the address bar.

Convert YT to MP3 with best video to mp3 converter

3. Switch to Airy and paste the link. Quality options may be selected from a drop-down menu.

Best MP3 converter for YouTube

4. Start the download. Depending on video length and quality, this may take a while.

Best way to convert YouTube to MP3 with Airy
And that’s all there is to it. Enjoy using the best YouTube to MP3 converter app!

2. iTube Downloader for Mac

iTube by Aimersoft is a jack-of-all-trades app, but keep in mind that it’s a master of none. This YouTube to MP3 converter for Mac offers several separate functions, all of them useful for YouTube, but none are automated or integrated into each other. Admittedly, it’s a strong contender for the best YouTube to MP3 converter app spot. It just falls a bit short.

There are functions to download, convert and record.The interface offers some conveniences, such as "drag&drop:, but most operations will require a lot of clicking on your part. Overall, it’s a powerful tool, but ill-adapted to casual use. Mind the cost, too; it’s 19$ for a year-long subscription and 29$ for a lifetime license. Steep, even if it was the best YouTube converter!

How is this app used?
  1. Open up a YouTube page.
  2. At the same time, open iTube.
  3. Drag the YouTube page address onto iTube.
  4. Fiddle with the setting if you need to.
  5. Start the download.
One of the best YouTube to audio converter

iTube Downloader Pros and Cons


  • Useful as a standalone converter
  • Large variety of formats
  • Can also record livestreams


  • Downloads can’t be auto-converted
  • Browser extension is broken
  • Steep price

3. "4K YouTube to MP3" Utility

"4K YouTube to MP3" is a name that’s asking for a copyright shakedown. But seriously, it’s a simplistic app that does its job. And it might be the best YouTube converter you can get on desktop for free! There’s not much to say - pop in a link and you get an MP3. It even comes with a simple MP3 player for your downloads!

What a tidy YouTube to MP3 converter mac app! While it wasn’t particularly impressive feature-wise, we were charmed with its sincerity. No hidden spyware, no bundled apps, no secret fees that pop up after 10 minutes of use. This application has a free version, for the personal license you have to pay 12$.

Best quality YouTube to MP3 converter

And how do you use it?

  1. Copy a YouTube URL.
  2. Open up 4K.
  3. Click the "Paste Link" button.
  4. The download will begin.

4K YouTube to MP3 Pros and Cons


  • Mini-player included
  • Has quality and format options


  • Only one download at a time
  • No quality-of-life features

Online Solutions To Convert YouTube on Mac

In contrast to desktop YouTube converter for Mac apps, online conversion services are cheap, dirty and require no commitment. Usually, these websites allow free use of their services. Thus, in order to recoup the costs, they are plastered with all sorts of ads and redirectors, often malign.

They aren’t faster, either; the video data has to pass through an outside server first, which means that you’re downloading it twice, time-wise. Still, if low speed isn’t a deterrent for you, we have a couple favorites to showcase. And these websites are somewhat interchangeable. All of them are simple to use: just copy, paste and download.

1. Online Website greets every visitor with rounded buttons and icons. Almost everything is hidden away in menus, and initially, the page is nearly empty save for the text box. And there are animations for everything, too. It’s constructed with modern design sensibilities, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it works properly on most mobile devices.

Sadly, there are almost no conversion options. The functionality is limited, but well-executed. The smooth user experience makes revisiting this site worth it… At least to enjoy the design.

Best YouTube video converter to MP3 Service Pros and Cons


  • Pretty
  • Smooth
  • Free and relatively safe


  • Limited options
  • Takes a while to pre-load
  • Sometimes fails

2. FLVTO Web Conversion Service

FLVTO won’t strike you as the best online converter you’ve ever seen. In fact, the page is a bit busy, the options are even more limited than savetomp3, and maybe the color scheme could use some toning down. But it’s got one thing going for it: trustworthiness.

So, why do we think it’s trustworthy? Well, it’s because FLVTO online is just an advertisement for the desktop app. It would make no sense for them to screw over potential customers. So make use of it while they’re still in business! And that "youtube" to "flyoutube" substitution feature is pretty neat, too.

Best YouTube MP3 converter app

FLVTO Service Pros and Cons


  • Can be used very quickly
  • Produced by an actual company


  • Very narrow choice of options
  • Visually mediocre

3. Online Service

And here’s another contender for the online converter fashion show. For this one, every aspect of design is very subtle, and it’s trying to stay close to simple rectangular shapes and structures. There’s even a "dark theme" button, so fresh!

Not everything is as great when it comes to the process itself. There’s even hardly anything to select when downloading; it’s just a switch between "MP3" and "MP4". All in all, we consider it a worthy alternative if the other two stop working.

Best online MP3 converter

YTMP3 Website Pros and Cons


  • Clear-cut interface
  • Works quickly
  • Dropbox option


  • Ads when you download
  • No quality options

Browser Extensions on Mac That Work Currently

Browser extensions are wildcards. They are light, simple and chaotic. Anyone can make and publish one, with no legal or financial accountability that comes with company-developed tech. And this pile of nasty spyware and low-effort clones has some real gems in it.

But lately, YouTube’s been hard at work, enforcing its overbearing TOS. Many browsers and marketplaces have created obstacles for any converter that might pop up. Worry not! Our suggestions are tested to work even now, in 2020.

1. Y2Mate Firefox Extension

What’s that? Are you wishing me a nice day? You too, mate! And speaking of Y2Mate, it’s a cool little extension that meshes well with the YouTube interface. Though, honestly, the same can be said of many other extensions. What else is there to say? It works, there are options, it’s moderately safe and it’s absolutely doomed in the next YouTube interface switch. Right now it’s good, check it out.

Best site to convert YouTube to MP3

Y2Mate Pros and Cons


  • It’s swell, mate
  • Free
  • Quick to install


  • Browsers are bad at large downloads
  • Only accessible from a YouTube page

2. YouTube Video Downloader by Addoncrop

Chrome Web Store Developer Policy is the shackle that keeps mankind from ascension. At least, it keeps us from downloading YouTube videos in our browsers, which, arguably, is not that far off. Fortunately, there are workarounds.

The Web Store still hosts Crosspilot, which, in turn, allows you to install Addoncrop plugins. And those are very similar to Y2Mate: push button, get video. There’s a bit of variety about Addoncrop that Y2Mate might not provide. But then again, it’s a third-party app on a third-party platform; will you be brave like us? Will you dare?

Best YouTube to mp3 website

Addoncrop Pros and Cons


  • Option variety
  • It works on Chrome
  • You will feel like a hacker


  • Shady
  • Complex installation

YouTube Premium - Ups And Downs

YouTube Premium allows you to watch videos, sans any ads. It also includes the option to download videos and audio for offline consumption, among many other functions. But does it make sense to pay for it?

A month of YouTube Premium will cost you $11.99 a month. Quite the price tag! Still, there are a lot of perks you get for the trouble. Similar to downloading the files with a YouTube converter to MP3 for Mac, you will get the ad-free experience, while storing and watching clips to your heart’s content. That makes it worth considering if your Internet connection is not stable.

And what’s the other side of the Premium coin? It’s the alternatives. Can it compete with a YouTube to MP3 converter Mac?

Paying for a service that’s already freely available seems unreasonable. If you’re stingy, it’s hard to justify going from 0 to 12$/month for a service you might not even use all that much. And over long periods, these twelve bucks could add up to a freaking fortune, inflation notwithstanding.

What you should consider is how much you actually use YouTube. Who knows, maybe spending your day watching seminars is a day job - if that’s the case, it even starts sounding like a bargain. But if it’s just a couple videos to kill time in the subway… Well… Maybe the best YouTube to MP3 app can beat it.

Just keep in mind that over a year, your expenditures will fall slightly short of 144$. And that’s what you’ll spend for something that you can get cheaper, or even for free. Remember that there is always a YouTube to MP3 converter Mac free out there... Think carefully before you sign up for this.

Youtube Premium to get MP3 from YT

The Best YouTube Converter: What Is There to Consider?

Though this article may seem lighthearted, in our review process, we’ve considered a number of objective factors when making our picks. These factors are:

  • Choice of video quality and format
  • Audio extraction capability
  • Download management
  • Parallel downloads
  • Playlist downloads
  • Ease of Use
  • Browser integration
  • Private video accessibility

In particular, we’d like to emphasize some of them.

Ad-free functionality

You hate ads. We hate ads. Although that’s how developers make money, they are still annoying. And finding ads in commercial, paid-for products is just intolerable. It’s our pet peeve. Expect nothing of this sort in our articles.

Playlist downloads

Do you like manual labor? Would you like your leisure time to feel like you’re sifting through emails? Yeah, we neither. An absolutely vital feature for any serious downloader. The exceptions should either be free, or so beautiful that they make us shed tears of joy.


Usability is a buzzword in today’s technology. How many steps does it take to accomplish a task? Are the features self-explanatory? Does the UI set artistic standards, or does it violate them with deranged glee? All of this has been accounted for in our choices.

Comparing Table of the Best YouTube to MP3 Converters

Scroll to view more
Swipe tip
Top features
4K YouTube to MP3
Save to MP3
Download Audio from YouTube
Download Audio from YouTube
Download Videos from YouTube
Download Videos from YouTube
Mac Supported operating systems
Mac Supported operating systems
Windows Supported operating systems
Windows Supported operating systems
Browser integration
Browser integration
Playlist downloading
Playlist downloading
Channel Downloading
Channel Downloading
Pause/ Resume Downloading
Pause/ Resume Downloading
Batch downloading
Batch downloading
Help & Support
Help & Support

On Audio Formats and Their Utility

Lossless or lossy? Open or licensed? Even if you’ve already got a YouTube MP3 converter for Mac, you still have to choose the format. It’s a matter of compatibility, quality, portability and basically everything else. There is no objectively "wrong" format, but depending on your needs, selecting some formats could lead to useless files that don’t fulfill your needs. To save yourself time later, read up now.


MP3 is both a container file and a compression format. When compared to raw audio data, it can reduce file size by a factor of 12. Of course, there are drawbacks. During compression, some quality is irreversibly lost. An MP3 can never be restored to its initial quality, so it may be a poor choice for archivists.

On the other hand, if you don’t care about hi-fi sound, it will allow you to pack dozens, if not hundreds of albums on a single SD card. And how would we rate the best YouTube converter if it didn’t exist?


The AAC-encoded M4A file is the designated successor to MP3. While the world stubbornly refuses to move on, and a ton of data is still kept in MP3, this "newcomer" offers an objective improvement on the quality to size ratio.

The stigma on M4A is absent from Apple platforms and devices, as the company proves time after time its dedication to MPEG formats. But even on other systems, compatibility is hardly an issue nowadays. Media players try to reach as many formats as they can.

OGG (Vorbis, FLAC)

OGG is a container format. Though unassuming, it is a part of a well-developed open-source multimedia framework. And the framework includes a vast number of various codecs, both lossy and lossless, that are intended for specific tasks. Depending on its codecs, an .ogg file can be best suited to streaming, podcast audio, normal everyday music or even ultra-HQ audio preservation. And all of that comes with metadata support. We will give 2 examples of OGG-supported codecs: Vorbis and FLAC.

The most popular OGG codec is Vorbis. It has a broad range of workable bitrate, decent compression and compatibility. This is the codec you want for everyday use: songs, audiobooks, recordings, etc. There’s not much to say about it outside of technical stuff; in practical terms, the quality is comparable to MP3 and AAC.

And how could we forget FLAC? While it doesn’t provide shrinkage at the same level as MP4, only about 50 to 70%, the audio file can be restored completely, without a single bit of data loss (unless there is a malfunction). Though there are often arguments on whether the human ear can even sense the difference between high-quality lossy and lossless audio, it’s still nice to have the option.


Windows Audio Interleave is a slightly-dated, proprietary format. While it has some serious limitations, and generally larger filesize, there are some notable features, such as XMP metadata support. It’s a poor choice for general use - only go with this one if you have specific demands and in-depth knowledge of media technology.

Conclusion: Signing Off

Having said and done all of that, all that research, testing, etc. You’ll wonder: what is our choice? Outside of objective criteria, or constant comparisons. What do we go with? It’s simple. We choose Airy. It’s the best YouTube to MP3 converter app that never lets us down yet.

With Airy, there’s not even a need to choose between desktop and browser, because there’s a feature for that. "There’s a feature for that" is our motto, and it reflects the nature of Airy perfectly. Despite the minimalism, the simplicity, it works in so many cases, and what it doesn’t do… Never needs to be done. Join us.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put as much info as possible in the article so far, however, we are sure there are still some unanswered questions about formats and Mac YouTube converter solutions. That’s why we put together some frequently asked questions and answered them.

YouTube is filled with videos from users from all over the world. And while some of the downloaders available come with restrictions when it comes to downloading copyrighted audio, Airy is a software that will get the job done excellently.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Visit YouTube and choose the video you want to convert to audio and store on your Mac
  • Grab the URL for the video and paste it in Airy
  • Select the audio media format you want from the list
  • Press download and get the file saved on your Mac

Many YouTube downloader MP3 apps are also compatible with smartphones as well. Just add the app on your phone and follow the same steps as above. If you can’t find an app that would work directly on your phone, you can simply synchronize files through iTunes and get all the downloaded YouTube videos on your iPhone.

After testing and analyzing a lot of downloaders and converters, we can safely conclude that the best converter for Mac comes from Airy. The multitude of functions and simplicity with which it can be operated by all types of computer users make Airy an awesome choice.

If you want to quickly and easily download YouTube videos, just follow these simple steps and start building your playlist with our free YouTube to MP3 converter.
  1. Add Airy to your computer and run the app.
  2. Get the URL of the YouTube video you want to download.
  3. Paste it in the app’s interface.
  4. Select the MP3 format from the list of available file formats.
  5. Hit the “Download” button to get the process started.

In some ways, it can be, but in other ways, it may not be. It’s not as black and white as one would think.

Normally in all circumstances, downloading content from a public or private platform can infringe upon copyright laws. For YouTube, this would go against their terms of service. But at the same time, there is no real law and enforcement of stopping users to download content for their personal use. There is no clear, explicit law that would stop someone from doing so. Technically if one were to download content and then distribute it or share it online, then in all cases that would fall under direct infringement of copyright laws.

But downloading for personal amusement and use can be harmless as long as it’s intended specifically for that purpose and nothing else.

In any case, caution must be applied to avoid getting into any legal trouble. But with apps like Airy, your downloads are free of ads and copyrighted material, so there is no worry about copyright infringement in that case. It’s up to the user to be responsible and respectful about the content they consume and download.

If you’re looking to convert YouTube to MP3 on your Android, you can use any of the following apps:

  1. YouTubeMP3
  2. Droid YouTube Downloader
  3. YMusic - YouTube music player & downloader
  4. WonTube
  5. YouTube MP3/MP4 Downloader/Converter
Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 23.29MB size
Version 3.23.333 (25 Mar, 2021) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication

Convert from YouTube to MP3 with Airy