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YouTube to MP3 Mac Downloader - Airy

  • Useful for music and videos
  • Convert an album in one operation
  • Keep downloads running in parallel
  • Developed for your comfort
  • Get it for Windows or Mac
YouTube to MP3 app Mac

How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Mac

Get a YouTube address you’d like to convert. To do that, copy it from the address bar of your browser or use "Share" > "Copy to Clipboard".
Step 1 on how to convert YouTube to MP3
Open Airy. Paste the address into the search box. After loading momentarily, it should give you the download options.
Step 2 on how to convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac
Choose a format/quality option. A 480p video should be good on a mobile phone; we suggest 720p and higher for desktop viewing. Press "Download".
Step 3 on how to download music from YouTube on a Mac
Airy YouTube Downloader

Why Is Airy an Excellent YouTube Converter for Mac?

Airy is designed to deal with many problems that are commonly encountered by every YouTube to MP3 converter Mac app. As a result, it achieves incredible versatility while keeping its interfaces clean and compact. Airy fulfills the functions of multiple apps from the same price range, and it saves you a lot of busywork. Here are some specifics:
Limitless Downloads

Playlist Handling

Don’t convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac one file at a time. Airy accepts playlist links, queueing up every single video. Better yet - you can change the video/audio quality setting for the whole playlist in one go.
One-Click Downloads - Playlists, Channels, and Categories

Parallel Downloads

Do you have high-bandwidth internet? Airy will make full use of it. YouTube caps download speed for individual clips, but you can have multiple downloads running at once, ensuring that your queue dissipates much faster.
Download Videos Around Your Time

Convert Music in Batches

No need to wait for a download to finish - you can stack up as many as you want, creating a queue. The videos will get downloaded and converted in the background, and you’ll come back to find a complete set of files.
Unrestricted Downloading Length

Manage Downloads Easily

Pause your downloads and resume them whenever you wish. Cancel them or view their status. The possibilities are endless - and it’s all possible thanks to Airy. You may have seen it before, but was it ever so beautiful?
Built-In Browser Integration

Get Channels in a Click

If you think about it, a channel is just a large playlist. Airy brings this thought to its logical conclusion, allowing you to download channels wholesale. Beware! Channels are usually quite large, and will require a lot of storage space.
Get Unrestricted Access

No Restrictions Apply

It’s uncommon for a YouTube to MP3 converter for Mac to deal with this issue. But Airy prevails. You can use your YouTube credentials to access and convert any video that may require you to be logged in.
We’ve created Airy for non-commercial goals, and without any intention for copyright infringement. You may only use it for the intended purpose - backing up your own data. You are personally responsible for any violations that you commit with the use of our software.


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Look no further! Airy YouTube Downloader is the answer to all your YouTube audio needs. It’s easy to use and the assortment of features on show is totally unique. It’s a YouTube to MP3 converter Mac users shouldn’t miss.
It’s debatable what constitutes the best YouTube to MP3 converter, but Airy is certainly close to the first spot. It converts anything - single songs, playlists or massive podcasts. Most importantly, it allows you to convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac at your own pace.
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