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Top YouTube to WAV Converter for 2021

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Jun 22, 2021
Converting a YouTube video to WAV can be accomplished with different software. It's similar to a YouTube to MP3 converter - except for the resulting file. WAV may be preferable to MP3 when you intend to use the file on a Windows PC, rather than Mac. Whatever the case, the list below contains the best apps you can use to create .wav files based on YouTube music and clips.

Movavi Video Converter

Movavi is a pretty good choice that offers a number of different features to users. It’s a handy tool for converting YouTube to WAV, as well as a number of other options. It can handle a huge range of different formats, well over a hundred, and lets you download in good quality HD. On top of that, it allows you to edit videos - rotating, cropping or merging fragments. It’s a free tool, and a great option for decent usability.

converting YouTube to WAV,


  • Impressive download speeds
  • Offers a great range of different formats
  • Editing features make it stand out from other downloaders

Wondershare Filmora

Another great downloader and YouTube to WAV converter, Wondershare is an effective tool that can deliver in a number of different areas. It lets you edit and add video effects, which is a great option. On top of that, it gives you a huge amount of different formats to download to. It can handle a range of different online platforms, guaranteeing that you can get the content you’re looking for in seconds and enjoy on AVI or another player.

YouTube to WAV converter


  • Huge range of different effects to apply
  • Good choice of different download formats
  • Lets you burn straight to DVD
  • Good usability and effective interface is an online YouTube to WAV file converter that lets you download and convert in a range of different formats. It’s a great way to download from a range of the top online content platforms such as Dailymotion, Vevo or Soundcloud. On top of that, it’s available in both Windows and Mac versions, meaning it’s useful for the vast majority of users. You can also simply use the online version, which will feature limited support and updates, but is still a good tool for anyone looking to download or convert.

YouTube to WAV


  • Available in both online and desktop versions
  • Good range of languages supported
  • Doesn’t cost anything
  • Gives a limited amount of editing options


YTBTO is a great choice if you’re looking for a great YouTube to WAV converter. As with the other options, you simply copy and paste the URL, and download in your selected format type. Beyond that, there’s not a whole load of extra features. That said, it can get the job done and offers basic usability.

YouTube to WAV


  • Easy conversion to different format types
  • Works with popular streaming platforms
  • No registration or payment required
  • Great range of different formats for download, including 4K


iTubeGo is a great YouTube to WAV converter, with a few extras that we haven’t seen in the other options we’ve looked at. It handles a standard range of different formats and file types, as you’d expect. But the most useful thing about it is the fact that it can automatically search for subtitles, making it especially useful for anyone planning on downloading a lot of subtitled films or movies.

YouTube to WAV converter


  • Wide range of different formats supported
  • Handy video editor that can be used with a single click
  • Over 300 input codecs and more than 420 output options
  • Good speeds and decent quality

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake is a great YouTube to WAV converter that can also handle a wide range of other formats and file types. It’s straightforward to use, all you need to do is copy and paste the URL of the YouTube page to the video converter. It lets you take your pick of movies, music, TV and more. And it allows for a conversion to WAV once you’ve downloaded your chosen content to iTunes or another player.

YouTube to WAV converter


  • Range of different conversion options such as ogg file
  • Lets you download from any device such as iPad or iPhone
  • Supports multiple simultaneous uploads
  • Great selection of formats

What are YouTube to WAV Converters?

A YouTube converter to WAV is a tool you can use to convert YouTube content to a WAV file. Either you download the YouTube video in some other file type, such as MP3 or MP4, and then carry out a conversion. Or, you can simply download the file in WAV form. Either way is a solution for easily getting YouTube video or audio in WAV form.

What is WAV audio format?

WAV stands for Waveform Audio File. It’s a file type that was developed by Microsoft back in 1991 as a way of storing audio and video content. The file size tends to be larger than similar storage types, such as MP3. However, it’s still a very popular file type, and has many different applications.


All you need to do is use a YouTube to WAV converter online like the options we’ve looked at above. Simply copy the page URL, the paste it into the converter. Your chosen tool will let you pick your preferred format and quality.
The average YouTube to .WAV converter will support quality running from 32 kbps to 320 kbps.
Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 23.29MB size
Version 3.23.333 (23 Mar, 2021) Release notes
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