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YouTube to MP4 Converter Mac App

This YouTube to MP4 Mac converter is all you need to access YouTube while offline. Copy the links to your videos or playlists and paste them in Airy. It can handle an unlimited amount of videos in the queue. You can set the quality of downloaded MP4s. If you want to start downloads even faster, Airy can be integrated in any browser and used without copying and pasting. This YouTube downloader for Mac gets regular updates, which keep improving and adding useful features.

YouTube to MP4 Converter for Your Mac

How to Convert Youtube to MP4 Video Files in Airy

If you try Airy, you’ll find that the downloading steps aren’t difficult at all. Who would’ve thought that it would be so easy to convert YouTube video to MP4? The instructions below are all you need to begin.


Once Airy is installed, get a video URL

Go to a YouTube video page and copy the address from the address bar.

Step 1 on how to convert YouTube to MP4

Paste it in Airy to detect the video

Airy has a convenient text box for you to paste the aforementioned URL.

Step 2 Paste link to the search line

Configure and start your download

Don’t forget to choose the desired format or video quality.

Step 3 Choose the format and resolution for the downloaded file
Airy YouTube Downloader

YouTube to MP4 Mac Converter - Airy Advantages

Many apps can download clips in high resolution. What makes Airy stand out among the best YouTube to MP4 converters? This downloader offers a unique set of features for HD video conversion. Playlists, music, subtitles - all these combine to create a truly innovative product. Grab dozens of videos at once, in the format that you need. And we’re just getting started.
YouTube Playlist Downloader

Not just for single clips

This feature will spare you a lot of trouble. Don’t load playlists by hand - Airy will open every item at once, without having to copy and paste the links one by one. This applies to any list, large and small.
YouTube to MP4 download

Take YouTube with You

Going somewhere without a connection? Worry not. Stock up on fully-offline videos and forget about boredom. Whether you’re on a plane, on a train, or even on a cruise boat, Airy’s got your back.
Convert YouTube to MP4

Background Operations

Airy doesn’t need constant attention or a lot of system resources. You can forget about it while it’s running. This app is quiet and efficient, and it won’t interrupt anything you’re doing in the foreground.
Download YouTube to MP4

Bypass All Restrictions

Forget about obstacles when you convert YouTube video to MP4. You should have access to your videos at any time. Log in through Airy and you can create backups of private and age-restricted clips.
Built-In Browser Integration

Download Without a Limit

Airy may cost money, but it doesn’t try to sell normal functionality in a separate package. You can download as many MP4 files as your network can handle, without having to worry about daily limits.
Get Unrestricted Access

Pristine Video Quality

Choose a video quality setting for every occasion. Keep low-res videos and music on your phone, store medium-res clips on your laptop and watch glorious Full HD on a big screen. Airy has options.
Airy YouTube to MP4 Converter Mac - Notable Features
▪ Quick conversions and downloads, so you can get those videos without delay
▪ High level of privacy and security with no spyware or ads
▪ Limitless queue that allows you to download many videos in a row automatically
▪ 20 translations in different languages to ensure that anyone can use Airy
Airy is intended to be used as a back-up tool for personal data. We don’t condone any illicit use. Keep in mind that you will bear the full responsibility if you decide to use our software to violate the copyright law.


It’s a difficult choice, since many of these apps are well-made and somewhat unique. However, we can confidently say that Airy is one of the best, if not the absolute best. Everything about it - the functionality, the interface, the price point - is done just right.
The trial version of Airy comes with two free downloads. Not looking for a paid solution? It’s still worth a try. The features and the benefits might convince you. It’s a charming YouTube to MP4 Mac app. Although, to find something truly free for your downloader needs, you should look for a YouTube to MP4 converter online. Website converters can produce a wide variety of formats, like OGG, M4A and 3GP.

You can find Airy both on Mac and on Windows. Both versions are used in the same way:

  1. Open your browser. Go to a YouTube video page, copy the video address.
  2. Open Airy. Paste the address into the text field.
  3. Press "Download". That’s it.
Absolutely. When it comes to YouTube converters, look no further than Airy. With this well-polished app, you’ll have videos to spare. And if you want, these movies will be delivered in pristine full-HD quality.
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