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YouTube Sound Not Working

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Jul 8, 2021

YouTube is all about video. But sound is just as important, isn’t it? That becomes even more evident when you find your YouTube audio not working. It can ruin the entire experience, whether you’re watching an interview, tutorial, or God forbid, music video!

Luckily, there are ways to fix that. Read our article below to find out the most common culprits for having no sound on YouTube videos, as well as how you can turn things back to normal. In addition to these technical tips and tricks, you can also try a video downloaded app like Airy. It will help you download content to watch offline - high quality video, sound, subtitles, the whole shebang! And if it so happens that you can't download YouTube video for whatever reason, we have collected useful information to help with that too.

Why Is YouTube Audio Not Working?

YouTube is one of the biggest video sharing networks out there and an excellent resource for business, whether you’re looking for videos to improve your skills or you're uploading videos yourself, in order to popularize your brand. Unfortunately, you might come across sound problems. It’s really frustrating and can defeat the whole purpose of being on YouTube. When your YouTube volume is not working, you can check your system volume controls, your browser settings, and security software settings to solve the problem.

Volume Controls

First of all, to determine the reason for your YouTube sound problems, you need to take a look at the YouTube video player itself and the volume icon in particular. An "X" over that icon on the player means the sound has been muted. To increase the volume, click on the volume icon, then drag the slider to the right. Another thing to consider is your computer system’s volume. If it’s turned all the way down or your speakers or headphones are muted/switched off, you’ll hear no sound on YouTube, regardless of the volume level on the YouTube player. Therefore, make sure you check the external speakers and adjust the volume. This may sound like an obvious thing, but you’d be surprised how many times it gets overlooked.

Browser Problems

Another reason behind your YouTube sound issues may be your web browser. For example, if your browser crashes or doesn’t work as it should, or if it encounters a plugin or extension error out of the blue, this might mean no sound on YouTube videos. A quick fix you can try is restarting your browser and opening the YouTube video again. If this doesn’t solve the problem, clear your browsing history, as well as the cache. Another useful tip is to always update your browser when an update comes out. Such updates usually include bug fixes, various tools, etc. which enhance performance and help with video & audio. Check to see if you’re running the latest available version and install any pending updates as necessary. Alternatively, you can uninstall your browser and reinstall it.

Adobe Flash Player

YouTube videos use the Adobe Flash Player plugin to play. So, if you have an outdated Flash Player, this may lead to your YouTube sound not working. This issue will sometimes be brought to your attention by an error message the YouTube video player displays when it fails to play a video. If that’s the case, update Flash Player to the latest version by going to the Adobe website. Some users prefer to first remove the old version of Flash Player by going to Control Panel > Programs and Features and then install the latest one.

Security Software

If the advice above doesn’t help, inspect your security software, i.e. your anti-virus programs and firewalls. They can interfere with flash content, especially if they have a real-time scanning feature that prevents connections with third-party flash content. As a consequence, when you go on YouTube, no sound will play. To check if your anti-virus software is to blame, you can disable it briefly to see if this helps YouTube sound. Then, ensure that the software is set to allow third-party flash content to connect to the internet. Consult the anti-virus program’s user manual or other documentation to see how that’s done.

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