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YouTube to MP4 Converter Online List

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Jul 14, 2021

In this article, we’ll present you with a selection of YouTube to MP4 online converters. They come free of charge and allow you to start converting as soon as the page loads.

Downloading videos allows you to watch them without any buffering problems or other such glitches inherent to streaming platforms. However, among converters and downloaders, an online YouTube to MP4 converter is not the best way to download from YouTube. For example, playlists aren’t a thing you can get with these websites. Better results can be achieved with a desktop app, and we’ll showcase one at the end of the list.

ClipConverter is an excellent YouTube to MP4 converter free online app that can take any YouTube video and turn it into your format of choice, whether it’s AAC, AVI, MKV or MP4. As one of the most popular converters, it’s had its share of copyright troubles, and still came out on top. Since it’s a web service, it will work on any platform you can imagine - assuming, of course, that it supports a web browser.

ClipConverter - best YouTube to MP4 Converter

icon pros Pros

  • Convert YouTube to MP4 for free
  • Also available as a browser plug-in

icon cons Cons

  • Not allowed to download music videos
  • "Recording media" is really slow
  • Limited quality options

Airy as an alternative to a YouTube to MP4 Online Converter

Even though we chose some of the best downloaders, Airy has an upper hand over them. It’s fast, it can fully process and download playlists, it has a large queue and a pause function. Better yet, it can grab subtitles - no online app can do that, that’s for sure. Even in that regard, Airy can integrate with your browser and achieve better results than any online converter.

Airy - desktop YouTube to Mp4 converter

How to Convert YouTube to MP4 with Airy

1. Get an Airy installer on the official website. Perform the installation.

2. In your browser, copy the web address of any YouTube video.

Convert YT to MP4 with Airy

3. Paste it in Airy.

Airy - Best MP4 converter for YouTube

4. Pick the format (MP4 by default) and click "Download".

Best way to convert YouTube to MP4 with Airy

Free Online YouTube to MP4 Converters


Unlike ordinary free online YouTube to MP4 converters, FLVTO provides direct links to YouTube videos, thus removing the need to run a conversion server and speeding up the process. It doesn’t have a time limit (most downloaders don’t), so you’re free to save even the largest clips. FLVTO is a decent option for online YouTube to MP4 conversion.

FLVTO - best free YouTube to MP4 converter

icon pros Pros

  • Can produce MP4, MP3, AVI
  • Doesn’t have a time limit
  • Unmatched speed

icon cons Cons

  • Poor interface
  • Easy to confuse with other "FLVTO" websites


This is a pretty average YouTube to MP4 online converter, which is good in and of itself. You can put in a link, choose a format and get the file you need. The interface is nice, and it finishes converting quickly after you request a file. There’s not much format variety, though.

YT1s com - top YouTube to MP4 online converter

icon pros Pros

  • Shows file size for every format in the menu
  • Easy to use
  • Works completely

icon cons Cons

  • No outstanding features
  • Few formats to choose from


Ymp4 stands out among other free online YouTube to MP4 converters for one reason only - it recognizes playlists (although, it doesn’t allow you to download them in bulk). Other than that, it’s a reasonable online YouTube to MP4 converter, offering many of the same things, such as "copy-paste" downloading and format choice.

YMP4 - free online MP4 converter

icon pros Pros

  • It works fine
  • Helps you download MP4 from YouTube
  • Configurable quality, up to 1080p

icon cons Cons

  • Doesn’t work with adblock on
  • Full of pop-ups, asks to send notifications


Y2mate isn’t just a great YouTube to MP4 converter online - it has a built-in search feature, so it’s not always necessary to find pages on YouTube and copy their URLs. However, if you prefer the latter method, it also works. Generally, Y2mate is a website that can download MP4 from Youtube.

Y2mate - YouTube to MP4 converter online

icon pros Pros

  • Has integrated YouTube search
  • Offers conversions both for video and audio

icon cons Cons

  • No formats other than MP4, 3gp, MP3 and M4A
  • No special features

YouTube to MP4 Converter - Online or Offline?

Locally installed apps have a whole bunch of advantages over free online YouTube to MP4 converters. Namely, they tend to have more features, more polish, less bugs and ads. They are always quicker, since they download videos directly, rather than passing them through a server. Since there are no suspicious links or shady sponsors, they are a lot safer to use, too. Airy is an exemplary desktop app that presents fierce competition for online downloaders.


Choose any of the 5 free online converters described above. Or, you can try a desktop application with 2 free trial downloads. Whether you’re looking for HD 1080p, or low-res 3gp, the best YouTube MP4 converter isn’t necessarily free. Take a look at other options.

Most of these online downloaders operate by the same principles.

  1. Copy and paste the video URL into the text box.
  2. Choose the format of the final converted file.
  3. Press "Download", or any other similar button.

Some of these online converters work on mobile browsers, too. The controls may be awkward, but it’s usually enough to get the job done.

You can, and Airy is quite helpful if that’s your goal. How to use Airy to turn YouTube clips into MP4 files?

  1. Copy a video URL.
  2. Paste in Airy.
  3. Click "Download".
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