Airy YouTube downloader for Mac

If you really like some video on YouTube and want to have it available even when there is no Internet connection at hand - Airy will help. Airy is an essential YouTube downloader for Mac that can easily save YouTube video right to your computer. You can also download MP3 files directly from YouTube.
Also available on Windows
YouTube downloader for Mac

Download YouTube videos on Mac

A simple and neat Mac YouTube downloader: start multiple downloads at the same time, select formats you want to save videos in and choose the desired resolution. Airy can download whole YouTube playlists and channels.

Download MP3 from YouTube

How many times you needed YouTube MP3 download Mac instead of video? Pretty often we bet. When you just need YouTube MP3 downloader for Mac Airy is your first choice! It will extract sounds from YouTube videos and fetch titles and album art, and it supports other audio formats too! For fast and easy YouTube download Mac MP3 on simply copy and paste the link, select audio format and click 'Download'.

Integrate into Browser

Airy can be integrated in your browser to catch YouTube downloads directly from web. It supports all popular browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. To be able to save YouTube videos on Mac with Airy click "Integrate into Browser" in main menu and follow comprehensive instructions to set it up. Now saving YouTube videos on Mac is very easy - just click Airy bookmark each time you need it.
You can use Airy as your free YouTube downloader for Mac in its trial version. Trial version doesn't feature adding multiple links at a time and will download first two items of a YouTube playlist or channel.
Eltima created Airy to back up your personal media content for offline viewing and storing. If you are planning to back up someone else's content, please, be aware, as a user, you are completely responsible for any potential copyright issues.

Choose Preferred Quality

Benefit from the possibility to choose the quality for the video to be saved. You can save video in MP4, FLV, and 3GP formats in a resolution of your choice. Airy downloads HD videos - even 4K and 8K Ultra HD videos are supported. Choose the format to save videos in depending on their further usage - device you will be using, player you want to watch videos in. Keep in mind that if you are going to watch videos on your mobile phone, lower resolution is preferable, however watching an HD video on a large screen will be much more comfortable.
Choisissez votre résolution préférée

Playlists and channels

Airy can download YouTube playlist on Mac; downloading of YouTube channels is also fully supported. The steps are really easy: copy and paste YouTube link, choose the desired format and click Download. When you are downloading playlists, you can choose to download each item in its best available quality.

Login & password

Airy offers downloading of age-restricted and protected videos. Simply go to Airy menu to log in to your YouTube account (save your login and password for future if you'd like) and enjoy unlimited video experience.

Download YouTube Subtitles

If a YouTube video has subtitles, they can be downloaded alongside it and saved in SRT format, which is well supported by the majority of the modern video players.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Mac?

Before you start using the extended list of Airy features, you’ve got to start somewhere. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to download a video from YouTube on Mac.

Airy YouTube downloader


Surf YouTube until you find a good video. Copy the URL from it.
Download Airy YouTube downloader


Airy’s main window has a text field; paste the video address into it.
Copy YouTube link and paste to download


Pick a format option if necessary and start by clicking the red button.

Some Reasons Why You Will Enjoy Airy

Decide what resolution to download your favorite videos in, including HD
Airy’s versatile MP3 extraction option will give you music and podcasts for days
Save yourself some time and effort by downloading entire playlists at once
Batch download complete channel videos of your subscribed YouTube channels
YouTube Mixes and personal lists will be within your reach
This YouTube downloader for Mac is your key to downloading private videos
Never run into age restrictions again when downloading
Downloadable subtitles with help you with quiet audio and foreign languages
Get smooth, pristine playback with 60 FPS video downloads
Out of bandwidth? Give your network some breathing room with the pause function
Don’t interrupt your flow. Download on the go with the browser integration feature


That would have been great, but Airy is only free for the first two downloads. Can’t make up your mind on the purchase? Try it - usually, the trial run is more than enough to convince our customers.
There are plenty of downloader apps to compare and rate. Having tried many, we assure you: none have surpassed Airy at YouTube downloads. It’s perfectly streamlined for this specific task, with no unnecessary options or delays. It’s as good as it gets! What's more, Airy is a perfect YouTube Converter for Mac. You can easily get audio from any YouTube video.
Short answer: not for free. Google, YouTube’s parent company, has been very strict on banning phone apps and third-party software that allow you to download videos from YouTube, and the reason for that is very simple: they want you to pay for that privilege with their YouTube Premium feature, which allows precisely that. Since pretty much every other way has been blocked or results in punitive action from Google, we recommend going with YouTube Premium.
What customers say
    I have used a number of apps and plugins for downloading YouTube videos on both Windows and Mac. Airy is user friendly, intuitive and what's most importantly - very stable. Read more
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