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YouTube Downloader for Mac - Airy

  • Select any available resolution, HD included
  • Use the MP3 extraction option for music
  • Get entire playlists at once to save time
  • Pause downloads at any point
  • Secure YouTube downloader for Mac or Windows
Youtube Video Downloader Mac

How to Download YouTube Videos on Mac?

Airy YouTube downloader for Mac will help you save YouTube videos on Mac. Choose any resolution - 1080p HD included - and begin the download. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to download a video from YouTube on Mac.

Surf YouTube until you find a good video. Copy the URL from it.
Install Airy YouTube Video Downloader
Airy’s main window has a text field; paste the video address into it.
How to Download Youtube Videos on Macbook or Mac
Pick a format option if necessary and start by clicking the red button.
Download Youtube for Mac
Airy YouTube Downloader

Download YouTube Videos on Mac with Extra Features

If you’d like to rewatch a YouTube video offline, Airy is here to help. Grab videos with subtitles and entire playlists with this YouTube downloader for Mac. Other than MPEG-4 files, you can also download MP3s directly from YouTube. Here’s a comprehensive list of features you can find in the Airy YouTube downloader:
Limitless Downloads

Download MP3 from YouTube

When trying to expand your music collection, you can rely on Airy YouTube video downloader. Fetch high-quality audio tracks directly from YouTube. Cut down on unnecessary file size.
Download Videos Around Your Time

Use Browser Integration

Add an Airy bookmark to your web client. It’s compatible with most modern browsers, Safari included. Launch YouTube downloads instantly, even while browsing the net.
One-Click Downloads - Playlists, Channels, and Categories

Choose Your Preferred Quality

What kind of video do you want? MP4, FLV or 3GP can be saved in any available resolution, 8K Ultra HD included. Download YouTube videos in high resolution or keep them compact.
Unrestricted Downloading Length

Grab Playlists and Channels

Airy YouTube video downloader deals well with playlists, no matter the size. It’s as simple as a single download. Just copy and paste the playlist link and Airy will do everything for you.
Built-In Browser Integration

Access Restricted Content

Airy allows its users to download age-restricted and protected videos. Use this YouTube download to backup any video. Just log in, and you can enjoy unrestricted downloads!
Get Unrestricted Access

Download YouTube Subtitles

Download .srt files along with your videos. Airy does this automatically and you will get every subtitle track available for a given video. Watch foreign YouTubers without any issues!

Airy YouTube Downloader - Also on Windows

This YouTube video downloader for Mac remains one of the best YouTube to MP3 and MP4 download apps on both platforms. No caching, no lag, no overpriced subscription services - get the experience you deserve.

macOS and Windows Comparison Table

# Features macOS Windows
1 System Requirements OS X 10.9+. Windows 7 and later.
2 Can Download HD Video
3 Browser integration
4 YouTube to MP3 Conversion
5 Playlist downloads
6 Channel Downloads
7 Batch downloads
8 Private video access
9 Pause/ Resume Active Downloads
10 Help & Support


That would have been great, but Airy is only free for the first two downloads. Can’t make up your mind on the purchase? Try it - usually, the trial run is more than enough to convince our customers.
There are plenty of downloader apps to compare and rate. Having tried many, we assure you: none have surpassed Airy at YouTube downloads. It’s perfectly streamlined for this specific task, with no unnecessary options or delays. It’s as good as it gets! What's more, Airy is a perfect YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac. You can easily get audio from any YouTube video.
Short answer: not for free. Google, YouTube’s parent company, has been very strict on banning phone apps and third-party software that allow you to download videos from YouTube, and the reason for that is very simple: they want you to pay for that privilege with their YouTube Premium feature, which allows precisely that. Since pretty much every other way has been blocked or results in punitive action from Google, we recommend going with YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium is a no-brainer, although it’s a bit tough on the budget. Many apps will offer superior functionality for free (although, with dubious legality, ads and hidden fees). Here’s a lineup of such programs:


A generic application with no defining characteristics. It does the job well enough. Also works with Dailymotion, Vimeo and some other services.

YouTube Go

Very minimalistic and lightweight. This one will be especially easy on the CPU - great for outdated phones.


Sleek and efficient, this downloader offers support for a broader range of hosting websites, such as Facebook and Instagram.

It’s harder to find some downloader apps for Apple, but not impossible. Under the watchful eyes of App Store’s curators, several downloader programs have slipped through, and now you can witness them in all their shady glory.

Cloud Video Player

Ahh, the good old Cloud Player. It’s just as humble in concept as it is in execution.

Best Video Player

Background downloads is what this player’s all about. The player functionality isn’t all that developed, in comparison.

Video FLY Lite

There’s nothing new under the sun, and FLY is no exception. It doesn’t try to experiment, but instead, keeps doing what it does best.

If your MP4 or MP3 downloader app can't download YouTube videos on Mac, there are several possible solutions. Check your connection, for example. But the easiest way is to get a new, better app that works. Airy for Mac and Windows is very stable and it gets constant updates.
When you only need audio and not video, a YouTube to MP3 converter will do. Good downloaders will produce audio files with minimal quality loss, and they should be able to work with playlists, too. Airy can be easily used as an MP3 fetcher app.
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