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The Best YouTube Audio Ripper - Airy

  • Extract YouTube to MP3 with just a few clicks
  • Download entire playlists at the same time
  • Pause and resume downloads as necessary
  • Download video in any available resolution up to 4K and 8K
  • Available for both macOS or Windows
The Best YouTube Audio Ripper

How to rip music from YouTube with Airy

Airy is a powerful, but very minimalistic and clean app. All of its features are more or less self-explanatory, so you won’t need a lot of time getting used to it. If you’re wondering how to rip sound from YouTube, follow these simple steps to make the best out of Airy from the get-go:


Download and install Airy on your Mac or PC.

How to rip music from YouTube

Go to YouTube. Copy the URL of the video which contains your desired audio, then paste it in Airy.

rip music from YouTube

From the drop-down menu, select MP3 as the output format. Click Download to start the conversion.

Get audio from YouTube
Airy YouTube Downloader

Rip songs from YouTube - and a lot more!

Airy YouTube audio ripper for Mac and Windows is a hidden gem. You wouldn’t suspect what it hides underneath its seemingly simple interface. In fact, apart from getting audio from YouTube using Airy, you can do a whole lot more. Airy’s capabilities when it comes to both video and audio makes it an excellent all-around app for your offline experience. Take a look below to find out what we mean.
YouTube Downloader

No Limit on Download Length

Airy offers unlimited download length. Upon purchase, it allows you to grab videos regardless of their overall length. Whether you’re eyeing a whole bunch of short videos, or a single one which lasts hours, this app will handle them gracefully and without restrictions.
YouTube audio download

Unlimited Number of Downloads

With Airy, the number of videos you can download is also unlimited. You can keep adding new videos to your download queue without worry. Every single one of them will be saved to your computer, so all you have left to think about is your favorite content.
Convert YouTube to audio

Download Entire Playlists

You don’t need to go through the trouble of manually downloading videos one by one. If there are playlists that you enjoy, you can simply use Airy to grab the entire list. This is especially useful when it comes to getting audio from YouTube, because it lets you build up your music collection by using song selections tailored to your taste.
Download YouTube to audio

Download YouTube Video in HD

Airy makes sure you get an unrivalled experience when watching YouTube videos offline by offering the highest resolution available. It can even download videos in Ultra HD 8K 60FPS. You can also benefit from smaller resolutions, using them on different devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc.
Built-In Browser Integration

Integrate It with Your Browser

To make things even easier for users, Airy flawlessly integrates with your browser. Once you add it to your bookmarks tab, you can download content on the spot, without ever interrupting your browsing process. Whether it’s grabbing video or using the YouTube audio extract option, it works both ways.
Get Unrestricted Access

Access Restricted or Private Content

Airy allows you to download content that not many downloader apps can - namely, age-restricted or private content. You can use your login details to gain access, provided that your account is permitted to view them.

Windows Version of Airy YouTube Downloader

All users and operating systems should be treated equally, don’t you agree? That’s why Airy is not only available for Mac users, but also for Windows users. Both versions include a wide array of features to make sure we’ve got you covered, whether it’s ripping sound from YouTube or downloading your favorite video clips.


If you have any questions about Airy, make sure to take a look at the section below. We’ve tried to respond to the most commonly asked questions from our users.
Once you’ve had a chance to test the app and become convinced of its efficiency, you can purchase Airy’s full version for just $19.95, gaining unlimited access to all features.
Certainly! You can get in touch by simply emailing us at Feel free to write to us with your feedback, question, or request, or inquiry. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
Currently, a dedicated Airy mobile app is not available. Our development team is working hard to make our users happy, so we welcome any ideas or expectations you might have about the mobile app. In the meantime, feel free to get Airy on your Mac or PC and use it to convert to mobile-friendly formats.

There are a good deal of both online and desktop options and we’ve evaluated the best YouTube audio rippers you can use to rip music from YouTube. Based on comfort and convenience, our top choice would definitely be Airy. When you want to just keep audio from YouTube, it allows you to download individual songs or entire playlists/channels with ease and enjoy them offline in your favorite player. And if you want to download a music video in HD or low resolution, Airy can do that too.

Of course, there are online solutions available such as Y2mate YouTube Downloader or that require no installation. While they can be convenient for the occasional download, however, they can also pose a threat. Beware of all the ads, redirects, or pop-ups that come with such free services.

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