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How to Download Only Audio from YouTube - Airy

Loads of people are looking for a way to rip audio from YouTube videos. And now, thanks to Airy, you can convert YouTube to audio in seconds. Read on to find out exactly how to use Airy, and what you can expect from this effective YouTube downloader.

best YouTube to audio converter

Easily Download YouTube Audio Only to Your macOS

Ahead of Soundcloud and Vevo, YouTube remains the biggest streaming platform. There are a few different options out there for anyone looking to download YouTube audio only to Mac. Some are online, some download to ogg file types, some convert downloaded files. That said, we have to recommend desktop apps as the most reliable options. A desktop app can be relied on to offer improved levels of security and privacy. On top of that, desktop solutions such as Mediahuman benefit from regular updates, ensuring your experience is being continually optimised. We recommend Airy to anyone looking for a great downloader. It’s an effective tool that lets you grab audio, video and even subtitles at the click of a button, and carry out conversion tasks once downloaded. Airy offers impressive speeds and a whole host of other features that guarantee the fastest, most convenient downloads possible.

Download Only Audio from YouTube Using Airy

How to Download Only Audio from YouTube Using Airy

1. First of all, head over to the Airy site and download the program, then install it.
2. Open your browser of choice and navigate to the page you’re interested in.

3. Copy the URL, and paste it into the box in Airy.

audio only YouTube

4.Take your pick of the formats and qualities available. For audio only YouTube downloads, choose MP3.

For audio only YouTube downloads

5. Hit download, and you’ll be able to get the content downloaded to your preferred destination. From there you can add it to iTunes or any other music management system.

Listen to YouTube Audio Only

How to Listen to YouTube Audio Only Using Addons

Add-on Downloader for Firefox: if you’re going the addon route, and looking for an addon that works with Firefox, there’s a huge number of choices out there. Personally, we recommend using DownloadHelper. It’s an effective addon that lets you get everything you need in seconds. While is doesn’t offer the security of a desktop app, it’s still a great choice.

Listen to YouTube Audio

How to Download Audio Only from YouTube using DownloadHelper

  • First of all, download the DownloadHelper addon from their homepage.
  • Navigate to the YouTube video you’re interested in, and hit the DownloadHelper button among the addons at the top right of your browser.
  • You can now pick which elements on the page you want to download.
  • Click on the one that you are interested in.
  • Under format, you can choose MP3 if you only want to get the audio.
  • Hit download and you’ll have just the audio saved to your downloads. You can move the file to your iPad or iPhone for easy playback.

Add-on Downloader for Chrome: You’ll need to use third party software if you’re looking for a YouTube only audio no video Android solution to download content from YouTube or Dailymotion using Chrome - their app store doesn’t host any downloading apps. However, we can confidently recommend Crosspilot to anyone looking for a way to download audio only, or video as well. It allows you to install Opera addons to your Chrome browser, letting you take your pick of other download addons and download in 4K and other definitions.

How to Listen to YouTube Audio

How to Download Only Audio from YouTube Using Crosspilot

  • Install Crosspilot, after downloading it from the homepage.
  • Use Crosspilot to install a downloader addon from Opera.
  • Navigate to the YouTube page with the content you want.
  • Simply follow the directions for your downloader to get the content you want.

Add-on Downloader for Safari: Unlike other browsers, Safari doesn’t actually have a huge range of different addons to choose from. Apple tends to keep a close grip on any kind of software used to download copyrighted content. However, Airy is the ideal solution for anyone using an Apple device who wants to download songs or videos. Airy lets you get audio only or video as well, and only takes a few seconds. You can also use it in a similar manner to an addon. Once installed, you just need to choose the ‘Integrate into browser’ option. This will provided you with a bookmark that works in exactly the same way as an extension or addon, letting you download to MP3, M4a and other formats.

How to Download Audio Only from YouTube Using YouTube-DL

We’ve covered how to download only audio from YouTube with the major browsers. To finish, we’re going to let you know how to get YouTube content using Linux. It actually follows quite a different path compared to the other options we’ve looked at, requiring a command line tool rather than a standard downloader or addon. Basically, you need to download YouTube-DL, and then use the following commands to get what you want, then move the files to your chosen player, such as AVI.

Download Audio Only from YouTube

DL Commands:

  • ignore-errors allows youtube-dl to keep working if it needs to go past anything that isn’t working, such as videos that are blocked by georestrictions.
  • format bestaudio lets you get the content in the highest possible quality.
  • extract-audio lets you YouTube-dl audio only from a page.
  • audio-format mp3 lets you choose what format you want your audio in (mp3 in this case, substitute with MP4 or other formats for a different option).
  • audio-quality 160k lets you choose what quality you want your audio in (again, 160k in this case).
  • output "%(title)s.%(ext)s" is used to determine a certain filename template. Otherwise, youtube-dl will simply add the video identification after the name, which could cause you some issues in terms of your library organisation.
  • yes-playlist is a way of instructing the program to download entire playlists from YouTube.
  • 'YouTube playlist URL' is a space holder for the actual URL you’re going to be downloading from. You’ll need to replace this with the URL of the page you want to get content from.


Airy is the ideal tool for downloading just audio from a YouTube video. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s the best audio downloader for YouTube, with a wide range of different features that let you get exactly what you need. Plus, thanks to multi thread downloads, it lets you get content really quickly. We can’t recommend it enough.
YouTube-DL was temporarily down. However, it’s now back in operation. The company was able to reverse a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown that had put it briefly out of operation in 2020.
Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 23.29MB size
Version 3.23.333 (23 Mar, 2021) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication