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If you are still searching for the best Mac software to download Vimeo videos, then take a closer look at VideoDuke. This small yet very effective app with user-friendly interface and fast access buttons was designed specially for saving videos from many popular websites.

Download Vimeo videos in one click with VideoDuke for Mac



Requirements: OS X 10.10+. 22.84MB free space. Version 1.0.204. (Oct 10, 2018). 4.5 Rank based on 9+ users, Reviews(8)
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VideoDuke offers downloading from such video hosting giants as Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube as well as 100+ other sites. It allows searching of videos right from the app which is very convenient and time-saving. So here are the downloading instructions for you:

  1. Download Video Duke and install it.
    Once you’ve downloaded the .dmg of the app, you need to double-click it, wait till the installation window is opened and then drag&drop the .dmg file onto the Applications folder. That’s all - you can launch VideoDuke and start downloading videos.
    Note: VideoDuke offers 2 free downloading and when you reach this limit you can obtain a license for it. After the purchase you will receive an email with an activation code that you should use to unlock full version of the software.
  2. Activate your VideoDuke license.
    Nothing special should be done to activate VideoDuke. All you need is to copy the code that you’ve received and paste it into the activation window that can be invoked from the VideoDuke menu. Now you can download as many Vimeo videos as you like!
  3. Download Vimeo videos with no fuss.
    You do not even need to paste the URL to Vimeo into the search bar as VideoDuke offers quick access to this resource. Simply click the Vimeo icon in the VideoDuke main window to get to the website. Then search for your favorite video, start playing it and VideoDuke will automatically catch the downloading link. All you should do is click 2 times with your mouse. First - to choose the desired resolution of Vimeo video that will be saved on your Mac; second - to start the downloading process. Should you want to extract an audio from Vimeo video, navigate to “Audio” tab to download .mp3.

There is also a quick mode for downloading videos from Vimeo. You can paste the direct link to the video and invoke the downloading window with an option to pick video format and resolution or extract .mp3 from Vimeo video on Mac.

Here are 2 more great features of VideoDuke - Mac Vimeo downloader:

  1. Browser Integration.
    If you are used to do literally everything (shopping, website browsing, watching videos, listening to music, etc.) in your favorite browser - then add VideoDuke to it! Open VideoDuke menu (top-left) and choose “Integrate into Browser”, then follow all instructions that you’ll see. And here you go, you can download any video without leaving your browser or opening the app itself.
    Are you tired of losing all those great videos after you closed the website? Well this issue will not bother you anymore as VideoDuke allows to bookmark any link you need in one click. The list of all bookmarks is displayed in the apps main window. You will certainly enjoy this feature once you’ve tried it.

Elmedia Player PRO - Vimeo downloader for Mac and Vimeo videos player

Elmedia for Mac

When visiting Vimeo you can find a great variety of videos that will be interesting for everyone, no matter what the age or profession is. Some people only need to watch some videos once and then forget about them. But what if you need to save Vimeo videos on Mac? Saving gives some great options: video will be safe from being deleted and you can watch it later even with no Internet connection available. When the video is saved to your computer you can cut the parts out of it and use only content that you really need.

PRO version of Elmedia Player is another great solution that you should consider. It is the ultimate Vimeo downloader Mac app that was developed exactly for fast and efficient downloading from Vimeo and other popular video hosting websites. Elmedia Player supports various formats playback, so you can not only watch videos you downloaded from Vimeo, but other videos saved on your Mac too.

Follow these steps to know how to save Vimeo videos on Mac:

1. Download and installation of Elmedia Player
Download the DMG file of Vimeo downloader for Mac right from this page and install it by dragging the APP file onto the Applications folder. After that launch Elmedia Player.

2. Activate Elmedia Player PRO on your Mac
In the player's menu click "Activate PRO version" and enter the activation code you got after purchasing Elmedia Player PRO. Then click "OK" button to start using PRO features immediately as system reboot and application restart are not required.

3. Useful tips
You have a great possibility to integrate Elmedia Player into your usual web browser to gain quick access to "Browser" option. Then follow the comprehensive instructions of "Integrate into Browser" option in order to finalize integration.

Now you can open the webpage with the video you want to save to your hard drive in a web browser and use "Open in Elmedia Player" option to proceed with downloading.

4. Select the file to download
After you made your choice of video and added it to Elmedia Player either through the browser or manually you will see the video resources in the downloads list. Switch the filter to "Video" to narrow results to MP4 videos (this is the format usually used for videos uploading to video hosting websites)

5. Save your video
Now all that is left to do is press "Download" button and Elmedia Player PRO will immediately start downloading the files you selected. Once the video was downloaded it will be saved to the folder specified in Elmedia Player preferences ("Put new downloads in"). You can use the default destination folder or set the one manually. You will also see this video listed in Elmedia Player Library.

Save Vimeo videos in MP4
Elmedia Player PRO allows you to download video files from Vimeo website in MP4 format. To do this click a browser mode icon on the Elmedia control panel. Add the link to Vimeo video and click Enter. Find the “Video” tab below. You can see your Vimeo video file in MP4 format and in several resolutions. Select a resolution and click “Download” button. Elmedia Player PRO will download your selected file(s).

You also get these great extra features with Elmedia Player PRO:

  1. Save YouTube videos
  2. Take image series
  3. Download videos
  4. Convert Flash Projectors to SWF
  5. Use advanced audio settings
  6. AirPlay
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Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 22.84MB free space
Version 1.0.204 (Oct 10, 2018) Release notes
Category: Other solutions