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Try Folx - free uTorrent alternative working in Big Sur

Choose uTorrent alternative working in Big Sur
  • Combine features of torrent client and download manager in one app
  • Browser integration means Folx is always just one click away
  • Organize your downloads with Smart Tagging system
  • Magnet links support makes downloading torrents even easier
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Keep reading our article and you will know why Folx is the greatest torrent client.

uTorrent Alternative for Big Sur macOS: Advice to Choose

With macOS Catalina dropping support for 32-bit apps, the people at uTorrent took a very interesting decision in not upgrading their app to 64-bit. Instead, they just turned uTorrent into a web-based app that can be accessed from all operating systems without restrictions.

And while the move wasn’t necessarily a bad one, Mac users that want to rely on a standalone app to download torrents are now left without the most popular solution.

If you’re one of the users wondering if macOS Big Sur will come with a dedicated uTorrent app, the short answer is “no”, you will need to look for a uTorrent alternative for Big Sur. Luckily, you won’t have to search for long since we’re presenting an app that’s not just a Big Sur uTorrent alternative, but also an upgrade - Folx.

Folx - the Best uTorrent Alternative macOS Big Sur - Compatible

The list of requirements for Folx downloading below.
Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 36.87MB free space. Version 5.25.13974. (12 May, 2021). 4.8 Reviews(858)
Category: UtilitiesApplication

You will never have to spend time looking for a uTorrent alternative macOS 11 app if you give Folx a shot. This powerful download manager can take care of all your download needs in macOS Big Sur delivering a wide list of features and total control over the download process.

Folx works perfectly as Big Sur uTorrent alternative.

Even in its free version, Folx is capable of replacing uTorrent for all the download needs a Mac user may encounter. Besides the biggest advantage of coming as a 64-bit app, it offers multithread downloading, the ability to pause and resume downloads as you wish, and multiple integrations.

Since torrent client for Mac is all about versatility in its free version, it enables batch downloads, downloading via proxy, and integration with Spotlight. In other words, you can easily find a uTorrent alternative for macOS Big Sur in the free version of Folx. And if that’s the case, just imagine what you can do with the PRO version of this app!

Try Folx for Mac
Folx - the Best uTorrent Alternative

Take Things to Another Level with Folx PRO - The Only Big Sur uTorrent Alternative You’ll Need

Since we’ve already established that the free version of Folx can successfully replace uTorrent for any Mac user that wants to download torrents, it’s time to check out what more can this app bring to the table. And if you’re all about features and flexibility, you’re going to love discovering the perks you get when you take this uTorrent alternative for macOS 11 and upgrade it to PRO.

First of all, the number of multi-threads jumps from 2 to 20 which means your download speed will get a considerable boost. Just as important, with Folx PRO you will be able to schedule downloads as you wish so that you don’t use the entire bandwidth when someone else needs the Wi-Fi connection as well.

Another feature that makes Folx PRO the best uTorrent alternative for Big Sur is the ability to integrate it with Apple Music and immediately build playlists to listen on other devices such as an iPad or iPod. If you’re downloading multiple torrents at once, Folx PRO will be able to decide which one needs prioritizing thanks to the smart speed adjustment feature.

And on top of everything, you will be able to search for torrents directly in the app or save several passwords in Folx so you can access websites easily without the need to log in separately.

What are the Main Highlights of macOS Big Sur?

Just like they do with every new macOS, Apple is going to radically change the way users enjoy their Macs through Big Sur. The new operating system does not only continue the trend of offering support only to 64-bit apps, but it also comes with exciting innovation when it comes to browsing, Mac settings, and design.

This OS puts a lot more accent on streamlined apps. No matter if we’re talking about sidebars that occupy the entire height of the screen or the curvy window edges, Big Sur is designed to look good while being extremely functional.

The dock is also going to be upgraded to give it a sleek design which allows you to access your favorite apps a lot easier than before. All the icons placed in the dock will be uniform and it’s going to dramatically improve the user experience.

If you already think Big Sur just can’t get any better, wait until you hear about the new and improved Control Center that allows you to quickly turn the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or AirDrop on and off, put the Mac in “Do Not Disturb” mode, adjust keyboard brightness as well sound volume and display intensity.

The Dark Mode is available in Big Sur as well and it can easily be turned on from the Control Center while the Notification Center will make sure you’re always up to date.

On top of all these changes, macOS Big Sur comes with a total rehaul for Safari, making the browser a lot more versatile, improving browsing speed, and making it a lot more customizable. The list of upgrades brought by Big Sur goes on, however, you shouldn’t forget that it will support 64-bit applications only.

Try Folx for Mac
Folx - the Best uTorrent Alternative

The Bottom Line About Folx as a uTorrent Alternative Working in Big Sur

We’ve promised you an app that does not only replace uTorrent in the newer versions of macOS but also comes with something extra.

Folx and Folx PRO are more than capable of doing the job that uTorrent once did as a standalone app. Since the developers at uTorrent decided to go for a web-based app for their torrent tracker ever since macOS Catalina, lots of users have started looking for an uTorrent alternative working in Big Sur.

And after checking out all the features and functionality Folx brings to the table, there’s no doubt that you can rely on this torrent client for Mac for fast, accurate, and flexible torrent downloads.

Easily schedule the downloads for when you’re not using the computer, tell the app what to do once the download finishes, control the maximum bandwidth used by Folx for each download, and sync Apple Music on the go. All these features and many more are waiting to be discovered in Folx!

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve already had a chance to discover Fox's features and the way it can replace uTorrent in all its functions. However, no matter how easy to use or versatile an app is, questions will always arise about how it works. So, we decided to do a research and find the questions asked by most uTorrent users and answer them here.

Many users recommend version 2.2.1 as the best uTorrent version on offer. It’s safer than the other ones available, and far more reliable. That said, it’s recommended that you back up the app data daily. While 2.2.1 is reliable, it is still possible that you could lose data if it gets corrupted.

Once you’re set on the road of finding an alternative for uTorrent that will work on macOS Big Sur, you should know that the best place to look is right here, on this website. Not only that you’re getting info about an ideal replacement for uTorrent, but you’re also getting exhaustive information on what Folx does extra compared to uTorrent.

You should always keep in mind that a friendly user-interface, multiple functions, and fast downloads should be the key features for the uTorrent alternative for Big Sur you’re going to choose.

This comparison can’t be made since there’s no 64-bit uTorrent app for Mac. If such a version would have existed, users that upgrade to macOS Big Sur wouldn’t need to look for alternatives when it comes to downloading their favorite torrents.

However, the main differences between a 32-bit and a 64-bit app come from the speed with which the app performs actions. A 64-bit app is a lot faster than a 32-bit one as it can use 16 exabytes of memory. So, when using a uTorrent alternative macOS 11 torrenting app you basically get more processing power and faster downloads compared to 32-bit or web-based software.

After everything we found about Folx as a download manager and torrent tracker, there’s only one logical conclusion. This app represents the very best replacement for uTorrent in macOS Big Sur as well as Catalina. Available as standalone, 64-bit software, Folx boasts features that make uTorrent look like an open-source app.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t waste more time looking for a good uTorrent alternative for Big Sur since Folx (both in the free and PRO versions) delivers all the functionality you will ever need to download all types of content on your Mac.

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 36.87MB size
Version 5.25.13974 (12 May, 2021) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication