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Download video on Mac with
Elmedia Player PRO

Elmedia Player PRO is a multitasking video downloader Mac app. In case you were wondering how to download videos on Mac this one can play and download pretty much any media file. This Mac video downloader boasts a large number of handy features like built-in web browser that allows you to surf the Internet and find the right video to download, and Open URL option to watch YouTube videos without annoying ads. After you downloaded a file with Elmedia Player PRO you can play it with any format and resolution in free version of player.

Download from YouTube PRO

Saving YouTube videos to your computer is easy, including the complete YouTube playlists. When downloading you can also select the preferred video format and resolution for your file. If the original video you are downloading had subtitles, Elmedia Player PRO will save them along as an SRT file.

Extract Audio PRO

And what if in fact you only need an audio track instead of the complete YouTube video? Elmedia has it covered! Instead of saving the entire video, save your time & disk space by downloading MP3, M4A or other supported sound format out of the video.
Watch YouTube videos online

Watch YouTube videos online

With the Open Online Video option you can conveniently play online videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) without opening the browser. And this means: no noisy ads! In PRO version you can also download the file via the context menu or open it in a web browser.
Built-in Web Browser

Built-in Web Browser

Elmedia Player gracefully integrates web support to watch online media without leaving the app. Just click the button in the control panel to switch to Browser mode.

Download all types of videos PRO

Anything you can think of, Elmedia can even download streaming videos on Mac (embedded via HTML5 and RTMP videos). The app supports popular video hosting services as Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Facebook etc. It works exactly the same as downloading from YouTube – switch to browser mode, enter the link, choose a video and click Download.

Download SWF Resources PRO

When working with online SWF files you may need to download extra files additionally to initial SWF. Elmedia Player detects them and list them for you to download when needed.

Stream music and videos from Elmedia to AirPlay devices and vice versa PRO

Elmedia Player is a perfect AirPlay Receiver. It lets you stream music and videos from any AirPlay device (Mac, iOS, Android) to it. Or go the opposite direction by streaming content from a Mac with Elmedia installed to another Mac with Elmedia or other AirPlay app. The instructions on how to do that can be found here.

Make screenshots of the videos PRO

Make a screenshot of any moment of the movie or make the whole movie a series of screenshots. During the process of taking series of screenshots it is not recommended to switch to another video. Also, note that pausing the playback will result in the continuous taking of screenshots of the paused frame.The resulting images can be saved as TIFF, PNG, GIF.

Benefits of Elmedia Player PRO

Free player for Mac supports multiple video and audio file types. Elmedia strives to make viewing an enjoyment for you: Open online video option, full-screen mode, video tuner, on-screen display of movie controls, fit image into screen, etc.

# Options Free PRO
1 Save videos, including RTMP streams, and external files required by SWF animations
2 Download YouTube videos and audio
3 Make a screenshot of a video or create a set of images
4 Convert Projector EXE files to SWF
5 AirPlay music and videos from Elmedia Player to other devices and vice versa
6 Playback enhancement options (A-B loop, 10-band audio equalizer with presets, video and image layout adjustments, etc.)
7 FLV, SWF, AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, DIVX, DAT and many more videos are supported
8 Built-in web browser
9 Open Online Video option to watch YouTube videos without ads
10 Enjoy Flash files in full-screen mode
What our customers say
    Powerful yet easy to use app. I always recommend it to my friends. I am impressed with its fantastic interface and the options it contains. The fact that I can even download streaming videos is a pleasant bonus of the PRO version.
    Mike Breed
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  • Requirements: OS X 10.9+
  • Version: 7.10(2005) (7th Apr, 2020)
  • Reviews(367): 4.9
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  • Total downloads: 1,537,765

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