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Twitter video downloader for macOS

Twitter video downloader: best apps and online solutions

Twitter video downloader is a useful tool and it's important to choose the one that suits all your requirements. We are here to help you choose the most convenient way to download videos from Twitter.

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Twitter is very dynamic with tons of new content being added every day. If you saw a video you like and want to view again, it’s a great idea to download it. Otherwise, it could be hard to find it again. Another good reason to download Twitter video comes from the fact that the platform doesn’t back up media for a very long time.

So, to make sure all your favorite videos are stored in a safe environment, you’ll need a reliable Twitter Mac video downloader. We’re going to take a close look at some of the best video downloaders.

How to download Twitter videos using VideoDuke

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Requirements: OS X 10.12+. 26.83MB of free space. Version 1.16.296. (16 Mar, 2021). 4.5 Reviews(89)
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac

We’re kicking off our list of apps to download videos from Twitter with the best there is. VideoDuke is the complete video downloader that can be used on Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion and plenty other websites.

VideoDuke can download and pick exactly what you wish to get from Twitter.

It’s versatile and delivers a wide range of functions that will help you save all your favorite videos. You can save the videos in various video formats, including MP4 and the best part of it is that you get 2 free downloads to see how VideoDuke performs.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be a computer enthusiast to use VideoDuke and download Twitter videos. The user interface was designed to deliver a smooth interaction for all users. However, just in case you feel like you need some guidance when using VideoDuke, check out the complete step-by-step guide on how to perform a Twitter video download:

First step is to download VideoDuke and install on your Mac.
While the app is installing on your Mac, open your browser and go to Twitter to find the video you’ll be downloading. Log into your account if it’s required during the process.
Get the video URL and then open VideoDuke.
You’ll immediately locate the input box in the app, just paste the Twitter URL here and press Enter.
VideoDuke will immediately start to prepare the Twitter video for download and by selecting the “Video” tab in the app you will be able to commence the download process.
Click the “Download” button in VideoDuke and allow the app to process the request and save the file. The default folder for saving the video is Downloads - VideoDuke but you can change it if you want to. Just go to Preferences and select the “Save downloaded files to” option.

icon pros Pros

  • Choose the mode that works best for you - Simple and Advanced
  • Comes with full browser integration
  • Can download videos in bulk from hundreds of websites and social media platform
  • User-friendly interface for smooth operation
  • Offers a free trial.

icon cons Cons

  • The free trial only includes two videos and you need to get the full app by paying for it to continue.

Supported OS: VideoDuke can only be used on macOS. Anything above macOSX 10.12 Sierra or above is supported.

If you want a Twitter downloader that you can always count on, VideoDuke is the best bet. Capable of delivering fast downloads and handling more complicated tasks at the same time, this app is perfect for all users. Furthermore, you get the two free downloads with all the features enabled so you can get a clear idea of what the software is capable of!

Even though we think VideoDuke is the best app to download videos from Twitter, we’re not stopping here. We’ve prepared a complete list of alternatives below so keep reading!

Alternatives to Twitter video downloader for Mac

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Gihosoft TubeGet
Ummy Downloader
iTube Studio
Total Video Downloader
Mac Video Downloader
Bigasoft for Mac
Allavsoft for Mac
MacX Downloader
YTD for Mac
iPubsoft Downloader
4K Video Downloader
YouTube Compatible
YouTube Compatible
Other Websites Compatible
Other Websites Compatible
Intuitive Design
Intuitive Design
Browser integration
Browser integration
Download MP3
Download MP3
SoundCloud only  
4K/8K video support
4K/8K video support
Extact YouTube MP3
Extact YouTube MP3
Subtitles download
Subtitles download
macOS 10.15+
macOS 10.15+
2 free downloads
2 free downloads
Try VideoDuke for Mac
Download Twitter video Mac

Apowersoft Video Downloader

The first stop in our list of alternative apps you can use as a video downloader for Twitter app comes from Apowersoft Video Downloader. You can download it for free and once you add it to your computer, just paste the URL for the Twitter video. It doesn’t have a download limit so you can use it for as many videos as you want. Also, you get a free download with all the features enabled to test its power.

The summary for Apowersoft Video Downloader:

icon pros Pros

  • Rapidly download Twitter videos and from other Social Media sites as well
  • Multiples choices when it comes to video formats
  • Various settings for resolution and settings to get the needed video.

icon cons Cons

  • It only offers one download as a free trial, afterwards you need to download pay for the full version of the app.

Supported OS: Any macOS starting with 10.7 and all the way to macOS X 10.13 High Sierra supports Apowersoft.

Apowersoft is a good alternative for users looking for a Twitter downloader video app. The list of features is enough to meet the needs of users, however, the free trial is limited to just one video. All in all, it’s a great method to save Twitter videos and build an offline library.

AllMyTube for Mac

Next in line, another excellent tool to download Twitter videos on your Mac. AllMyTube for Mac, just like the name suggests, is an app developed with Mac functionality in mind. It comes with a free trial version and it displays a nice list of features.

Use it to download Facebook videos, MySpace or Instagram as well to save videos quickly and in great quality. The entire list of websites includes over 10,000 entries and it can even help you with downloading videos from Vimeo or Netflix.

The summary for AllMyTube for Mac:

icon pros Pros

  • Can handle a long list of Social Media websites, as well as many streaming services
  • Can save dedicated videos for various iOS and macOS devices
  • It also works on video-streaming services like Netflix.

icon cons Cons

  • The user interface can get a bit complicated for first-time users.

Supported OS: Available for macOS X 10.10 Yosemite however, if you are running an older operating system, you will find earlier version as well.

AllMyTube is a video downloader Twitter that you can count on. Sure, it may not offer the same options as VideoDuke, however, if you want to quickly save Twitter videos, it does the job. Remember that you can only use it for one free video then you have to buy the full version.

Gihosoft TubeGet for Mac

Do you want a quicked video download from Twitter without having to choose formats, quality settings, or other such things? Then you should give Gihosoft TubeGet for Mac a shot. This app works with the same principle of pasting the Twitter URL in its interface, however, you have everything on one page. A couple of clicks and the download can start to save the video to your Desktop or any other destination.

The summary for Gihosoft TubeGet for Mac:

icon pros Pros

  • Rapidly download Twitter videos to save them on your Mac
  • Easy to use and good download speeds
  • Offers bulk downloads.

icon cons Cons

  • Could use an interface upgrade as it looks a bit outdated.

Supported OS: Gihosoft TubeGet is only available for macOS starting with Snow Leopard and all the way to Mojave.

Ideal for a quick Twitter download, Gihosoft TubeGet is exceptional as a video downloader. You will get the video on your drive in a matter of seconds and that’s exactly what most users want from their downloader. However, if you want to do more with it, you’ll have to look for another software.

iTube HD Video Downloader

There are so many videos on Twitter that you need all the alternatives to VideoDuke you can get. iTube HD Video downloader is next on our list and it’s offering a top-class functionality. You just have to grab the Twitter URL and paste it here to get the download started. Choose the format from the likes of MP4, 3GP, WMV, AVI or Mov and start building that offline library you can access anywhere at any time.

The summary for iTube HD Video Downloader:

icon pros Pros

  • Quickly download any Twitter video
  • Can be used on Facebook and Instagram as well with excellent results
  • Choose from a wide list of formats to save your video.

icon cons Cons

  • If you want to get more out of this Twitter video downloader, you’ll have to get the paid version as the free trial offers standard functions only.

Supported OS: You can use iTube HD Video Downloader on mac OSX 10.11 El Capitan, Yosemite, Tiger, and Panther.

You’re looking at a great Twitter video downloader, no matter how you put it. It deserved a spot on this list as it delivers great functionality. Versatile and easy to use, this downloader is a great choice.

4K Video Downloader

If you’re all about quality and downloading videos at the highest resolution possible, the 4K Video Downloader should be your first stop after VideoDuke. Just like the software we presented first, this one handles 4K downloads given the source video is 4K as well. You’ll probably have a hard time finding a 4K video on Twitter given the way the social media platform handles the content displayed on it.

However, it’s good to know you can get 4K videos with this app.

The summary for 4K Video Downloader:

icon pros Pros

  • Supports great quality of up to 4K
  • Can be used on other websites as well for excellent downloads
  • You can download multiple Twitter videos at once with this app.

icon cons Cons

  • You won’t find any 4K videos on Twitter, however, it’s still a feature worth having when downloading from YouTube or other sources that it supports.

Supported OS: You can use the 4K Video Downloader on any macOS starting with High Sierra and above.

Even if the chances of finding 4K videos on Twitter is pretty slim, this app is still an excellent solution to have on your Mac. Use it on other social media sites and get everything you need with it.

Top Twitter video downloader online solutions

For those of you that may want to download Twitter videos without having to install additional software on your computers, we have a list of online solutions as well. Check it out!


An app that is built with functionality in mind, TwitterVideoDownloader works 100% online. Just open the website, paste the Twitter URL in its dedicated search box and you can get started right away.

The summary for TwitterVideoDownloader:

icon pros Pros

  • No need to download additional software
  • Direct download of Twitter videos
  • Easy to use interface.

icon cons Cons

  • Doesn’t provide the quality settings and format options a downloaded app would.

You can say lots of things about this Twitter video downloader, however, none of them are bad. It delivers a quick and smooth download process for Twitter videos.


Another online solution to download Twitter video online comes from SaveTweetVid. Its dedicated name says it all, you will be able to use this website to rapidly save Twitter videos on your Mac. Just insert the URL in the interface, hit download, and wait for the website to work its magic. The download speed depends a lot on your internet connection, however, it’s great to download any Twitter video without installing an app.

The summary for SaveTweetVid:

icon pros Pros

  • Fast and easy to use to download Twitter videos
  • Offers plenty of format options to choose from
  • The website looks great and is easy to use.

icon cons Cons

  • You are 100% dependent on your internet connection for download speed.

The bottom line about SaveTweetVid is that it’s a great website to save Twitter videos which offers a fast and easy operation!


If you are looking for a Twitter video download online solution that can also double as an MP3 downloader, you need to check this one out. DownloadTwitterVideo offers a website that is available in most languages of the world. With a big search box where you enter the Twitter URL, the website is very easy to use to get the job done. Choose between MP4 or MP4 HD and get any Twitter video.

The summary for DownloadTwitterVideo:

icon pros Pros

  • Great interface that makes it easy to use even by beginners
  • MP4 and MP4 HD options for formats
  • Doubles as an MP3 downloader if you just want the audio from a Twitter video.

icon cons Cons

  • The MP4 HD features can only be used if you subscribe to their service.

If you’re not sure which online solution to choose when downloading Twitter videos, the fact that this can also download MP3 can make it stand out. A great way to download Twitter videos all in all.


As you can imagine, there are a lot of online solutions available out there for users that want to download Twitter videos. TWdownload is another one of them and you will be able to get the videos simply by pasting your URL. Then hit the download button and the video is automatically downloaded. Also, you can share the fact that you used it to download Twitter videos on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The summary for TWdownload:

icon pros Pros

  • Fast and easy to use
  • You only need the Twitter video URL to download your file
  • Easy share your activity with friends to inspire them as well.

icon cons Cons

  • Can only download in MP4 format and there are limited video quality settings.

TWdownload is the type of online video downloader designed for speed and efficiency. Not exactly the best when it comes to choosing formats and resolutions, but an excellent solution for those that want to quickly save their Twitter videos.


Last but not least, sssTwitter is the final solution to download Twitter video online. It comes with an exceptional interface and can be used as a Twitter video downloader Chrome extension as well. As long as you use Chrome, you can add sssTwitter extensions to rapidly download Twitter videos without accessing the website.

The summary for sssTwitter:

icon pros Pros

  • Very appealing interface that makes the website easy to use
  • Has a Chrome extension to make it even easier to use
  • Can download private Twitter videos.

icon cons Cons

  • Once more, the quality settings are limited since we’re talking about an online solution.

Thanks to the Chrome extension, sssTwitter is an excellent solution for all users that want a fast process from accessing the Twitter video to getting it on the hard drive. This eliminates the need to copy the URL and paste it on the website.

Twitter video downloader iPhone and Android editions

Naturally, some users will want to save the Twitter videos on their phones. Since most of Twitter visitors use their smartphones or tablets to access the website, it makes perfect sense to include some mobile downloaders as well.

Download Twitter Video (Android)

A quick look at Downloader Twitter Video features:

Now, if you are looking to download Twitter video Android is the operating system that is most likely to deliver a dedicated app for that. And Downloader Twitter Video is the name of the app that will allow you to save Twitter videos on your phone. It’s an app that comes with ads but you can remove them for good for just 99 cents.

To get your video just hit the Share button and copy the tweet link. Next, open the app on your phone and paste it to save the video.

icon pros Pros

  • Save Twitter videos directly to your Android device
  • Fast downloads by copying the Twitter URL
  • Can remove the ads from the app entirely.

icon cons Cons

  • There are limited quality settings with this app and it will cost 99 cents to remove the ads.

To save your Twitter videos on an Android phone, you just need Download Twitter Video and the job is done for you. While it’s not as equipped as a Mac app, it will get the job done and you can access the Twitter videos at any time from your mobile.

Video | GIF Downloader for Twitter (Android)

A quick look at Video | GIF Downloader for Twitter features:

You can get this app from Google Play if you want to rapidly save any Twitter video on your Android phone. Just add it to your phone, open it and you will be able to save videos and GIFs from the social media. Use the Share button to get the process started and select “Video Downloader for Twitter” from the list. Next, choose the quality settings and decide if it will go on your SD card or internal storage.

icon pros Pros

  • Smooth operation thanks to an intuitive user interface
  • Can save videos and GIFs from Twitter 100% free
  • Ads in the app are very discrete and don’t interrupt your process.

icon cons Cons

  • While the app does the job excellently, the download speed isn’t as good as with an online solution.

This app is the perfect answer if you are wondering how to download videos from Twitter Android. It’s free to download from the Google Store and it offers an exceptional experience with limited ads.

Apple’s Shortcuts App (iOS)

A quick look at Apple’s Shortcuts App features:

If you are looking for a solution to download Twitter video to iPhone, you will be able to rely on the Shortcuts app. You can use this app to create shortcuts for just about anything using commands or through Siri. Launch the app from the Today widget and you can automate Twitter video downloads in just a few quick steps.

icon pros Pros

  • Already available on most iPhones
  • Can save Twitter videos with great quality and make them available on your iPhone
  • The download speed is very good both on Wi-Fi and mobile data.

icon cons Cons

  • The videos downloaded with Shortcuts are not available when you don’t have an Internet connection.

Probably the best version to easily save your favorite Twitter videos. You can trust Shortcuts to always get the job done and it’s free to use as well!

Documents by Readdle (iOS)

A quick look at Documents by Readdle features:

Another perfect answer for how to download Twitter videos to iPhone questions comes from the Documents app by Readdle. Just download the app from the App store, add it to your phone and then go to the Twitter post and copy the link. Then, launch the app and access in its browser. Paste the link and the Twitter video will be saved in your camera roll of the iPhone as soon as you hit “Done”.

icon pros Pros

  • Save Twitter videos in Camera Roll
  • It’s free to download and can be used to save documents as well as other files
  • There are no ads to ruin your experience.

icon cons Cons

  • You won’t be able to download several Twitter videos at once using this app.

iPhone users will be thrilled to be able to download Twitter videos so easily with Documents. This app is a multi-functional one that can deliver a wide range of services so you get a lot of value when you install it.

Final thoughts on how to choose the best Twitter video downloader

After checking out the available solutions to download Twitter videos on various devices and operating systems, it’s time to draw the line and try to choose the winner. Of course, every user focuses on a certain aspect that makes an app the best. However, with the versatility and functionality it offers, VideoDuke stands tout from the crowd.

The two free downloads, coupled with the ability to quickly download videos or go to the Advanced mode to get other files as well make it the best choice for all types of users. It can be used in-browser as well as a standalone desktop app for excellent service.


As long as the downloaded content is not protected by copyrights, it is not illegal to download it. Furthermore, if you only download the videos for personal use, even if there’s copyright protection you can still download them and store them on your computer or phone. So, feel free to get a Twitter video downloader app and save the videos you want.
The videos posted in Direct Messages that are not shared from Twitter and don’t have an Twitter URL will be harder to save with the apps dedicated to this social media app. However, an all-in-one downloader such as VideoDuke will have no problems downloading these videos as well. Just get the source of the video, paste it in VideoDuke and that’s it!

The same way you download any other video from Twitter, using a dedicated downloader. It doesn’t make any difference if the video is posted by a real person or a bot. The process remains the same and you can save all videos with an app like VideoDuke.

The entire list of supported websites includes thousands of websites. Use VideoDuke as an Instagram downloader for Mac, Dailymotion video downloader, as well as download video from Twitch and download TikTok videos quickly and in great quality.

To get Twitter videos without using a standalone app, you can use the various online solutions available out there.

However, you must be very careful since these websites may not always work and also give you less options when it comes to choosing format and resolution settings. That’s why we recommend using VideoDuke video downloader for Twitter for its versatility and the fact it offers two free downloads and a browser integration as well. Besides downloading videos from Twitter, it comes as a good Tumblr video downloader Mac, Facebook video downloader Mac and Vimeo video downloader Mac.

Requirements: OS X 10.12+ , 26.83MB of free space
Version 1.16.296 (16 Mar, 2021) Release notes
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac