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Try the best Tumblr video downloader

Tumblr video downloader: best apps and other solutions

There are many videos on Tumblr, and if you've ever wanted to save them to your computer for later viewing, then this guide is for you. Here we will show you how to download Tumblr videos using the best solutions.

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If you are a Tumblr fan, you may have wondered how to download Tumblr videos to save and share. Tumblr is amazing but doesn’t have as many adherents as other social sharing platforms, which can make it frustrating when you REALLY want to show that hilarious video/cat GIF/animated meme to friends who aren’t on Tumblr.

We’ve got good news for you! There are multiple ways to download your favorite videos from Tumblr using an online tool, browser extension, or with a dedicated Tumblr Mac video downloader. Whichever way you prefer, we’ve got you covered with directions and reviews on the most popular Tumblr video downloaders.

How to download Tumblr videos using VideoDuke

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Requirements: OS X 10.12+. 26.83MB of free space. Version 1.16.296. (16 Mar, 2021). 4.5 Reviews(89)
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac

VideoDuke for Mac is a video downloader app that makes downloading your favorite Tumblr videos easy and secure. You can choose the video format you want from MP4, FLV, 3GP, or M4V and the quality you want to save your Tumblr videos to your Mac for watching offline or sharing with users outside Tumblr. Saving videos could not be easier than with VideoDuke.

Download not only Tumblr videos but also other files related to the Tumblr web page using VideoDuke.

Here are the simple, step-by-step instructions for how to save a video from Tumblr on Mac using VideoDuke:

Download and install VideoDuke on your Mac, following the installation prompts.
Once VideoDuke is installed, open the app and use the built-in browser to find the Tumblr page with the video you want to download. Press play on the video to start processing it for download.
VideoDuke will automatically prepare the video for download in the ‘Video’ tab of the app.
Select the output format you prefer (MP4, M4V, 3GP, FLV, etc) then hit download.
The video will download and save to the default folder, which you can adjust in VideoDuke settings -> ‘Save downloaded files to.’ Otherwise, it will save in the Downloads folder, and you can simply move it to the file of your choice.
Voila! You have your Tumblr video saved to your Mac to watch, share, or add to your media library as you wish!

icon pros Pros

  • Pick between simple and advanced modes
  • Browser integration makes finding videos super convenient
  • Compatible with hundreds of video streaming sites and social media platforms
  • Easy and fast with a great user experience.

icon cons Cons

  • VideoDuke only offers two free downloads to test it before you pay to use the awesome features of the app.

Supported OS: VideoDuke is compatible with macOS X 10.12 (Sierra) and later.

When it comes to finding the best Tumblr video downloader Mac users can depend on, VideoDuke may just be the winner. With convenient download features like built-in browsing, two modes, file format, and output destination settings, and compatibility with hundreds of sites, VideoDuke is hard to beat!

Other ways to download Tumblr videos on Mac

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Gihosoft TubeGet
Ummy Downloader
iTube Studio
Total Video Downloader
Mac Video Downloader
Bigasoft for Mac
Allavsoft for Mac
MacX Downloader
YTD for Mac
iPubsoft Downloader
4K Video Downloader
YouTube Compatible
YouTube Compatible
Other Websites Compatible
Other Websites Compatible
Intuitive Design
Intuitive Design
Browser integration
Browser integration
Download MP3
Download MP3
SoundCloud only  
4K/8K video support
4K/8K video support
Extact YouTube MP3
Extact YouTube MP3
Subtitles download
Subtitles download
macOS 10.15+
macOS 10.15+
2 free downloads
2 free downloads
Try VideoDuke for Mac
Download Tumblr video Mac

Gihosoft TubeGet for Mac

Gihosoft TubeGet is an app that lets you know how to download Tumblr videos Mac and download videos from other popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Choose from video output formats like MP3, MP4, MKV, MOV, or AVI and file resolution ranging from 240p to 8k.

The summary for Gihosoft TubeGet:

icon pros Pros

  • Choose preferred download settings
  • Wide range of format/resolution options
  • Fast and easy to use.

icon cons Cons

  • Free version of the app has download caps and reduced speeds.

Supported OS: MacOS X 10.6 and later.

Gihosoft TubeGet is a reliable software for Tumblr video downloads, but it’s definitely worth paying for the pro version because of download caps.

iTube HD Video Downloader

iTube Studio is a solution for anyone who wants to know how to download a video from Tumblr on Mac with a single click. It offers fast downloads, batch saving options, and simultaneous downloading to make saving Tumblr videos offline quick and easy.

The summary for iTube HD Video Downloader:

icon pros Pros

  • Optimizes files for playback on any device
  • Features a built-in web browser for searching within app
  • Batch downloads for convenience.

icon cons Cons

  • Offers a free trial then requires users to pay to upgrade.

Supported OS: MacOSX 10.9 to 10.14.

iTube Studio is a robust video downloader app for Mac users who want fast downloads and convenient features and don’t mind paying for it.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is an app you can rely on for quality video downloads from Vimeo and other popular websites that lets Mac users quickly and easily build up a media library.

The summary for 4K Video Downloader:

icon pros Pros

  • Download videos with one click
  • Many options for video format and resolution
  • Offers Smart Download feature.

icon cons Cons

  • Not as reliable at grabbing videos.
  • Free version isn’t as useful as premium, which requires a payment.

Supported OS: MacOSX 10.6 and later.

4K Video Downloader makes it easy for anyone to figure out how to download video from Tumblr on Mac with one-click downloads and easy install that makes it simple and accessible for all users.

Online Tumblr video downloaders


If you want to know how to save videos off Tumblr without downloading an app, you can try an online video downloader for Tumblr like TubeOffline. You simply find the Tumblr video you want to save, copy the URL, open TubeOffline and paste the URL into the input box to download.

The summary for TubeOffline:

icon pros Pros

  • No need to install an app to use it
  • Offers users some video format options
  • Just copy and paste for easy use.

icon cons Cons

  • Ads open constantly when clicking.

TubeOffline is great for a quick Tumblr video download but the user experience is harmed by ads.


DownloadVideosFrom is a simple online app to download video from Tumblr without installing any software on your Mac. It is free to use and makes it easy to copy, paste, and click for downloads.

The summary for DownloadVideosFrom:

icon pros Pros

  • Bright, clean website with few ads
  • Gives option to download HD
  • Has instructions to download on the site.

icon cons Cons

  • Limited download options
  • Doesn’t always work.

DownloadVideosFrom is an online video downloader that can be a good option for users who don’t want to install an app and don’t mind limited download options.


ForDownloader another online Tumblr downloader the offers users a designated web version just for Tumblr video downloads. It has some ads, but no click pop-ups, which makes it more pleasant than some other online apps.

The summary for ForDownloader:

icon pros Pros

  • Simple, clean design
  • Offers instructions to download using the site
  • Easy to use.

icon cons Cons

  • No video formatting options
  • Doesn’t always work.

ForDownloader can work for a quick Tumblr video download, but it sometimes isn’t able to grab the video you want to save.

How to save videos from Tumblr in browsers

Download by Chrome without any software

It’s possible to download Tumblr videos in Chrome, but you have to find the source link of the Tumblr video by selecting “Inspect,” and searching the code for “video/mp4” to find the source link of the video to open outside Tumblr and save.

Pros and cons of the method “Download Tumblr videos by Chrome without any software”:

icon pros Pros

  • No need to install any app.

icon cons Cons

  • Many steps to follow
  • Tedious for many downloads.

This option works if you don’t want an app and don’t mind a little work.

Download using Firefox browser

You can also download Tumblr videos without any software using Firefox by right-clicking the page, choosing “Save Page As…,” and hitting “Web page, complete.” This downloads the entire webpage. The MP4 file is in the “a_data” folder.

Pros and cons of the method “Download Tumblr videos using Firefox browser”:

icon pros Pros

  • No app needed.

icon cons Cons

  • Have to save entire webpage just for video file.

The Firefox option works but becomes cumbersome if you have to do this for more than one Tumblr video download.

Tumblr video downloader Chrome extension

Another way to save videos from Tumblr is with a Chrome browser extension. Install TumTaster Chrome plugin for one-click Tumblr video download option while you scroll the site!

The summary for Tumblr video downloader Chrome extension:

icon pros Pros

  • Convenient to use while browsing Tumblr
  • Easy to install.

icon cons Cons

  • Doesn’t always work
  • Only for use on Tumblr.

The TumTaster Chrome extension is a quick and easy option for downloads, but it isn’t always reliable.

Tumblr video downloader extension for Firefox

For those who prefer Firefox, try an add-on video downloader Tumblr edition! Tumblr Video Downloader and Enhancer is the Firebox add-on for high quality Tumblr video downloads.

The summary for Tumblr video downloader extension for Firefox:

icon pros Pros

  • Easy to install and use
  • Simple to right-click videos for downloads.

icon cons Cons

  • Only for Tumblr videos
  • Limited features.

The Firefox add-on is a simple option if you want to scroll Tumblr while downloading but aren’t worried about format or quality settings.

Download Tumblr video on mobile devices

Tumblr video downloader Android edition

If you prefer to use Tumblr on your Android, don’t worry! The Timbloader Tumblr downloader video app is made for Android users to save and download Tumblr videos directly to their phones.

The summary for Tumblr video downloader extension for Android:

icon pros Pros

  • Made for Android specifically
  • Easy to use and save videos.

icon cons Cons

  • No video format options.

Timbloader can be ideal for Android users who mainly scroll Tumblr on their phones and want videos saved for mobile use.

Download Tumblr videos iPhone solution

iPhone users who like to browse Tumblr also have a Tumblr download video option using Screen Recorder. This lets users record their screen while the Tumblr video is playing to save and share or watch later!

The summary for Tumblr video downloader extension for iPhone:

icon pros Pros

  • No need to install an app.

icon cons Cons

  • Time-consuming to save videos this way.

Using Screen Recorder on iPhone is another option to save Tumblr videos but takes more time.

Final thoughts on how to choose the best Tumblr video downloader

The option you pick to download Tumblr videos depends on your preference! Do you want the ease of a browser extension, or would you like to avoid installing a new app? Do you use Tumblr on your phone or your desktop? Do you download videos from Tumblr once in a while or do bulk downloads daily?

For anyone who wants a reliable, easy-to-use Tumblr video downloader, we think VideoDuke is the best choice as an all-in-one video download solution that gives users many formatting and resolution options plus the convenience of built-in browsing that makes it pretty hard to beat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tumblr is a social sharing and blogging platform that lets users share and re-post blogs, videos, GIFs, pictures, memes, audio, links, or a mix of all these. It has a loyal base of users and has gained traction with artsy types like poets, musicians, visual artists, graphic designers, and writers.

There are multiple ways to download videos from Tumblr app depending on your preference. We prefer using a dedicated desktop app like VideoDuke to securely and quickly save your favorite Tumblr videos offline. Whether you want to download Instagram videos Mac, save TikTok videos or download Twitch video, or just need a Vimeo downloader for Mac, VideoDuke is ideal for downloading from various sites.

You can also try online video download apps, browser extensions, and mobile apps that you can use to download Tumblr videos to Mac or a PC or phone.

You can download a GIF from Tumblr by opening the website, finding the GIF you want to save, right-clicking on the GIF and selecting “save image as…” and choosing GIF image as the file output format. Then you should be able to find the animated GIF saved to the folder or destination you selected or in downloads. You can also use a Tumblr gif downloader like VideoDuke or any apps mentioned above.

VideoDuke is an all-in-one solution that makes downloading your favorite videos easier. When looking for a Dailymotion video downloader, and the tools for Facebook video download Mac users choose VideoDuke because the download process is simple and convenient.

If you want to download and save just the sound from a Tumblr video, you can use an app to extract the audio. VideoDuke is a trusty Tumblr audio downloader that makes it easy to extract the audio and download it as an MP3, M4A, WAV, or other formats you may want to listen later or save to your music library.
Requirements: OS X 10.12+ , 26.83MB of free space
Version 1.16.296 (16 Mar, 2021) Release notes
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac