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Try VideoDuke as Tumblr video downloader Chrome extension

Tumblr video downloader Chrome: 3 ways to save Tumblr video in browser

Tumblr is a fusion between a microblogging platform and a social network. Here you can find inspiration regarding any kind of subject you can think of - funny videos, images, short articles, and more.

This article will give you the best ways to store Tumblr content. From Tumblr video downloader Chrome extension and all the way to online solutions, everything is covered here.

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Proceed to learn how to download Tumblr videos in Chrome and other browsers.
The best way to have Tumblr videos in handy is to store them on your device. If you are using either Mac or Windows PC with any modern browser and you want to download videos, playlists, or movies, you are in the right place. Looking for Tumblr video downloader Mac solutions to download 4K videos or any other resolution, will get a lot easier once you go over the following paragraphs.

Tumblr video download Chrome extensions

Let us start with the first option, a Chrome extension, which is a program that can change the browser functionality or add new features. There are several extensions for downloading videos from Tumblr available in Chrome Web Store and from manufactures.

VideoDuke browser integration


Requirements: OS X 10.12+
Version: v2.1.450, Released 2 Nov, 2021 Release notes
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac

Going further, I will introduce you to VideoDuke, which stands out among other video downloading apps for Mac because it is quick and easy to use and supports a wide range of formats and resolutions from 144p up to 8K. Furthermore, you can even download audio tracks or supporting files like album art or closed caption with this video downloader for Mac.

This app integrates to download Tumblr videos Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other popular browsers.

VideoDuke is an excellent app that can support all the most popular video-sharing websites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, or YouTube. Also, it works as a Tumblr video downloader and can download videos from social media sites. The in-built search tool makes it easy to find your video, whichever sites you are downloading from, or you can easily download video from a URL.

Furthermore, you can choose the video downloader extension for Safari that allows you to stock your video with the help of a bookmark.

To download videos from Tumblr, just follow these simple steps:
Install VideoDuke on your Mac after downloading it from the official website.
Click "Integrate into browser" and drag the quick link into the bookmarks bar.
Next, just go to the Tumblr page where the video is located.

 VideoDuke will show you the list of video files available to download.
Finally, click the VideoDuke download button in the bookmarks bar and save your favorite video.
Try VideoDuke for Mac
Download Tumblr video Mac

Tumblr Video Downloader extension

Tumblr Video Downloader extension from Chrome Web Store is an excellent option because it allows you to download and cut videos from Tumblr easily. One of the benefits that you can get from this extension is that you can cut and crop the video and convert the format if you like. Also, it allows you to run downloads and edit locally in your browser, plus it is 100% secure for your privacy.

Follow the next 4 steps to download Tumblr video Chrome.

Here’s how it works:
Install the extension from Chrome.
Browse any Tumblr page, and you will see a violet button in the top-left corner allowing you to download the content.
Press that button to complete the process.
You can track the download progress in the popup window while cutting and cropping instruments are located in the browser.

Tumblr video downloader Chrome online solution

Let us not forget about the possibility of downloading your favorite videos directly online. If you’re not convinced a Tumblr video downloader Chrome extension is the way to go. An online video downloader is usually a free tool that helps access your favorite content offline by downloading and stock it on your chosen device. On the upside, you don’t need to have high technical knowledge to use it.

It is effortless; you just copy the link of your video in the specific area, and then you click the download button. That’s it! Unfortunately, on the downside, you could be exposing your device to cybernetic viruses. Here are some examples:

Save the Video

Save the Video ( is a great website and a pretty secure one, I would say, that allows you to download your favorite video from any popular platform. The reasons why you should give it a try are: there are no spammy ads, the process is fast, it is 100% free, have 100+ websites supported, you don’t need to log in, and it has a strict policy concerning data protection.

Here's how Save the Video looks like.


TubeOffline ( is a free media downloader and converter that helps you download any online video so you can watch it offline on any device. By doing so, you are improving the quality of the experience of watching the video because there will be no interference like ads or slow Internet connection.

Here's how TubeOffline looks like.


DreDown ( is another free-of-charge online video downloader that is quick and easy to use. Its unique interface allows you to choose between various popular platforms from where you can download your file.

Here's how DreDown looks like.

Download Tumblr videos Chrome solution without using extensions

If you want to test your high-tech skills, this following method is for you because it is more complicated and it involves source page code. We are talking about a way to download Tumblr video Chrome browser offers to users without needing an additional extension. If you are willing to do this extra work it is totally worth it to be able to download videos without involving third-party websites or apps. So here’s how you do it.

Follow the next 6 steps only if you clearly understand what you are doing.

Find the video that you want to download.
Click on the Share button and after click the Permalink button.
This will open the video page on a separate tab.
After that right-click on the video and select view frame source.
On the frame source code page, search for a link with the tag video_file. Press CTRL+F or Command+F on your keyboard to search text on a web page.
Finally, press right-click on this link and choose "Save link as" in order to save the video on your computer.

I will say that now you are well prepared to choose the right option for you between those plenty of methods regarding the downloading Tumblr video. To sum them up our first disused option was a Chrome extension, we also bring in matters Tumblr Video Downloader extension which is convenient and easy to use.

Not forgetting the online downloader video option that is free of charge, but having to deal with the risk of exposing your device to viruses. Also, we mention the method of downloading video in Chrome browser without any extension.

Last but not least, this great app VideoDuke possesses so many features downloading videos, images or movies, and even entire YouTube channels. By the way, I mentioned you get two free downloads with all features active to take it for a spin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose you intend to download Tumblr video from Chrome browser. In that case, you can install a straightforward extension to use, or you can do it manually (this method involves a code source page and is more complicated). Also, you can use an online video downloader or install a dedicated app for the job. Out of all the options, our top pick remains VideoDuke for its functionality and efficiency.
If your Tumblr videos won't play on Chrome and you want to download them to watch offline, there are several ways around that. Either you download the video online, install an app or an extension, and lastly, do this manually. VideoDuke, for example, allows you to even download private videos Tumblr allows for upload.
Saving videos directly from the Tumblr mobile app can be done through a third-party app. Both the App Store and Google Play have several apps for downloading Tumblr videos on mobile devices.
In order to save your Tumblr post, all you need to do is go to the Account icon on the upper right side, then choose settings and the post you want to save them click the "Export" button on the new screen. However, if said post contains images or video, you will need a dedicated Tumblr photo downloader like VideoDuke to get the job done.
Requirements: OS X 10.12+ , 54.58MB of free space
Version 2.1.450 (2 Nov, 2021) Release notes
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac