List of the top apps that sync an iPhone 7 with Mac OS X

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The question has always been, is using iCloud for data synchronization between an iPhone 7 and a Mac OS X computer sufficient for optimum experience? The answer is always the same NOT REALLY. The reason is because they can't mount an iPhone 7 as a local disk on a Mac. Neither are they effective in syncing an iPhone 7 with various macOS computers and non-Apple portable devices as some applications in the list below. Basically syncing media files, personal data like calendar and contacts can be done without a hitch but if you need to go beyond that, then you might want to consider choosing from more powerful sync apps from
the list.

Let's dissect them one at a time:

Sync iPhone 7 with Mac

1.SyncMate Application

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On top of the list is SyncMate. Of all the apps we evaluated, SyncMate was really impressive with syncing an iPhone 7 with a Mac. It comes equipped with various sync option that totally gives the user the chance to actually do a lot of syncs. It can sync personal data, media files, folders, reminders, bookmarks and lots more. Apart from synchronization, SyncMate can mount an iPhone 7 as a local disk on Mac OS X and you will be able to use it from the Mac. You can do things like transfer and backup data, text and check your call history all directly from the macOS.


SyncMate added some extra layer of protection to boost the confidence of the users by boycotting cloud storage when syncing an iPhone 7 with a Mac. When it syncs data, it doesn’t require you to reset your iPhone 7. In general, this app is user-friendly to both new and power users because of it’s easy to understand design sync accuracy.

2. Syncios for macOS

Syncios is an alternative sync tool that comes with incredible sync options and veracity. It handles the synchronization of an iPhone 7 and Mac OS X with ease, making it effortless to work with data from various devices. During our test, Syncios turned out to be more efficient in syncing data like music, videos, photos, apps, ebooks, contacts, messages and so on between a Mac and an iPhone 7. Syncios doesn't stop there, it goes further with the ability to extract iTunes backup data and use an iPhone 7 as an external storage device. It as well allows you to manage notes, contacts, and bookmarks on an iPhone 7 from macOS. Anybody can use Syncios because of its simple design.


3. BusyMac

BusyMac is not a typical sync tool, it made it to this list because of its laser-guided accuracy with syncing of specific kind of data. It can be categorized differently from other conventional sync tools like SyncMate. Here the sync options are limited to a very minimum but with guaranteed accuracy.

BusyMac can sync data like contacts and iCal. If your sync desire falls under the contacts and iCal alone then BusyMac is the app for the job.


4. PhotoSync Application

PhotoSync falls under the same class as BusyMac. It is precise about its sync capabilities. It's syncs only a particular type of data. During our evaluation, we discovered that photoSync's thin sync option allows it accomplish the ideal sync job. PhotoSync logs activities like which media file was transferred and it doesn't require a cloud storage to sync. It can transfer file, backup, share photos, and videos between an iPhone 7 and a Mac even over Wi-Fi.


Cloud storages

iCloud service

This is an exclusive storage and backup system for Apple device owners. iCloud is Apple's own cloud storage system with the ability to sync and save data across all Mac OS X and iOS devices. As an owner of iPhone 7, you are entitled to a free iCloud account with which you can get the storage space you need to sync and access your data from anywhere around the world. However, the cloud storage is a concern for most people.


Dropbox service

Dropbox is a popular name among multiple device owners including iPhone 7. Dropbox doesn't just offer free storage space for data, it is also convenient to use across several devices. Dropbox can hold any file type and the stored file can be shared with other users with internet access. It is not a device or computer specific tool, it can work on an iPhone 7 just as it can work on macOS. The only thing you required is internet access.

This information should help you choose the best tool for your sync requirement and start syncing.
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