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Sync your images between Mac and Android

Olga Weis Dec 12, 2019

With our phones always at hand, we take multiple photos each day. And then there are not only phones, but tablets too, which sometimes makes it hard to remember where to look for the image you want to share - on your phone, on tablet, or maybe you already copied it to Mac. It is much easier to sync images right away and be able to access them on any device. SyncMate will help you with that!

Get to know SyncMate Expert

SyncMate Expert is a popular synchronization software for syncing Photos albums on Mac with albums on Android devices. It is easy to manage photo albums with SyncMate: create albums and move photos among the albums.

How to sync photos on Mac with Android

The process is very straight-forward with SyncMate:
Download SyncMate and install it on your Mac. Open the app.
Photos plugin is available in Expert edition - upgrade your SyncMate to Expert. You can get your activation code here (we recommend testing SyncMate Free Edition first - it syncs contacts and calendars).
In app's left pane click ‘Add New’, select your Android device and connect it to your computer.
 Connect your Android to Mac
Click the "+" in the top panel and select “Photos” from the plugins list; go through the sync settings (albums or folders on Mac and device, direction of sync direction, etc.).
 Set sync parameters
If you need to convert images before transferring pictures from Android to Mac you can do so.
 Image conversion
SyncMate Expert
macOS 10.13+ , 57.16MB size
Version 8.6.514 (25 Oct, 2022) Release notes
Category: Utilities