Sync iTunes and Photo

You got a new Mac and not sure how to go about transferring loads of your music, pictures & videos from one Mac to another? Let SyncMate Expert handle it — no missing or duplicated files, with us your iTunes & Photo will be in perfect sync.

Sync Contacts & Calendars

Entries in your address book & calendar will be transferred from one Mac to another in no time. With SyncMate Free edition you will never miss an event or lose a contact, no matter which one of your Macs you are using.

Sync Safari Bookmarks

The bookmarks you made in Safari while browsing on one Mac will appear in the Safari bookmarks menu on your other Mac. SyncMate Expert saves your time & effort.

Sync Macs Automatically

Now you know what kind of data can be synced between your Macs, and you'll be pleased to know that all this can be done automatically — without much effort from your side. Sit back and enjoy.

Options available for Mac sync


Requirements: OS X 10.8.5+
50.74MB free space
Version 7.3.434 (28th Jan, 2019)
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