Mac owners who use Microsoft solutions might want to know more about syncing Mac with Office 365 Home or Business

Sync Contacts and Calendar

SyncMate Free edition enables you to keep your Contacts and Calendar events in perfect sync. Your entries in Mac's native app and Outlook are identical – you do not have to worry about data being duplicated or lost.

Autosync in the Background

If you opt for automatic syncing, you only need to set up syncing preferences once and you won’t even have to click Sync button anymore. Syncing will happen in the background, so nothing will distract you from work.

Sync Files and Folders

OneDrive integration service helps you synchronize files and folders between Mac and online Outlook. With autosync option SyncMate Expert will keep your data up-to-date effortlessly.

Mount OneDrive

OneDrive cloud storage can be mounted as a Mac disk, so you can browse and manage your data as if it were on your computer. (Mount feature is available through CloudMounter).

Options available for Outlook Accounts sync


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