Sync Contacts & Calendars

Your calendar events & contacts can be shared between your Mac & Win mobile phone. All you need is to connect them and launch SyncMate 4 — syncing does not require more than a couple of clicks.

Mount Win Mobile

You can mount your Windows mobile via USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This allows you to browse its content as if the mobile was a common Mac disk.

Manage SMS

SyncMate 4 allows you to view, create, send, delete and export messages in various formats on your Mac. Using Mac keyboard could be better fun than typing on your mobile — try it out.

More Options

We haven't listed even half of the things SyncMate 4 can do for you. Further options will include syncing bookmarks, mail, notes, tasks, installing .cab files on your Win device from Mac. And SyncMate 4 can do all this automatically — sit back and enjoy.

Options available for Windows Mobile

Options Device to Mac Mac to Device Both directions
Pictures, Videos & Music
Safari Bookmarks
Firefox Bookmarks
To Do/Reminders
Entourage notes
Mail notes
SMS Manager
Call history
Device Info
SMS Reader
Mount disk
Applications List

SyncMate 4

Requirements: OS X 10.6.6–10.8.5
41.17MB free space
Version 4.1.1897 (27 Jul, 2012)
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Reviews(456): 4.7
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