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Backup personal data

SyncMate Free edition enables you to sync your Contacts and Calendar entries, as well as Reminders & Safari bookmarks between Mac & your Dropbox account.

Sync Automatically

SyncMate Expert can do things for you automatically, you do not need to keep pressing 'Sync Now' button. Set up your sync preferences once, and SyncMate will make sure to use them for further syncing.

Sync Safe

SyncMate connects to your Dropbox account via a secure protocol and restricts access to your data with a password. You do not need to worry about others accessing your data.

Sync Folders

SyncMate Expert allows you to sync entire folders and their contents between your Mac and Dropbox. Changes made at one location will be reflected at another location — no multiple versions of the same document to confuse you.

Options available for Dropbox sync

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