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Stream Mac to Apple TV
over WiFi

If you want to stream video from Mac to Apple TV, there are a bunch of ways to do so. You could do so via AirPlay using Mac’s built-in function. However, if you’ll ever want to stream to other TVs, you’ll need a third-party app. So, better to use an app that helps you stream from Mac to TV no matter the brand or operating system. With JustStream you will be able to stream to Apple TV from Mac and continue doing so on a long list of TVs. All this functionality without needing USB or HDMI cables or worrying about compatibility. Try JustStream now and discover its benefits.

Up to 20 Minutes of Mac to Apple TV Streaming in Extended Free Version

Experience the full Mac to Apple TV app before you ever commit. JustStream really puts the user first because, unlike many other apps, it offers a free “lite” version that’ll let you test drive the app with all available features. So you can stream for 20 minutes at a time and really get a feel for just what’s possible with the full, unlimited version of this app.
Yoo-hoo! JustStream now supports Apple M1, AirPlay 2 and Roku TV!
Stream Mac to Apple TV

Perfect Playback No Matter the Format

Not only that JustStream answers the “how to stream from Mac to Apple TV” question, but this app also takes care of other issues for you as well. You’ll forget all about format compatibility and conversion when using it. From popular formats like MP4 and all the way to less-used MKV, you can be sure that JustStream will do a great job.

Organize Your Playlists

When you stream Mac to Apple TV using JustStream you can also build playlists with your favorite videos. Simply create a playlist and the app will play the videos in order so you won’t have to add them one by one. Even more than that, JustStream can open a folder with videos directly as a playlist for even more versatility.

Support for Subtitles and Additional Audio Tracks

Besides being the best solution for how to stream to Apple TV from Mac, JustStream handles subtitles and audio tracks for you as well. Some videos will require external files for subtitles or audio in various languages. You will be able to load these files with JustStream and if you rename the files correctly, the app will automatically load them when playing the video. Talking about a complete service!

JustStream Transforms your Mac into the Best Remote

Various TV interfaces can offer a different user experience, depending on how well-optimized they are. However, when you stream videos from Mac to Apple TV with JustStream you won’t have to worry about the TV’s interface. The app gives you full control over playback and various settings for the perfect experience!

How to Stream to Apple TV with JustStream

Install the app on your Mac and turn on the Apple TV.
Open the app and find the button that will start the stream from Mac to Apple TV.

Next, click the signal icon to see the list of available devices to start streaming. In this case, choose the Apple TV and you’re good to go.

 how to stream to Apple TV

Select the video you want to stream and click “Start Streaming” in the app interface the “Start Mirroring option from the options list beside your device name.

 stream to Apple TV
Press “Stop Streaming” whenever you want to stop the process.


You can always count on JustStream to stream to Apple TV. It’s a versatile and lightweight app that will take care of all your needs when it comes to mirroring or streaming from your Mac. Of course, there are alternatives like “Mirror for Apple TV” developed by AiBeamTV or AirStream for Apple TV.
No matter the make or model of your TV, JustStream is the solution for a smooth and comfortable experience. So, no matter if you want to use an LG, Roku, or Sony device, the app will provide the same great results. It even works with Chromecast and you won’t need any HDMI or USB cables. Count on JustStream to stream from Mac to Roku TV or any other TVs you can think of. You’ll never be disappointed by the quality provided by this software.
Even when you stream from Mac to Apple TV, there are certain things that can go wrong. First off, check that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network. To do so on your Mac, go to System Preferences - Network. For the Apple TV, you should access Settings - General - Network. If this wasn’t the problem, restart the Apple TV and remove all the cables for at least 30 seconds. For even more troubleshooting, check out the How to Stream Mac to Apple TV section on our website.
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