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How to Connect Mac to LG Smart TV Wirelessly

Is your Mac screen not enough for you? Whether you’re a movie fan, or you want to enjoy online videos with friends, everything looks better on a bigger screen. So connecting your Mac to your LG TV is a great idea. However, using cables is outdated, AirPlay has its limitations, and choosing a third-party app is difficult. But our article will explain the best ways to connect Mac to LG TV.

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Elmedia: universal video player
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Options to connect Mac to LG TV

1. Connect Macbook to LG Smart TV with Elmedia Player PRO

Elmedia Player is the perfect solution to use to connect LG to Mac. The app can stream a wide range of file formats, and it goes as far as transcoding unsupported formats on the go. Not to mention you can change the video resolution, plus, it can stream 4K videos. You can use embedded subtitles, load external ones, or even search for them on the OpenSubtitles website. In addition to that, you can add external audio tracks as well.

None of these benefits can be found in the macOS native AirPlay feature, so Elmedia definitely has the upper hand here. And since the app not only supports AirPlay, but also DLNA, you can even use it with non-AirPlay compatible LG models. Elmedia doubles as a powerful media downloader, which comes as a valuable bonus feature.

The streaming option is offered as part of the Elmedia Player PRO paid upgrade.

 App to stream Mac to LG Smart TV

How to Stream from Mac to LG TV

To stream a file from your Mac or Macbook to your LG Smart TV, follow these steps:

1. Turn on your TV.

2. Download the free Elmedia Player on your macOS device and upgrade to the PRO version or purchase it from the Mac App Store.

how to connect Mac to LG TV with Elmedia

3. Find the video or audio file that you’d like to stream to your TV.

4. Open the file in the Elmedia Player.

How to connect LG to Mac

5. In Elmedia Player’s Control Panel, press the streaming icon and select which device to stream to.

LG TV cast from Mac

Note: The free Elmedia Player app offers 5 minutes of streaming. Once you test the app and make sure it meets your expectations, you can purchase the PRO version and enjoy unlimited streaming and downloading.

2. Cast to LG TV from Mac with JustStream

JustStream is another useful app if you want to stream to LG TV from Mac. It comes with a stylish and intuitive design, but doesn’t lag behind when it comes to handy features. For example, you don’t need to worry about compatibility as the app supports a wide variety of formats. For formats unrecognized by the receiving device, JustStream offers real-time transcoding.

The app also allows you to create playlists, so now you can binge watch your favorite TV shows on the big screen. There’s extensive audio and subtitle support to make your content as accessible as possible. All in all, JustStream will surely provide a satisfying streaming experience.

App to stream Mac to LG

How to Stream Mac to LG Smart TV with JustStream

1. Download JustStream on your computer. Launch the app by expanding its icon on the toolbar.

How to stream from Mac to LG smart TV

2. Click on the "+" to browse for the video file you want to stream.

3. Click the signal icon to select which device you’d like to stream to.

4. Then, click on "Start Streaming" to begin streaming.

Note: The free version of JustStream only provides 20 minutes of streaming from your Mac to your LG TV.

3. Using OmniPlayer to Cast to LG TV From Mac

The next note-worthy app on our list is Omni Player. It boasts great file support - covering video, audio and subtitle formats. You can play 4K, 1080P and 720P HD. Of course, you can create and manage your own playlists. Omni Player also supports online videos and audio, so you can watch Youtube and Vimeo content without the ads.

Additionally, there are advanced playback controls and cool video image adjustment options. With audio tracks and subtitles, you can also fine tune everything in real time. For example, there are different audio modes and preset audio equalizer settings to select. Or you can change the encoding of subtitles in different languages to overcome display issues.

Similar to other apps on this list, Omni Player can connect with DLNA-compatible devices, Chromecast, and Roku, but it’s a Pro feature. Unlimited streaming is also available only in the Pro version, called VIP.

Application to stream to LG smart TV

How to Stream Video from Mac to LG TV with OmniPlayer

  1. Install OmniPlayer on your Mac and open the app.
  2. Open your desired video file in Omni Player.
  3. Press the streaming icon in the Control Panel and click on the name of your LG TV.
How to connect Mac to LG with OmniPlayer TV

4. Screen Share Mac to LG Smart TV with Mirrormeister

Mirrormeister is another good app which allows you to mirror and stream to LG TV from Mac. It works with MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac, supporting various Smart TV brands and streaming devices (like Roku, Chromecast, Amazon FireTV, Xiaomi Mi Box). The app allows you to cast photos and stream movies, apps, or games (although there is some latency).

You can even enjoy online videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Dailymotion on a bigger screen. Mirrormeister comes with some additional special features, for example you can watch one window on your Mac and a different one on your TV.

A trial period is available to try out the app. To access all the app’s features without advertising and interruptions, you will need a paid subscription.

screen share Mac to LG TV

How to Connect Mac to Lg TV Using Mirrormeister

  1. Make sure your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Install and launch the MirrorMeister app on your Mac. When you open the app for the first time, you will need to complete a quick setup process.
  3. Select the source and the receiving device from the drop-down lists.
  4. Click ‘Start mirroring’.
  5. To include sound while screen mirroring, you need to download an additional free audio driver.

5. Connect Mac to LG TV with AirBeamTV

Another neat option worth discussing is AirBeamTV. With this app, you can screen share Mac to LG TV or stream movies, apps, and presentations. It also conveniently works with iPhone and iPad, all without the need for USB or HDMI cords. It works by temporarily recording your screen and streaming it to your TV.

The content is then removed from your device’s memory. You can try the app with a free demo version and later upgrade to the paid version. Note that AirBeamTV offers a number of screen mirror apps and each one is dedicated to a particular Smart TV brand, so they’re not intended as a universal solution. You can purchase the individual LG app or the whole app package as a bundle.

How to Connect Macbook to LG Smart TV using AirBeamTV

  1. Make sure your LG TV and your Mac are on the same network.
  2. Install and launch AirBeamTV from the app icon in the top bar of your Mac.
  3. Choose your TV as the target device.
  4. To mirror your screen, select the screen or attached monitor as the source and click "Start Mirroring" .
  5. To play only a particular video, drag and drop the file onto the app window and it will play automatically.
  6. A separate audio driver is required if you’d like to enable audio.

6. How to Screen Share with LG’s Native Solution

LG has its own technology known as Smart Share which allows streaming and mirroring, and is based on DLNA. You can stream videos, music, and pictures, while for anything else, you can use the mirroring feature.

To use it, you need an LG Smart TV, another device with files (such as a Mac), an internet network, and suitable Smart Share Software installed on your other device.

LG's official Smart Share program is only available for Windows, unfortunately. So to use Smart Share, Mac users can use the Plex Media Server. For iOS devices, you need to download the LG TV Plus app.


You need to have a video cable that connects your computer’s display port to the video input port on your TV. Depending on the type of port your Mac has and your TV, you could also play audio. Follow these steps to link your devices:

  1. Connect one end of the video cable to your computer’s Thunderbolt port, HDMI port, or DVI port.
  2. Connect the other end of the cable to the TV’s video input port.

This could be due do different issues, so you can try several troubleshooting solutions, such as:

  • Switching to a different input channel in case the ports aren’t named properly.
  • Connecting the HDMI cable to a different input port in case that particular port is not working
  • Connecting a different device to the TV to check in your computer is causing an issue.
  • Replacing your HDMI cable to see if your current one is failing.

Elmedia Player is free to download and test. After you’ve tried the app’s features, you can upgrade to the Pro version. There are three options available - Personal use for $19.95, Family use (3 computers) for $39.95, and Business use for $29.95.

JustStream has a free version that you can download and try out. For example, you can mirror your screen for 20 minutes to evaluate the app. To unlock all available features and unlimited use, you can then purchase the full version.

When experiencing issues with AirPlay when trying to screen share LG TV, Mac users can try these solutions:

  • Make sure that your Mac and LG TV are switched on.
  • Make sure they are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Check if AirPlay is turned on.
  • Make sure that your LG TV is AirPlay-compatible.
  • Ensure that your devices are updated to the latest software.
  • Restart your devices.

If you’re trying to cast via AirPlay, first ensure that your TV set is AirPlay-compatible by checking the official specifications. If it’s not, then you need to use a third-party app in order to cast from your Mac. That’s due to the fact that while macOS supports AirPlay and Chromecast, it does not support the DLNA protocol. Thus, if your LG TV only has DLNA (if it’s an older model for example), then AirPlay won’t work.

If your TV is indeed AirPlay-compatible, take a look at the previous question above for troubleshooting ideas.

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