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Stream Mac to Fire TV - All Videos, Music, and More

Being able to cast from Mac to Fire TV is an invaluable way to enjoy your favorite music, pictures, videos, and movies right on your TV. And what better way to stream Mac to Fire TV, than with the all-encompassing JustStream app! This software will elevate your at-home entertainment almost instantly once you start using it. With JustStream you can easily stream from Mac to TV and forget all about cables or additional hardware like Chromecast. The results are comparable to the viewing experience you’ll get through Airplay and the absence of any HDMI or USB cables make your room look better as well. Get ready to be amazed!

Up to 20 Minutes of Mac to Fire TV Streaming in Extended Free Version

Experience the full Mac to Fire TV app before you ever commit. JustStream really puts the user first because, unlike many other apps, it offers a free “lite” version that’ll let you test drive the app with all available features. So you can stream for 20 minutes at a time and really get a feel for just what’s possible with the full, unlimited version of this app.
Yoo-hoo! JustStream now supports Apple M1, AirPlay 2 and Roku TV!
Stream Mac to Fire TV

Perfect Image and HD Video Settings

As soon as you start using JustStream, you’ll see just how powerful and versatile this app can be for you. Enjoy the ability to stream Mac to Fire TV in full HD up to 1080p and choose exactly how to enjoy the content. You have full access and control to video quality and display settings to get the perfect picture when you cast to Fire TV from Mac. Nothing beats a crisp video.

Advanced Options for JustStream Cast to Fire TV from Mac App

Mirroring and streaming with JustSteam also offers additional perks like being able to capture mouse movements on screen, so it’s easy to navigate and get around as easily as possible. Sometimes this feature is overlooked but most people can feel the difference immediately when a feature like this is missing.

How to Stream to Fire TV from Mac

Using JustStream to cast to Fire TV from Mac is so simple that it might surprise you. That’s one of the best things about this app. Users are able to download it and quickly get it up and running without needing any cables or wires, an Apple TV, or any fancy setups.

Here are the simple steps to follow to get you going:

Install JustStream to your Mac and turn on the Fire TV.
Open JustStream on your Mac and locate the button in the menu bar to begin mirroring your screen.

Choose from the available devices to share your screen to (in this case, you’ll choose Fire TV). If you can’t find your device on this list, just refresh and the list and you should be able to see it then.

 how to stream to fire tv
Once you’re ready to stream, click “Start Streaming” and just like that, JustStream will begin to cast to Fire TV from Mac.

- Another option to start a stream from Mac to Fire TV is to double-click on the screen, or selecting the “Start Mirroring option from the options list beside your device name.

 stream to fire tv
To stop streaming, simply hit “Stop Streaming”.


After guiding you step-by-step through the process of setting up JustStream, the process should be smooth and straightforward. However, if you still have more questions or are unsure about certain functions, you can find answers and more help in the FAQ below.
Of course you can!. Actually, it’s a very easy process and you won’t need any extra hardware such as HDMI or USB cables, nor will you have to worry about compatibility. The process is simple as it would be to stream to an Apple TV using Airplay. Just open the software on your Mac, choose the Fire TV from the last, and press “Start Streaming”

Those that want to cast to Fire TV from Mac have an easy task ahead of them using JustStream. You will forget all about using Chromecast to watch your favorite movies on the big screen at the highest possible resolution. Just like when you stream from Mac to a Samsung TV, you can use JustStream to mirror your screen on Fire.

Just follow the 5 steps described below:

  1. Download JustStream on your Mac, install it and turn the Fire TV on.
  2. Open the app and look for the streaming icon in the menu bar. Press it and you’ll be taking the first step to stream from Mac to Fire TV.
  3. After pressing on the streaming icon, you’ll see a list of displays ready to stream to. In this case, you’ll choose their TV in this case.
  4. After choosing the display, just hit “Start Streaming” and you’ll start the stream from MacBook to Fire TV instantly.
  5. Enjoy your content on the big screen and just press “Stop Streaming” whenever you want to stop.
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