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How to Save YouTube Videos on Mac: Stay Updated with Airy

Want to save a YouTube video to Mac? You’re not alone. Offline video copies are quite useful when you don’t have internet access. If you’re looking for a downloader app, you want something that’s up-to-date and stocked with innovative and convenient features. Choose from our list of solutions - they’re the best on the market.

Illustration on how to download YouTube videos on Mac with Airy

Outfit Your Desktop with Airy

Airy logo
1. Airy
Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 23.29MB free space. Version 3.23.333. (25 Mar, 2021). 4.9 Reviews(885)
Category: UtilitiesApplication
Airy is one of the best desktop downloaders available right now, and it’s fully updated to work with Big Sur. Numerous updates allowed Airy to evolve, introducing many necessary and comfortable features. It’s a useful YouTube to MP4 converter. Most importantly, it handles playlists and large downloads, HD video, subtitles and such. How to save youtube videos on mac? Wonder no more. Pick Airy.
How to download youtube video on mac with Airy

How to Save a YouTube Video to Your Mac Using Airy

1. Download the app here. Install it to your app directory.

2. Copy the URL of a YouTube video. You can either do it from the address bar, or from the "Share" button.

Save a youtube video to mac with Airy

3. In Airy, there is a text box. You should paste the address there; the video should preload.


4. Select the format that you want for the files. For example, 360p MP4 is low-res video, suitable for a smartphone screen.

 How to download from youtube on mac

5. Press Download. Your max downloads will be limited, unless you fully activate the program.

Best way how to save a youtube video on mac

Save a YouTube video to Mac with Browser Plug-ins

YouTube converters are available on a wide range of platforms - that includes web browsers. In the past, this was the simplest way you could get such an app; nowadays, Apple and Google are making this more difficult. Still, plug-in downloaders are alive and well, and you can get one for most modern browsers.

Safari YouTube Downloader Extension

Safari is a unique case - its add-on selection is way more limited than, say, Firefox; and, to make matters worse, Apple regulates any software that could be used to download copyrighted data. So, how to save youtube videos to mac if you only have Safari?

This conundrum can be resolved with the help of Airy, a free YouTube downloader for Mac. If you have it installed, use the browser integration feature. Choose "Integrate into Browser…" from the main menu and follow the instructions. You’ll create a bookmark that can be used to start downloads instantly, right from the browser. Just like a real extension.

Save YouTube videos in Safari with Airy

Firefox Add-on Downloader

Firefox has a lot of choice when it comes to downloader plugins. We recommend DownloadHelper. There’s only one downside - it’s a two-part installation with a desktop component. You’ll have to get the secondary installer from the official site. But, once that’s done, you have an excellent app.

How to download from youtube on mac with  firefox

This is how you use DownloadHelper:

  1. Go to a YouTube video page.
  2. You should find a DownloadHelper icon next to the video title.
    (If you can’t, use the icon on the toolbar)
  3. Select one of the format options and start the download.

A Chrome Workaround

On Chrome, add-on installation has its own share of difficulties. The official store, once again, doesn’t host apps with a YouTube download function. You’ll need a third-party solution. And in order to install third-party apps, you’ll need Crosspilot.

How to save youtube videos on mac with Chrome

How to Save YouTube Videos to Mac in Chrome

  1. Go to a YouTube video page.
  2. You should find a DownloadHelper icon next to the video title.
    (If you can’t, use the icon on the toolbar)
  3. Select one of the format options and start the download.

Using a Website to Save a YouTube Video to Mac

Online downloaders are very easy to access, but they have downsides aplenty. Expect low speeds and limited options. However, these services remain popular, and this is especially true for KeepVid. The website is quite simple to use - get a YouTube address and paste in in KeepVid. Then hit “Download”, and you’re all done. No installation needed.

Save a youtube video to mac online

Considering YouTube Premium

Of course, YouTube is also trying to keep up with the times, offering its own option to download YouTube clips - the Premium subscription service. Sadly, it downloads videos in a weird way, where you can’t access the files on your hard drive. And once the subscription runs out, you’ll lose access once again. Is it worth it? It’s up for you to judge. 12$ may not be a lot, but a penny saved is a penny earned...

How to download a youtube video on mac with youtube premium


When downloading from YouTube, you may encounter many unusual situations. For example, it could happen that you can’t download YouTube videos. Some of your questions will be answered below.
There are various ways - online solutions, browser add-ons… But we recommend a desktop app - Airy. You’ll have to download and install it, paste the YouTube URL into the text box, choose a format and push the "Download" button.

With Airy, it’s not that hard:

  1. Copy a YouTube address.
  2. Switch over to Airy and paste it into the box.
  3. Select a quality option and begin the download.
Sadly, there isn’t a dedicated Safari YouTube downloader. Airy is the next best thing - it can integrate with Safari to start downloads quickly and with no hassle. Check out the "Integrate with Browser" option - you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Use Airy to download YouTube clips - by default, it produces highly-compatible MP4 files. You also have a ton of choices for quality. Basically, if you want an MP4, look for Airy. And don’t forget to choose the right setting.
Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 23.29MB size
Version 3.23.333 (25 Mar, 2021) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication