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How to Record YouTube Audio Easily

YouTube can be recorded either with a desktop sound recorder or with the help of an MP3 conversion app. We will explore both of these ways. It bears mentioning that a converter will copy music faster and with more options. After the music has been recorded, it can be listened to even if you don't have an active connection. It can be sent to a portable device and played on the go. The options below should help you record YouTube music.

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How to record YouTube audio on Mac with Airy

Method 1: Desktop Apps to Record YouTube Audio

There’s hardly a better way to record music from YouTube than a desktop recorder. It’s usually the best (and the only) way to get a combination of quality, reliability, safety, and feature richness. Not to mention the frequent updates and solid support. These tools may well become your go-to choice to record video and audio content from YouTube on your macOS or Windows device.

Record YouTube Audio with Airy on Mac

Airy is our top choice for a desktop solution to record YouTube audio to MP3 for many reasons. It offers crucial features, all bundled up in an accessible and clean app. Airy allows you to download playlists, channels, or automatically convert batches of files. It’s even accessible right from your browser. You can manage your downloads too - just pause and resume as needed. All this makes Airy the best YouTube desktop downloader app to record audio from youtube in terms of functionality, reliability, and ease of use. Your favorite music is just a couple of clicks away.
How to record YouTube audio on Mac with Airy

How to Record YouTube Audio with Airy

1. Download Airy and install it. You get two free downloads with the trial version; if you want any more, activate the full version.

How to record YouTube audio on Mac

2. Open a YouTube video, a playlist or a channel that you’d like to download. Copy the link to your clipboard. Finally, paste it in Airy.

Downloading YouTube video to Mac

3. In the drop-down list, choose the MP3 option. Keep in mind that simultaneous downloads will take longer to process.

Download music from YouTube Mac

4. Click the Download button and you’re all done with your YouTube audio record.

ClipGrab Can Record Audio from YouTube for Free

ClipGrab is a free open-source downloader & converter app that’s quite straightforward. It works with YouTube, but also Vimeo, Facebook, and various other online streaming sites. It can record sound from YouTube in the form of MP3 or OGG files. You can select a quality option as well. In order to just record audio off YouTube, the video file will be downloaded and then converted to an audio format. ClipGrab does not integrate with your browser, but offers a clipboard monitoring function which detects any compatible URLs you copy. For more info on how to record mp3 from YouTube, see below.

how to record sound from youtube

Using ClipGrab to Record Audio from YouTube

  1. First, you’ll need to find a video to download. Copy the URL of the YouTube video.
  2. Switch over to ClipGrab and paste it into the text field.
  3. Change the format to MP3 and select the desired quality.
  4. Click on "Grab this clip!". The file will be downloaded and converted.

Method 2: Web-Based Online Solutions

The internet is bustling with suggestions on how to record audio from YouTube. Though they are plentiful, beware! So is malware. Caution is the name of the game. If you’re willing to tolerate high risks, low speeds, and a lack of features, consider the following options below. Conversion Service

Like most online downloaders, using this one is a simple affair. And the experience is somewhat spiced up with a neat interface. It has a hint of modernity and a smartphone UI design.

As you’d expect, there are few options to convert the downloaded clips, so in the end, it’s just an adequate tool to record audio from YouTube. Don’t expect a digital masterpiece or anything, but at least it’s safe.

how to record audio from youtube Downloader Website

How to download YouTube audio on Mac in a flash? This is definitely not the best option! It’s the same deal as the previous one - adequate, with sparse features and limited to one video at a time.

Oddly enough, the developers bothered to include a dark theme, but not any choices for quality or format outside of a simple MP4-MP3 switch. Use this service as a fallback - beats getting a malware infection.

how to record youtube audio

Method 3: QuickTime for macOS devices

QuickTime is Apple’s default player which is bundled with macOS, hence, it’s used quite commonly by Mac users. Apart from its various playback features, it allows you to record your screen, complete with audio, or just create an audio recording. So, essentially, you can record audio off of YouTube too.

For information on how to record sound from YouTube with QuickTime, follow the instructions below, as it can be quite a complex process.

Record your Mac’s screen with both audio & video with QT:

1. Install loopback audio on your Mac (it’s a free extension).

how to record youtube audio

2. Open the media that you wish to capture on your screen. It can be in an application or in a browser (use Firefox or Chrome instead of Safari). Go back to at least 5 seconds before where you want to start the recording. This should allow the app to hide its controls from the screen, so they don’t mess up your recording. Do not press play yet.

3. Then, go to System Preferences/Sound. For sound Output, select Loopback Audio as the device for sound output. (You won’t hear any sound from your Mac’s applications at this point, but don’t be alarmed).

record mp3 from youtube

4. Go to QuickTime Player and select File/New Screen Recording.

5. Specify whether you want to record your entire screen or just a portion of it by selecting either the icon with the solid or dotted line. Then, hit the Record button.

6. Click on the Options menu to see a drop-down list. Select the appropriate audio source for the task, i.e. Loopback Audio.

How to record sound from YouTube with QT

7.Go to the original application that’s ready to play your video and press play. Reminder: You should have it set to 5 seconds before the part you’d like to record.

When you’d like to complete your recording:

  1. In the application that was playing your video, press Stop.
  2. To stop the Quicktime recording, look at the top of your screen. To the right of the Finder menu, you’ll see a black square button. Press it to stop the recording. Save your video file.
  3. Now, go over to System Preferences/Sound. For sound Output, switch the preference back to Internal Speakers (or your respective original setting). This will allow you to start hearing sound from your speakers.
  4. In QuickTime Player, open your saved movie file to listen to the audio.
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