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Record YouTube Audio with Airy
  • Download playlists' worth of audio tracks
  • Use automated batch conversion to MP3
  • Record audio from YouTube channels
  • Control your downloads at any time
  • Enjoy 100% security on PC and Mac
How to record YouTube audio on Mac with Airy

How to Record Audio from YouTube on Mac

YouTube isn’t limited to reviews and home videos. Countless creators come to cooperate and bring you all sorts of content - not the least of which is music.

But, while it’s a great resource, YouTube is far from the best way to listen. And surely, you’ve found yourself wishing to record YouTube audio to enjoy it on your phone, or maybe even on your car stereo. If so, you might enjoy a free YouTube music downloader.

How to Download YouTube Audio on Mac at Your Desktop

There’s hardly a better way to record music from YouTube than a desktop recorder. It’s usually the best (and the only) way to get a combination of quality, reliability, safety and feature richness. Not to mention the frequent updates and solid support. These tools may well become your go-to choice.

Airy: Your Best Bet to Record Audio from YouTube

Airy logo
1. Airy
Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 23.29MB free space. Version 3.23.333. (25 Mar, 2021). 4.9 Reviews(885)
Category: UtilitiesApplication
Airy lets you hang back as it does all the work. It’s a smart downloader, and when it comes to a smooth experience, look no further. A couple clicks is all it takes to start, whether you’re looking to download a single song or a playlist of videos. The power of batch downloads, available from your browser window - it’s the way to record YouTube audio Mac users can appreciate.
YouTube Audio Recorder: Airy

Airy Guide: Record YouTube Audio With Ease

1. Download Airy and install it. You get two free downloads with the trial version; if you want any more, activate the full version.

How to record YouTube audio on Mac

2. Open a YouTube video, a playlist or a channel that you’d like to download. Copy the link to your clipboard. Finally, paste it in Airy.

Downloading YouTube video to Mac

3. In the drop-down list, choose the MP3 option. Keep in mind that simultaneous downloads will take longer to process.

Download music from YouTube Mac

4. Click the Download button and you’re all done.


Folx PRO Download Manager

Folx is less specialized to record audio from YouTube Mac. It’s more of a bundle, a general-purpose downloader with a torrent client to boot. If you like having your YouTube downloads in one place with all the others, it’s one way how to record audio from YouTube.

Some benefit may be gained from the sorting and tagging features, especially if your video backlog is large and hard to navigate.

How to download YouTube video on Mac

How to Record Audio from YouTube on Mac Using Folx

1. Download Folx and upgrade it to PRO. The activation code can be bought from the official website.

2. Copy a YouTube link from the browser; paste it in Folx and press Enter.

3. The downloads can be reconfigured:

  • You can set tags to discern your downloads and locate them as the need may arise.
  • The download location may be changed, or you can use the Default.
  • When downloading from YouTube, there is an option for MP3 format.

4. Click OK and your download will start with given settings.

ClipGrab Open Converter

If you’re wondering how to download audio from YouTube on Mac free of charge, wonder no more. ClipGrab is a passion project that can still compete with many other programs of this type.

In its simple interface, you’ll find a concise list of features to convert YouTube clips. It’s worth noting that the project is open-source, and thus, it’s unlikely to contain hidden malicious code.

Convert YouTube to MP3 online

Using ClipGrab to Record Audio from YouTube

  1. First, you’ll need to find a video to load. Copy the URL of a YouTube video.
  2. Switch over to ClipGrab and paste it into the text field.
  3. Change the format to MP3, and select the desired quality.
  4. "Grab this clip!"

Website-Based Online Solutions

The internet is bustling with suggestions on how to record audio from YouTube. Though they are plentiful, beware! So is malware. Caution is the name of the game. If you’re willing to tolerate high risks, low speeds, and a lack of features, consider the following... Conversion Service

Like most online downloaders, using this one is a simple affair. And the experience is somewhat spiced up with a neat interface. It has a hint of modernity and smartphone UI design.

As you’d expect, there are few options to convert the downloaded clips, so in the end, it’s just an adequate tool to record audio from YouTube. Don’t expect a digital masterpiece, or anything. At least it’s safe.

Best YouTube video converter to MP3 Downloader Website

How to download YouTube audio on Mac in a flash? Definitely not with this thing! It’s the same deal as the previous one - adequate, with sparse features and limited to one video at a time.

It’s odd how the developers bothered to include a dark theme, but not any choices for quality or format outside of a simple MP4-MP3 switch. Use this service as a fallback - beats getting a malware infection

How to record Youtube audio on Mac

QuickTime Can Also Record YouTube Audio

If you want to try and record YouTube without third-party software, QuickTime has a built-in screencasting function. This may come in handy if you want to record a small part of a livestream; especially because YouTube streams can be rewinded and paused to find the right fragment.

  1. In order to enable desktop sound recording, download and install Soundflower.
  2. Go to "Preference Settings", then "Sound Settings". Set "Soundflower (2ch)" as your output.
  3. Restart your machine and open QuickTime. Go to "File" - "New Screen Recording".
  4. Choose "Soundflower (2ch)" as your sound input source. Start the recording.
  5. Switch to your YouTube video and keep it playing until you’re done.

As you might expect, a screen recording isn’t exactly intended for video downloads. It’s very slow compared to conversion software, and your laptop will be occupied while recording. Other apps may be preferable - for example, a Youtube to MP3 converter for Mac.

Record YouTube Audio with QT


We hope that you’re satisfied with the article. Still, we don’t expect it to cover every possible question perfectly. We’ve decided to move some of these questions into a separate section.
Screen-recording software can be used for this purpose, although it is inefficient. We suggest using a YouTube to MP3 conversion app or service to fetch these tracks quickly and hassle-free.
Some of the online services we’ve mentioned may work on an iOS device. Other than that, your only option may be YouTube Premium.
You might have to fiddle with some console apps. "spotify-dl" is a Python script that could be the thing you need. Fortunately, every Mac comes with zshell and Python pre-installed! Figure out how to use them, and you’re golden.
Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 23.29MB size
Version 3.23.333 (25 Mar, 2021) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication

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